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Haven and Call of The Undreworld - new SCF games
« on: May 31, 2011, 11:41:24 AM »
Aouthor: scf
Official website:

SCF started working on this game after Exit Fate. Now the game development is paused, but SCF promised that will continue in future.
SCF says:  while back I made a comment about the unfinished projects I’d been working on the past year or so, and that I wanted to post about them to give people an idea of what I’ve been working on.  Today I’m starting with the first one of them, a game I started on right after Exit Fate was finished: Haven. Just a note, though: just because these games were unfinished doesn’t mean they were canceled completely.  I may still resume work on any of them in the future.

Haven was my last RPGMaker project, and I wanted to continue the trend I started with Exit Fate: to make it as un-RPGMaker-like as possible. Additionally, it was going to be the first game with all original tilesets and music.

The first big difference was freedom of movement: you can move around freely, including diagonally, instead of being confined to grid squares. This was all required because Haven didn’t have random ecounters; enemies were visible on the map and would chase the player when spotted. Since enemies could only see you if they were facing you and had line-of-sight, this allowed you to sneak past enemies to avoid fights, as well as use map obstacles to evade patrolling soldiers. If an enemy did catch sight of you, you could still avoid the battle by leaving the area before they caught up.


The idea worked, but it wasn’t ideal. Being able to avoid enemies by staying out of sight was neat, but whenever you did get spotted, your only option was to quickly reach a doorway, so it only worked in small rooms. In most places, getting spotted meant a guarateed fight. It just didn’t seem to add much. I hadn’t decided yet on how to fix it, but I could either focus on just having enemies on the map and trying to avoid being seen, or work on a different movement AI where it was possible to outmaneouvre enemies.

The battle system itself was fairly standard. Like in Exit Fate, the turn order for both sides was visible. Characters had Crisis skills similar to those in Last Scenario, except the skill that becomes available when the bar fills up depended on the equipped weapon. The bar would fill up from most actions, such as taking damage, healing, casting buffs etc. and each character had a different set of crisis skills (for example, one had offensive magic while another had debuffs and status effects).

The game also had a Shard system that was an evolution of the Spellcards in Last Scenario. Characters would have a number of shard slots that go up per level, and equipping any skill costs a certain amount of slots. This allowed players to choose between using one or two very powerful skills, or a larger number of weaker skills. You could also equip stat boosts in the slots. I liked the Spellcard system because it forced you to choose a small number of skills to take into a battle instead of always making everything available, and Shards were meant to be an extension of that.

Graphically, I also wanted to go further than Exit Fate did. Since EF had so many characters, I had to keep the character animations fairly simple. But logically, when you only have a tenth of the number of characters, you can make the animations ten times as smooth, right?

There were separate animations for regular and critical attacks, as well as casting spells, and enemy attacks.

Finally, in terms of character design, I wanted to move away from the trends I established. Hilbert in Last Scenario and Daniel in Exit Fate were different characters, but they also had a lot in common. Both were very heavily written as ‘good’ people who always doing what’s in the best interest of everyone.  Eventually, it would get a little boring, both to read and write about. They were the kind of characters who, if told that they had to save the world, would ask “What can I do to help?”. For Haven, I wanted a main character who would ask “Can’t you bother someone else?”.

The lead of Haven, Senna, was much like that. Cynical, lazy and kind of rude. Overall the tone was supposed to be a little more light-hearted. I feel like character interaction between party members is important, and when there’s more friction and more opposite personalities that clash, their characters come out stronger (something that was sort of lacking in Last Scenario after the early game).

The game also had a slightly simpler art style than Exit Fate so I could more easily have different expressions for each character.

So why was development halted? Basically, the reason was RPGMaker. This game would’ve been big, and with the additional work of designing all the areas and drawing the tilesets, would’ve been a very long project. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be tied to RPGMaker for that much longer; it’s hardly a professional development tool after all, and it also limited what I can do with the finished product. I ended up abandoning it to start learning how to write a game completely from scratch. But some day, maybe, Haven will return.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few more character designs.

Call of The Undreworld:
This is not RPG Maker project, but is loking good, moreover is not only for PC, to example is supported  XBox 360.

SCF says:

Call of the Underworld is a top-down shooter in the vein of Japanese bullet hell games (like the Touhou series). Pick one of four teams and make your way through over 100 densely packed bullet patterns. Aim for the highest score, or simply try to survive through all 10 stages. A practice mode is available, and replays of your played games can be saved and watched again later.


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Re: Haven and Call of The Undreworld - new SCF games
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2011, 01:34:01 AM »
These guys make quality stuff. Seems like Call of the Underworld went through a bit of unfortunate pre-controversy, though. I'm mostly looking forward to Haven; hopefully that becomes available soon.