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Excalibur - Arthur's Tale
« on: May 29, 2010, 11:18:51 AM »

..:Excalibur - Arthur's Tale:..
(New game in development!)
Platform - RPG Maker XP
Genre - Traditional RPG
Status – 1hr Demo

Apologies about the file size. Its about 168MB because i couldn't compress my files with the RMXP compressor, instead I used a different program. It work fine when I tested it again for the umpteenth time. I assure you though, its a massive file of goodness :)
I'd appreciate any criticism.

At the beginning of time, two separate powers existed which gave life to the world, Light and Dark. Each coincided with the other, and each power was controlled by one figure. Venn the goddess of light, and Myriad the devil of darkness. People frolicked all across the world of Zephyr, the light meant that the world had become a prosperous place, where different races were able to survive and flourish. Venn was looked upon as the creator of the world, a holy figure who was the provider of all prosperity and goodness in Zephyr, however Myriad, the ruler of darkness was looked at by many races as the destroyer of this goodness. Myriad created balance in the world, but he was displeased with the arrogance of all the inhabitants of Zephyr and thus he punished the world by removing this balance. Myriad created 7 deadly sins, which are known as Myriads Laws: Intolerance, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride and despair.
Mayhem broke out in Zephyr as people began to commit crimes such as thievery, murder, or began to discriminate against other races. With the balance between good and evil destroyed, Zephyr spiralled into chaos. Races which worshipped Venn prayed and prayed, asking her to stop all of the pandaemonium. Venn went to Myriad and asked if he would stop, but Myriad's rage was too strong, so a battle began between the two divine beings. The battle of good and evil had begun.
The fighting between Venn and Myriad was seemingly endless. The clash caused the land of Zephyr to be torn in two by a bottomless fissure, a scar on the face of the world. The forces were colliding with each other, until one day... A final clash from Venn was able to destroy Myriad, but Venn was unable to survive. Both the powers of light and dark had disappeared from the world. The fighting ripped ties between different races, causing more havoc as some valued Venn and others worshipped Myriad... Some believe that both figures were completely destroyed, others say that when Myriad was destroyed, Venn was injured so badly that she went into hiding within the planet’s surface, and still providing the light for the world from an infinite slumber...

Life continued on earth with the absence of Venn and Myriad. Each race lived and as each advanced, each grew further and further apart due to their faith in the different gods. One race in particular, a race of men called Arioch, were advancing in technology much faster than other races. They believed that due to the prospects they reaped, they had been blessed by Venn, and many of the higher status men began to grow power-hungry, greedy and saw their own race as superior to all others. In the year 832, the king of Arioch, began a conquest to control all of the lands belonging to other races which once worshipped Myriad. The armies travelled across all of Zephyr, waging war on all who opposed them... And all those who didn’t. The conquest continued for almost 100 years, races fell to absolute might of Arioch’s forces, and it began known across the globe as the ‘Century War.’ Arioch's forces were seen as almost unstoppable, until the nation of Diakon entered the fray. As the two superpowers struggled for dominion over Zephyr, they were completely unaware that the fate of the world would be determined by the actions of a young orphan, from the tiny nation of Valendia.
It is the year 928, four years before the end of the century war. In a small village, deep in the the Convaire forest, there is a boy. The streams of sunlight filtered through the trees are dancing on his soft pillow. The young boy is completely oblivious to his destiny, and what is about to befall him in his life. Across the world of Zephyr, something is stirring. While armies ravage across the countryside, a power is being awakened which threatens the very existence of the world. Everywhere is plagued with strange occurences and events... What does this young hunter have to do with these events? What is his connection? History is in the making, and it is this young orphan who holds the ingredients in his hands....

Basically in a nutshell..... Two main quests in the game. (Each character has their own story. And I'm thinking, just thinking about making the game into two different games. Making it show different perspectives. There will be a sequel, for Northern Zephyr... Eventually)
 - The game is set over the years between 928 and 932, the end of the Century war. Arthur is an orphan who lives on the outskirts of a mountain village with his foster brother and father, trying to make a living in any way possible.
 - Arthur gets entangled in a long plotline which ends up revealing his history.
(I'm still working on the plot, but this is what I have so far, and can include more once the game progresses a little more. The game is based on the tale of King Arthur, it is my adaptation of the story, so it will deviate from the original storyline.)

(Playable and Non-Playable... Not all have descriptions)
Spoiler: show

Age: 16
Race: Valendian
Class: Hunter's Apprentice

Personality: Extremely curious, level-headed and a real dreamer.
Biography: Arthur is a young orphan who knows nothing about his past. For as long as he can remember, he has lived with his foster father and brother, Grant and Kay, who to him are his only family. He has never actually been satisfied with the life he lives, and always dreaming about a different life and thinking about his origins. Strongly believes you can't live life like you are in a dream. He has a passion for music, and lives life on the edge with a strong sense of adventure. Arthur's history is a mystery throughout the game but slowly is revealed as the plot progresses.
Though the game titles says "Arthur's Tale", the plotline of the game follows both Arthur and Gwen.

