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Forbidden Sanctuary
« on: May 28, 2010, 04:46:09 AM »
Chapter 1: Welcome to Sanctuary

Night came early.  The predictions of Chancellor Rowen were off by a few hours, an unlikely possibility for a living god among men, unless there was a purpose to it all.  Like clockwork the Vizex screens and the speakers powered on, humming the dull theme to announce the grand decree of Rowen the All Knowing and master of Sanctuary.  Even as the announcement system came to life in moments, the very city sluggishly dragged itself to catch up, the whine of generators howling on full power as lights flickered to life to illuminate the city in spires of gold and neon as a lone monolithic structure rose into the heavens as brilliant lights, brighter than the sun, began to sweep across the buildings that crowded below and sweeping as far as the outer walls.

With everything on and all attention focused to their announcement centers the systems crackled open to flood the warming voice of Rowen over those of lesser standing.  His golden face shinning brilliantly to those that watched as his caring voice caressed their ears.

"...And so it is said, that Rowen  the all Knowing graced an early night upon his loving people, rather than causing them to suffer in the soaking heat of the day longer than any deserved, and with this I call for the Winter Solstice to cover our pleasant Sanctuary and help drive out those of Chaos into the waiting hands of my will, so they may be cast out into the foul lands that spawned them.  Know that I am watching over all those that believe in me and they hold my protection, as they shall worship me in turn and keep a watchful eye on friends, family and strangers for curious activities and the mark of evil.  For they are silent to my voice and I cannot find them without your help.  Blessed are my sheep as they help keep this utopia stable while I rule the heavens and earth.  In the name of Rowen, Amen..."

As one the people of Sanctuary spoke the final word with reverence and wrath, yet cold eyes watched those around them, ready and willing to report any suspicion for the favor of their living god to keep him on the earth, and to protect him.  Yet there were those left to themselves that cursed that name, yet feared him for his powers, as they clung to their marks of chaos and exercised their own secretive style, isolated from all.  Yet not all were aware till the day they are found by the Watchers and dragged, screaming, into the bowls of the tower at Sanctuary's  heart.  What occurs there is unknown, though it is said those of chaos are stripped of their mark and burned by the very wrath of Rowen, yet there is not a living soul to report on this and superstition surrounds them.  Yet even with these reassurances they all fear the da Rowen may leave and Sanctuary's walls will crumble to the might of the chaotic lands around them, spilling them back into darkness and drowning them in sorrows.  Everyone loved Rowen and worshiped him in name, power and title, and they were his sheep.  That was especially true for Illessa and her brother Dramon, the lone and pure survivors of having two chaos controlled parents, the miracle twins.

Illessa listened to the report with a tired look on her face, constantly glancing back at Dramon, wondering how her twin brother could always sleep through these things.  Yet the thought didn't last long as the chilling air of the early night reminded her that it might be best to shut the windows now.  Standing up to cross the rather spartan room her bare feet made almost no noise with her careful steps as hands brushed the pad on the side wall as the windows slid shut on their own.  A blessing of Rowen, when he came to this land and gave them the ancient city of Sanctuary and revived these magical structures with glowing lights and strange doors windows and devices.  She knew little of how they worked, though it was without a doubt from Rowen's blessing, as he had kindly told them every day in the Institution.  Pausing to look out the window she could see figures far below.  Members of the Chaos and the Watchers moving about in their nocturnal struggles.  In her heart she prayed for the Watcher's triumph before turning back to her bed next to Dramon's, a single mattress with two thick sheets and a pillow.  It wasn't much but their very room was a gift from Rowen for surviving in the worst possible nightmare.

Yet Nightmares still plagued her dreams.  Horrible dreams that cried of despair and struggle and her running away from something, her brother lost to her as strange abilities flew from her hands into the depths.  There was always that cold and chilling laugh of a voice she never heard and the face of Rowen, eyes crying tears of blood as his own hands raised and fire consumed her.

The dream was always the same and awoke her countless times over the passing years.  Dreams that others claim to be the lone effect from surviving the Nightmare of her childhood, though this dream became more frequent as the darker and darker winter and it chilled her spine as uncertain thoughts began to fill her head.  What if the Chaotic ones would defeat the living god Rowen and Sanctuary no longer was a haven for them?  What would happen to her and Dramon then?

Evil questions that she hid away from, terrified of what the true answers were behind them.  An if she questioned it too much, she might fall under suspicion herself, though Rowen might see her innocence and release her, she could be separated from her beloved brother, and that was something she couldn't risk.  Emptying the final thoughts from her head she turned over on her bed, hands tucking under her pillow as she drifted to sleep.  Despite all her attempts to ignore it, the nightmare returned again.
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