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[IDEA] A Fable - Let's try this again
« on: April 09, 2010, 03:13:01 AM »
Remember this thread? Of course you don't.

Anyway, having scrapped the original due to fucking up rather spectacularly while messing with scripts, I've decided to resurrect this little project of mine in hopes that I may actually get something done. However, before I start putting major work into the game (all progress insofar has been dedicated to perfecting various techniques: fog effects, enemy encounters, character customization, etc.), I would first like to nab a few comments and perhaps some criticism from the community at large.

"Criticism for what?" you may ask. "Criticism of the current story, planned features, and other bits of information," I respond. So, without further adieu, let's crank this shit old school, shall we?

Spoiler: show

2500 Years Before Recorded History
Prior to the age of man, the world as we know it was populated by two esteemed people groups: the elv'ena, often referred to by the slang term of "elves," and the orkari, who go by the slang term of "orcs." At the height of their power, the elv'ena and the orkari possessed vast civilizations that covered most of the land. While they weren't allies by any means, the two groups lived in peace, content with willingly ignoring the other. However, with the discovery of an energy source known as ether, relations began to crumble. Initially, the conflicts were small; for instance, two small squads of elv'ena and orkari would fight over a newly discovered ether well. However, as time progressed, these small acts of hostility turned into all out bloodshed, with innumerable losses to both sides. To this day, scholars are still unsure of which side initiated the war that would one day wipe both races out. After hundreds of years of war, both the elv'ena and the orkari were becoming steadily more endangered. However, the warring continued. No one knows when the last of the elv'ena and the orkari died. However, in its wake, the war ravaged the planet, littering it with scars that would persist thousands of years later.

1750 Years Before Recorded History
With the elv'ena and the orkari gone, the world was free from the clutches of mass civilized society, and soon, the remnants of its two former dominant people groups were taken by nature. However, in the time since then, a new race had begun to develop as its own: humans. Although they predated the elv'ena and the orkari, the humans were too absorbed in their tribal ways to advance to their level, and the war between the elv'ena and the orkari had a catastrophic impact on mankind's lands. However, with enough persistence, the humans were eventually able to restore their numbers and establish the road to dominance. Small groups of humans grew into moderately large settlements, and the humans soon began developing new technologies. Unfortunately, the bloodlust that every human carries deep within was still quite powerful, and before long, the human settlements turned on each other. Luckily, while the others fought over petty reasons, one settlement continued to develop.

500 Years Before Recorded History
In time, the warring societies eviscerated themselves, leaving only a handful of settlements in existence. One of these settlements eventually developed into a large city named Britannica. Boasting a level of advancement rivaling that of the elv'ena and the orkari of old, Britannica soon established itself as the capital of the entire human race. Through diplomacy and force, Britannica assimilated other burgeoning civilizations, and in time became an empire in its own right. During this expansion, the humans rediscovered ether, and incorporated the bizarre magic into their lives. Ether usage was common throughout Britannica's territories, and it allowed the empire to progress faster than ever. Unfortunately, ether was also dangerous, and before long, harsh restrictions were placed on the magic. In order to protect the secret of ether, the emperor established a group known as the Aurors. Aside from being tasked with enforcing ether restrictions, the Auror's served as the right hand of the emperor himself. Britannica was at peace for a time. Unfortunately, during its peak, Britannica's most influential emperor, SÚron, died from an unknown illness. With no true heir to the throne, SÚron's illegitimate son, Wyatt, took the throne.

480 Years Before Recorded History
Twenty years following the death of his father, Wyatt was still the emperor of Britannica. Unfortunately, he was the opposite of SÚron, caring little for his subjects and surrounding himself with the luxuries of being a ruler. Even age did little to cure his incessant immaturity. During his reign, Wyatt removed the ether restrictions, giving everyone free access to the formerly restricted art. In the process, he also dissolved the Aurors. (The Aurors continued to exist covertly, seeking to undermine the cruel emperor's regime.) However, the worst of his offenses was his involvement in black magic. Seeking to use the dark forces of ether to exert absolute control over Britannica, Wyatt become a proficient warlock. In time, he learned to summon creatures from another realm, and used these abhorred wretches to control his subjects through fear. The Aurors, still existing without Wyatt's knowing, knew it was time to act. A thorough plan of assassination was drawn up over a period of several years. Finally, on a cold winter's night, the Aurors initiated their plan, breaking in to Wyatt's castle in Britannica's capital and making their way toward his chambers. Along the way, many Aurors were killed by Wyatts guards, as well as his summoned monstrosities. However, a single Auror, the Grandmaster of the entire society, made it to Wyatt's chamber, where he faced the warlock in one-on-one combat. Initially, the Grandmaster easily bested Wyatt. But, before the final blow could be dealt, Wyatt submitted to his inner darkness, and soon overwhelmed the Grandmaster. Wyatt emerged victorious. However, knowing that he had lost all hope of regaining complete control over Britannica, he killed himself. With no leader, the empire fell into anarchy, and Britannica was torn apart.

