Author Topic: Lighter Poems by Shaken.  (Read 1716 times)

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Lighter Poems by Shaken.
« on: March 29, 2010, 02:37:17 AM »
This poem was not meant to be sexual in anyway, really.

Skin Hunger.

What is it like to not hunger?
 To not wonder, to not need, to not

To not have to feed a Silent Demon,
That hurts more than any other thing in the world.
I can not eat if itís not been feed, canít sleep if it hungers,
Canít breath if it torments.

A skin hunger so strong that itís twisted me inside.
I need you someone;
Child or adult.

Touch me, itís all I beg.

Hands connecting, fingers entwining.
Lips brushing, pristine skin being explored.
Touch me,
And never leave me to this Skin Hunger again.

Never leave me.

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