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Innocent Darkness
« on: September 01, 2010, 08:44:13 PM »
"Psst, Sara."

I glared at the girl sitting next to me. Somehow she always manged to find a seat next to me, and somehow she always found something to talk about--during class.

"Psst, Sara."

Right now we were both in Biology, one of the classes I actually cared for, instead of just having to  get through. Sadly, though, that wasn't the same for Rashelle. And me wanting to pay attention was not going to deter her.

"Psst, Sara."

"What is it?" I finally snapped.

A wide grin appeared on her face, her bright blue eyes shimmering as she looked at me. "You wanna come to my place tonight?"

"I'll think about it," I lied. It wasn't that I didn't like her, but she apparently still hadn't gotten that I liked to be alone. Even if I didn't have to work, a night alone would be better than a night with almost everybody. There's only one person I'd ever enjoyed hanging out with. Well, two, techinically, but that's a story for another time...

The bell rang and the whole class scurried out of their seats. Shelled hurried off before me.

"I'll see you tonight, right?" she smiled back.

I opened my mouth to protest, but she was already gone.

I got lucky in my next two classes. The teachers were busy reprimanding my idiotic classmates, so I was able to slip into a vacant seat - away from Shelle. I wouldn't necessarily mind sitting next to her right now, but I knew that the topic would only be about me going over to her place. Honestly, she had such a one track mind sometimes.

The bell announced the end of the class and I was out of my seat and out the door in a flash. My locker was open and closed just as quickly, and I was out the door looking for my bus in no time. But it was late, and I was early. And so was she, apparently.


I spun around to see Rashelle waving at me from the doorway, an exuberant grin plastered all over her face. I frantically searched for the bus, but it was no good. Before I knew what was happening, she was by my side, latching onto my arm and pulling me towards her car. I tried to get away, but she was persistent. I let myself be dragged away, and in a few moments I was sitting in the back seat of a car, answering Rahselle's mother's interrogations.

"So you're Rashelle's friend?"


"What's your name?"


"When did you come to school?"

"Ninth grade."

"And do you like it here?"

"I guess."

Eventually her mom took the hint, but Rashelle was still pretty bad at that.

"Sara is one of my best," she elongated this last word for quite a few seconds, before continuing with, "friends. Isn't that right, Sara?"

I glared at her again for continuing this conversation. "Yeah, I guess."

She and her mom exchanged glances through the mirror and they both finally shut up. We continued and finished our trip in silence then pulled into the garage. Shelle let out a short squeal then grabbed her backpack and led me through the door into her house. A little boy came running up as soon as we got in, who then got his short, brown hair ruffled by his sister.

"Hey, there, Jimmy!"

"I love you, Rashelle!" he squealed up to her as he nuzzled into her stomach. She gave him one last hair fluff and he ran back to whatever he had been doing before. I just stared at the two of them, wondering if their whole family squealed like they did. Shelle noticed me staring and grinned..

"He's got CIPA. His nerves are all messed up, so his body doesn't register pain or heat or anything. His body can't cool himself down, so we had to move to a milder climated. That's why we came down here."

I just watched him leave as she explained. That poor kid... he looked so happy, even with such a problem.

"Come on! Let's go up to my room!"

Once again she dragged my wrist and pulled me across the family room. She was just about to open up her door and pull me into what I could only imagine was a room covered in pink and flowers and overly girly items, when I was finally able to writhe free.

"Um. can I use your bathroom for a second?"

"What? Oh, sure. Go ahead. I'll wait in my room."

I nodded and hurried off to the bathroom. I closed the door and slumped against it. I didn't need to go at all, but I hadn't gotten a real break since school got out, always having to answer or worryn about answering some question or another, or getting pulled off to wherever Rashelle wanted to go next.

I took a look around my small surroundings and noticed tthat this was most likely the bathroom used predominantly by Rashelle. The shower curtain was a blinding hot pink, decked out with a floral design. The toilet seat cover was the same shade of pink, and the whole vanity was covered in beauty supplies and anti-acne creme. It was all so...girly. I can't imagine how her brother could bare sharing a bathroom with this girl. Maybe his condition kept his eyes from bleeding at this?

Her brother...

I shook my head and opened up the door. Finally, something not overbearingly pink. That only lasted for a few moments, though, because when I got back to Shelle's room it was just as pink and flowery, except it was bigger, so there was more room for her unique design taste. She smiled up at me from a corner completely coated with pictures of recent TV hotties.

I wasn't able to get any words out, totally out of place surrounded by all this pink and mainstream feminine stuff, but she got something out to break the silence. "So what do you wanna do?"

"I - um, what do you have to do?" I stammered as I gained my composure.