Modern Day
Since the fall of Britannica, mankind has been hesitant to reforge such a society, believing that man's innate corruption would only lead to his downfall. Instead, people now live in cities, towns, and villages scattered throughout the world. With no clear central authority, these settlements are completely independent of the others, though travel between them is not uncommon. In the nearly 500 years since Britannica's fall, the human race has changed dramatically culturally speaking. Whereas Britannica was an idyllic society where every man was well off and the poor were unheard of, this new world is plagued by poverty, and crime is all too real. In one such city, Halenshire, the situation is no different. In the middle of Halenshire's cramped streets, there lies an orphanage like any other. However, the orphanage is not important. No, what is truly important is one of the orphans sitting in his or her room, playing with his or her toys, and possessing a burning desire for adventure and change...

Spoiler: show

This game, tentatively entitled A Fable, is an action-adventure game with small RPG elements. It follows the tale of one seemingly ordinary person as he or she initially desires to make a positive impact on his or her world after witnessing something truly horrible in his or her. Along the way, he or she uncovers the mysteries of the world's previous inhabitants, and unwittingly finds himself or herself thrust into the midst of an unseen war between the forces of evil and those brave enough to stand against it... all while wearing a ridiculous hat.

Despite the serious tone of the game's story, A Fable is planned to be comparatively light-hearted, with witty dialogue and interesting characters throughout. It is, in some ways, inspired by 18th century English satire, ala Jonathan Swift; everything is intended to be taken with a grain of salt.

the world...
Spoiler: show

A Fable takes place in an as-of-yet unnamed world that has seen its fair share of hardships. Aside from the elv'ena and the orkari, it has seen the rise and fall of Britannica, the largest empire in history. In its present state, it is inspired heavily by late 18th century Europe; melee weapons are beginning to be phased out, and powder weapons are becoming commonplace. The seas are traversed in galleons and other such vessels, and everyone speaks with a noticeable English accent, with varying dialects such as Queen's English and Cockney being the two most common.

As I said before, civilization in this world is limited to a series of independent, yet loosely connected cities, towns, and villages. These cities are oftentimes riddled with crime and corruption that would make most people flee. However, given the dangers of life outside of those walls, most prefer to live with the constant risk of muggings. One of the most important cities if Halenshire, where the game's protagonist grows up. It's a large city with nearly 200,000 residents; of that 200,000, 100,000 live in poverty, while 90,000 and 10,000 are either middle class or upper class respectively. The law is "enforced" by the city's guards who are all recognizable by their broad shoulders and square chins.

Cities aren't the only locales, however. Other regions include an idyllic forest called Havenwood, a slightly less idyllic forest called Bowerwood, a series of plateaus and cliffs called High Rock, and a wretched, undead-infested swamp known as Marshwood, among others. In each of these regions, you will find all manners of creatures that love to kill people ranging from bandits to goblins to trolls to demonic spawn from another plane. Also, the occasional friendly NPC.

Spoiler: show
  • The hero never dies. Instead, he or she is knocked out and later wakes up at the nearest inn, minus 200 gold.
  • There are no potions. Instead, the player must consume foods and drinks to replenish health and energy.
  • Aside from HP, there are two energy sources for your abilities: energy, a quickly charging gauge which powers your melee abilities, and ether, a not-so-quickly recharging gauge that powers your magical abilities. Energy and ether are represented by a yellow and cobalt bar, respectively.
  • No experience or levels. Instead, you must pay trainers to enhance your abilities. In a sense, gold acts as your EXP.
  • Oh yeah, gold is also rare. Having over 1,000 is considered impressive. Don't expect to have millions.
  • Various sidequests for the player to complete in exchange for new items and gold.
  • Three tiers of weapons: Rusted, Iron, and Steel, along with some unique weapons.
  • Various sets of clothing, each with unique attributes. Some sets are sex-specific and cannot be worn by the opposite sex. Also, there are no individual pieces; each set contains everything.
  • A rather sophisticated ABS system based on the XAS-ABS.
  • Witty humor.
  • ...

Spoiler: show
Here's a screenshot from the initial "technique perfection stage." It gives you an idea of the art style.

Well, that's all for now. I hope to hear from the rest of you. Hopefully, your ideas will help me to improve.

- Rheckameohs