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Soul of the Sky
« on: September 30, 2010, 07:14:14 PM »
Soul of the Sky

A children's song fit for children. That's cause it's so simple :D

This song is a piano solo slightly inspired by To the Moon (the title however, was not inspired by To the Moon [or was it? {nah that can't be}]). The broken chord progressions are different and faster.

This song is in C Major. I had planned on having it end on a G Major, but putting it in G wouldn't capture the effect I wanted (but C Major feels amateur-ish to me... after all i usually write with c minor).The chord progressions didn't flow well, so that was scrapped.

The accompaniment repeats itself (though playing it might prove difficult to people with small hands), through the same CGC-BGB-AFA-BGB chords. The melody changes, but it tries to follow the same "formula," an eighth rest followed by two sixteenth notes.

Ahh, for some reason, this song feels so nostalgic to me, especially with the BGB and AFA chords. I guess that's why I think this is a children's song (children as in 8 and under).

I might make a town theme out of this song and make it loop so the amateur ending isn't there anymore ^^"

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