She smiled, falling off the bed and crawling over to her closet. She began to pull stuff out as she explained everything she had.

"Well, we could give each other make overs! Ooh! Or I just got this magazine with the coolest quiz ever in it! It can totally tell you the favorite color of your future husband's uncle! Or we could redesign our purses! Or- or- or-!"

"Um, Shelle, thanks, but that doesn't reallly seem... I mean.."

"Oh, I get it..." she said, her face visibly falling into a hurt expression."

"N- no! It's not like that!" I told her, waving my hands violently in protest. "It's just... this stuff doesn't really interest me. I'm not really the pink and girly person, you know what I mean?"

"Oh, I got it!" she told me, a smile returning to her face so quickly that I had to wonder how her cheeks weren't incredibly sore. "I've got something I think you'll like, but I don't want to get it out until after they all go to bed!"

I cringed a bit. After they all go to bed? So I was stuck here for the night, then... And I didn't have to work the next day, so I had no possible excuses. At least she said she had something that would be more up my ally later... though who knew if she was right.

"What is this thing?"

"It's a surprise!" she winked at me.

Suddenly her mom called out to us from the kitchen, telling us it was time to eat.

"Wow, it's that time already?"

"Come on!" she squealed, grabbing for my hand.

I pulled it away before she could yank me out the door. "Don't worry, I can move by myself," I chuckled.

We both ran - well, she ran, I walked - to the dinner table and sat down, I and her brother on either sides of her, and her mom next to us. I glanced around as they started to dish out the food: where was her dad? As if she could read my thoughts, her mother answered my question.

"You'll have to excuse Rashelle's dad, he had to stay at the office late to work on a big project, so he won't be coming home for supper."

Shelle frowned again, and I realized I couldn't remember ever seeing her do anything but smile during school.

"But he'll be home tonight before we go to bed, right? He's not going to be working all night, is he?"

"Oh, I'm sure he will, deary."

Shelle's gaze fell downward and we ate the rest of our meal in moderate silence. THe one disruption was soon after, when their mom had to stop Jimmy from taking a bite because he would burn his mouth. Besides that, though, everything was quiet - a lot quiter than I'd ever seen Rashelle. Ever.

After supper we were dismiised and I spent the rest of the night pretending to take interest in Shelle's current crush or the most recent makeup product. This lasted for an eternity that was likely only a few hours, then Shelle told me it was time, and that I should wait out in the family room. I did, and in a few minutes she proceeded from her room carrying a large mat and a glass disc.

"What is this?" I asked her, eying the things she was carrying.

"I got it from some guy on the street during Halloween! You place the puck on the mat, then ask it a yes or no question, and it answers you!  I've been kind of scared to try it, but now that you're here we should totally do it!"

I gave her a quick glance over, making sure she was the same person I knew from school. The pink and girliness had remained, but now I had seen her frown more often than I ever did before, and here she was with some magic board that she got from a random guy on the street. It wasn't too smart a move on her part, but I decided I might as well humor her for a bit.

"Okay, let's do it."

She nodded and set the mat down on the floor between us where we sat down. We both stared at it for a moment or two, before I ventured to ask, "So how does it work?"

"I don't really know," she admitted. "The guy just told me that you put the puck down, ask it a question, and the puck will move to the white space if it's yes, the black space if it's no, or the red space if it's neither."

I looked down at the mat as she pointed it out; it looked simple enough. There was a triangular diagram printed on it, with the three circles at each corner, and plenty of space inside for the puck to stay idle. I wasn't really sure how she expected it to move on its own - and didn't quite feel like asking - but I knew that I would be able to easily get my own results out of this.

"So do you wanna ask first or should I?"

"You can," I told her.

She nodded slightly and set it up like it should be. She thought for awhile, then finally sighed, "Man, I don't know what to ask."

"Aah, come on," I teased. "Ask about a guy or something. Don't you want to know if someone like's you or something? Or are you just content with knowing the first letter of his uncle's favorite color." I couldn't help but laugh a bit at how absurdly vague that was.

"Okay," she nodded to me, then looked down at the board between us. "Um... Mr. Board thingy, is there a guy  in school who likes me?"

I smirked and, with a slow turn of my head, pressed the shadows against the puck, moving it slowly. As it got to the red circle I stopped it.

"Wh- what? Neither? What's that supposed to mean?"

"I dunno. Why don't you ask it in a different way or something."

"Okay. Um... is there a person in school who likes me?"

I did the same routine, ending the puck on the white circle.

"Yes, okay, so there is someone in school who likes me. It... it is a guy, right?"

The puck stuttered for a moment then gently glided over to the black circle.

"Eep! Then that means? W- wait, is  it a girl then?"