Age: 18
Race: Valendian
Class: Swordsman

Personality: The 'leading man.' The biggest sense of adventure imaginable.
Biography: Claude is Gwen's bigger brother and the most respected person in Arthur's life. Arthur idolises Claude’s persistent nature and his realist attitudes. Claude is a realistic person who hates all idealistic and authoritative people, be they either friend or foe. Not dissimilar to Arthur, he believes that 'the grass is greener on the other side.' In the second chapter, the protagonists are informed that Arioch soldiers are travelling Valendia to recruit men to go off to war. I won't reveal much at this stage as it will spoil the storyline, but depending on your choice of events in the game, you will have to do one of two things to either save or help Claude escape from the deadly hands of war.

Age: 16
Race: Regal
Class: Magician

Personality: Happy, Pretty, gentle, very skilled at magic, smart.
Biography: Gwen is Arthur's closest friend and has always been... She is referred to as the brains of the operation and with Arthur and Claude, she forms a trio of adventurers not dissimilar to the three musketeers. Gwen possesses a strong sense of adventure like her brother; however she is very materialistic and focuses more on treasure and riches rather than ‘seeing the sights.’ Although he will never admit it to her, Arthur has feelings for Gwen which he has kept quiet for a long time. The romance between the characters is something to watch throughout the game…

Age: 17
Race: ???
Class: Soldier

Personality: Carefree, curious, easily-excitable, but secretive about his past...
Biography: (Coming Soon)

Age: 22
Race: Carel
Class: Desert Warrior

Personality: Quiet, arrogant, short-tempered, rude, but all this is at first glance...
Biography: (Coming Soon)

Kay's Father - Fenora City
Resistance Soldiers (Soldiers from Valendia and other small factions) - Across the whole Game
Imperials (Arioch Soldiers) - Across the whole Game
Malcolm - Leader of the Arioch Imperials. One of the main Villains. (Secret link to a main character! shh :P)


Loooooooots of new scripts.
 - Blizz-ABS battle system (Credits to Blizzard)
 - Universal Message System (Ccoa)
 - Custom Title Screen (It's all fancy and animated. It also has different seasons... Just like in Quintessence-[TBV])
 - New world to explore with plenty of maps, enemies, etc... (Larger maps. I don’t know whether this is an advantage or disadvantage at this stage.)
 - Custom Menu System (Credits to the Sleeping Leonhart)
 - Jousts (sort of like side quests)
 - Joust Menu (Quest menu by sirsk8aton)
 - Dual Storyline
 - Commercial music as well as music from games such as Final Fantasy XII
 - Also, credits are due to Reives, Cucureuill, and Sithjester for the use of their graphics as well as many others. I will publish a full list of credits when I update the demo. BUT, if you have assisted me in this project, then thank you. Apart from these people mentioned, This project is my project and I am doing it all on my lonesome. Very time consuming…

Here are some screenies... Just remember that the game is still just beginning its development, and since i'm busy with school I don't have much free time to work on the project.

Spoiler: show

Zephyr World Map - A snippet from the INTRODUCTION

YAY! An item!

Snaps of the river and inside buildings

This is part of an event. I’m not pulling your leg when I say its better quality in game.

Fighting in the Convaire River area

Lionsgate exploration - (Playing as Claude and Hugo)

CARELLA DESERT - Diakon Region (This area will be available in later chapters)


I am no superhero. I do have a life so there are things which come first. I'm only a beginner when it comes to game making, so I would really appreciate any criticism and praise for my work. Just... please be gentle :P

Most of all please tell me which ideas suck, and which suck less! FEEDBACK FEEDBACK!!!

Prologue 99.99% complete (Just needs fixing for smoothness)
Chapter 1
Mapping: 60%
Scripts: 90%
Eventing: 1%
Story: 30%
Resources: 80%
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Re: Excalibur - Arthur's Tale
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2010, 07:55:49 AM »
Hey there everyone,
A quick news flash. I've finished a demo version of the game.  XD Its only an hour long, and covers most of the first day of the story, but its finished!  :)
I should be able to upload it in a couple of days when I get a chance. My internet is being difficult at the moment. So I apologise for the wait.  :blush:


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Re: Excalibur - Arthur's Tale
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2010, 12:15:36 PM »
I want to play this. :seraismile:


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Re: Excalibur - Arthur's Tale
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2010, 05:27:22 AM »
Hey all,
I've hit a point in the game where I need to recruit the help of some people.
What I need is someone who can make a few charactersets for me and someone who is pretty handy with scripting. These jobs are only temporary and I only require a little bit of work from these people.
If you think you can help me then just PM me and I will give you full credit for your help.
I'll give you some more information on what I require you to do if you are interested.