Author Topic: Having no Homeworks on Weekends: Agree or not?  (Read 5412 times)

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Re: Having no Homeworks on Weekends: Agree or not?
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2012, 12:09:38 AM »
I think it's important to have homework from early on, so that it becomes a routine in the stage that parents still have some control over the kid's schedule during after-school hours. I don't remember having any homework until 7th grade, just that in my case it was due to me finishing all of it during classes. My primary school was pretty flexible, because we had so many grades in one classroom (1-2 had one and 3-6 had the other classroom). So I just think my teachers never noticed that I always finished before going home.

The point of homework is repetition; that you've had a little time between going over the things once and going over them again. It helps learning. In my case, I never developed the routine for doing homework, and still struggle with it.

I think a little bit of homework during the weekend is most definitely not a bad thing.

I agree with this. You want it to start out slow, but to have it become natural and routinely. You dont need to give first years hours of homework, but an assignment or two doesn't hurt. After all, once they get to secondary school and university...there will be no mercy. Better to get used to it than to have it become a shock.

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Re: Having no Homeworks on Weekends: Agree or not?
« Reply #16 on: October 27, 2012, 05:54:30 AM »
I can't really talk about this, because I rarely do my homeworks but as my uni started I usually got a whole week to do them. :P
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