It slid over to the white circle.

"Eew! That's so gross! Oh my goodness!"

"This thing is probably just broken. I'm sure there's no girls in school who've got the hots for you," I comforted her, trying to suppress laughter.

"Fine," she pouted. "You ask it something now."

"Aah, do I have to? I'm more than content just having it answer your questions."

She did her best to glare at me, though the expression was so foreign to her face that it just looked like her eyebrow was twitching or something. "It might just not like me. I want to see if it'll mess up some of your questions."

"But I don't even know what I would ask!"

"Just ask about boys or something, right?" she grinned.

I looked at her, not wanting to believe that she had already forgotten me telling her I didn't care for stuff like that just a few hours ago. "Okay... um, is there a guy in school who likes me?"

I pushed the puck to the center. I didn't care about guys, so I wasn't going to answer for myself. If I answered either way, it would just encourage questioning from Shelle, anyways.

"What? Why won't it answer?"

"I don't know. I'll try again. Is there anyone in school who likes me?" The puck stood still, obviously. "I guess it really is broken."

"Well, this is stupid," she pouted again. "What else are we supposed to do?"

I shrugged. "We could just go to bed, I guess."

"But that's boring! We have to stay up late and talk about boys and stuff! Or I could give you a makeover! Or-"

"Listen, Shelle," I interrupted before she could some wilder fantasy out of her mouth. "I am kind of tired. Maybe we can go to bed now and do some of that stuff tomorrow?"

"Okay," she whined.

We went to her room and she offered me a blanket. I took it, to be polite, the noticed it was full of model's faces framed with stars and hearts, all swimming in a sea of blinding pink. I unrolled it and put it as far away from as I could without her noticing.

I fell asleep to the sound of her snoring and their front door opening, likely letting in her father.

Sunlight flooded past her pink curtains to shine directly on my face in the morning. I lazily sat up and checked the time: ten o clock. Rashelle was still unconscious on her bed, cuddling a heart-shaped pillow with yet another hunk's face on it. I stretched and hazarded a trip out to the family room. Jimmy looked quickly up from his place in front of the television at me, then turned back sorrowfully, likely having expected his sister. I sat on a couch next to him, not having anything better to do, and halfheartedly watched whatever he was watching. It was some cartoon, probably pretty old by they look of it, about a bear in a park trying to steal lunches or something.

He glanced at me as I sat down, but, seeing that I wasn't going to play with him or bother him or whatever he was curious about, he turned back and fixed his attention on his mindless entertainment.

An hour or so passed, as did the bear show, a show about a talking sponge, and a show about a doctor with no name, before Rashelle finally awoke and came out of her room. We ate breakfast soon after, without her dad again, as he apparently had gotten up early to go to work again.

"Do you want me to drive you home, Sara?" her mom asked as she began to clear the dishes from the table.

"No, thanks, I can walk," I responded. I looked over at Rashelle just in time to see her smile fade a bit.

"Well, I'll walk you out, then," Shelle told me, doing her best to smile as she pushed her chair away from the table.

We walked slowly to the door and stepped outside. Shelle pouted up at me, not able to hide her disappointment at me leaving at all.

"Do you really have to go already?" she asked, the perfect picture of a little kid begging their friend to stay.

"Yeah, I do." She pouted again, and I gave her a tiny squeeze. She smiled up at me and hugged me back, many times tighter than I had to her. "And I had fun."

"Really?" she grinned.


"Yay! Then we'll have to do this again sometime!"

"Uhuh," I agreed uneasily, starting to back away.

"And I totally need to give you a makeover then! And we can talk about boys! And I can get a board that's not broken!"

I walked down the steps and waved her off. "Bye, Shelle!"

"How about next Friday? Does next Friday work? Ooh! Maybe we can do one every other Friday! Does that sound good? Or maybe even every Friday! That would be so fun!"

I grinned, walking off with her voice squealing behind me. I had to admit, I did really have fun, that wasn't just me lying to make her feel better. Her bedroom and bathroom were atrociously pink, and some of her entertainment choices were... not my style, to say the least, but I had fun.  It wouldn't be something I'd want to do regularly, but it was an enjoyable change of pace.

I suppose, even darkness needs some light to survive.


Yes, they are playing with a Reaper Creeper from The World Ends with you ::) it was going to be a weegie board, but i apparently still don't know how to spell that, and some people say they're demonic, and this is easier to manipulate, and i've been playing TWEWY, and- and- and yeah.

also, yes, her little brother is watching doctor who :D


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Re: Innocent Darkness
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2010, 11:40:30 PM »
IS A SHORT SHORT STORY! :O -wishes she could write those-
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