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« on: June 05, 2010, 04:37:09 PM »
So weak, I'm afraid to touch you.
So afraid, I can't reach past the mist.
It blurs my sight, it hides you from me at all times.
I want to have the courage to touch your cheeks, to feel the warmth.
I'm so powerless I'm too weak to climb the cliff that blocks you from me.
I'm so desperate, and its killing me inside.
Please, someone please, lend me thy courage.
I want to see you one last time, I'll climb that cliff.
I'll past the mist, and I'll give you a hug, the warmth will flood into me.
Before death takes ahold of me.

Here we go~
To the moon, we go~
Think its made of cheese?
No a fairytale made up by them.
Here we go~
To find the truth~
Is it cheese or rock?
I never knew, and now I'm here on my deathbed.
I'm sad but you're my light.
To the moon, here we go~
Isn't that right.
I'll take a hunk and bite it.
It'll be cheese like I've always believed.
To the moon we go~
Will you hold my hand?
I'm a bit afraid.
Its bigger than I thought.
To the moon we go~
Its so bright.
Think the wolves will howl tonight?
A fairytale, you say?
You're wrong there.
I'll prove it tonight.
As tonight is the night I'm going to the moon.
Will you hold my hand?
I'm a bit afraid.
You will? Then let us go.
Let us follow the light to the moon.
To the moon we go, we go, we go.
To the moon.


I just made these up on the spot, I don't think they are really poems now...