Author Topic: "Lovely Little Angel" and "Salvation"  (Read 1229 times)

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"Lovely Little Angel" and "Salvation"
« on: February 21, 2010, 04:59:14 PM »
So I randomly wrote two semi-canonical scenes today and yesterday, and so I thought that I'd show them to you guys. hope you like them!

Spoiler: Lovely Little Angel • show
“Momma, get up! Get up, mommy!”

   Why wouldn’t they listen? They had to get up! Don’t leave me!

   I tugged on her arm, trying to pull her back to me, but it only fell limp off the bed. Why wouldn’t she respond? Why wouldn’t she answer me? Why wouldn’t she love me?! I needed her, and she just ignored me! I needed her to say something, anything, just say something to comfort me, but all I heard was the sting of her silence. Why wouldn’t she respond?

   “It’s okay, your mother just needs her rest.”

   I turned around to see my dad standing off in the distance, watching my misery.

   “Why won’t she answer me?!” I cried, running towards father, but I never reached him.

   “She just needs her rest. Just remember that, no matter what, you’ll always be our lovely little angel,” my dad told me, standing behind me again.

   “But she won’t wake up!”

   “She’ll be asleep for awhile. I’m going to join her soon,” he told me, crouching down and smiling at me. “We love you.”

   “I love you too, daddy!”

   I ran to hug my father. But when I got there… what was this… blood? Covering the floor, everywhere I turned; blood. I looked up and my dad smiled at me.

   “I’ll always love you.”

   I hugged tightly onto him, but suddenly he started coughing uncontrollably. I could feel him shaking convulsively in my arms, and he began to cough up blood all over the place.


   “We love you… We always will love you… We always did you love… Why would you do this to us?”

   Suddenly he was gone—he wasn’t in my arms—he was just on the floor, sprawled across it with blood soaked into his clothes. I looked down where my father had just been… but only saw blood: blood on my hands, blood on my arms, blood on my clothes.

   Why would you do this to us?

   “Wake up! Love me! Don’t leave me!”

   Why would you do this to us? We loved you… didn’t you love us, too?

   “Daddy! I love you! Love me too! Wake up! Don’t leave me!”

   You’ll always be our lovely little Angel.

   “I love you, daddy!”

   We love you too, our lovely little Angel.


so yeah, random little snippit with little Angel (from my other book) kind of going crazy. i used the word 'blood' around 9 times in there :P

Spoiler: Salvation • show
“This is as far as I can take you.”

I nodded. “Thanks, Saya. You’ve been a big help ever since I met you. And if this is the last time we see each other… I just want you to know… I’ll never forget you.”

“Save the formalities and get in there already.”

I nodded and turned towards the entrance of the building. A quick glance over my shoulder showed that she had already faded back into the mist, so I pulled myself through the doorway—or at least it used to be, but now had no door at all. All of the glass from the building was destroyed, as if blown out from some large explosion.

I wandered into the cavernous skyscraper. Presumably it was used as either some sort of office building, or possibly a mall, back in the other world—listen to me, calling it the other world now, as if this were actually reality—but here it was all deserted, completely dark save for the occasional hanging light that still had a flicker of energy left in it. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, slower still for the sparks that flew out on occasion.

“Hello! Is anyone here?”

Why have you come here, human? I couldn’t see anyone, and hardly anything for that matter. The voice seemed to come from nowhere, just echoing inside of my head as I tried to find my way.

“Hello? I’m looking for Thanatos?”

I scanned around the building now that I could see better. Everywhere I could see were piles of bones—some bones even as large as me—littered the ground, making it look more like a Golgotha than a place once inhabited by human beings. Many of the walls were sprayed with blood—some red, some black, some of various other unearthly colors—like the graffiti that was once sprawled across the familiar walls of the buildings I had left behind.

Why have you come here, human?

“Please! I need Thanatos’ help! Where can I find him?”

Suddenly I heard a deafening clattering sound come from behind me. I turned around to see one of the piles of bones begin to tremor. I took a few steps back—trying to put as much distance as possible between me and whatever was happening—when one of the bones (what appeared to be a skull) turn towards me. The bones all moved away from their heap, some of them forming large legs, some of them forming a giant serpentine neck, some of them forming what appeared to be wings on the back of the skeletal creature they formed. It took a step toward me, bones grating together in a screech whenever it moved, and clacked its jaw. I stared up at the monstrosity: it stood nearly two stories, almost hitting the ceiling, and one talon of its claws was as thick as I was wide.

Well, you’ve found me. Now why have you come?

I tried to swallow down my fear, and took a timid step towards the dragon.

“I- I was told you could help me get back. I- I’m-”

I know, you’re not supposed to be here.

I nodded. “No, I’m not.”

Tell me, though, why should I help you return?

“You have to help me get out! I must leave!”

Yes, but there is more than one way to have you leave this place. Do you realize that I could easily snap you like a twig whenever I feel like it?

I took another large step back as it smiled—at least, I think that’s what it was doing, bones don’t show emotion very well—and grated its bony claws against the broken down floor.

Why should I help you? Death helps few people, why should you be one of them?

“I need to get back! There are people in my world who are waiting for me!”

And why should I care about them? They are no concern to me. Persuade me, human.

I stared into the large eye cavities of the skull, its long neck swaying back and forth as the creature studied me.

“I… I have no reason you would care of. My reasons are all for me and the ones I love.”

And what do I care of your loved ones?

“None, I suppose…”

If you have no reason to give me, then stop bothering me.

With that, Thanatos returned to his place near a stone pillar and curled back up into his bone pile. I stood there, staring at him in hopes he would give me some word of advice or something, but his voice never came again.

He had been my last hope…

My salvation was gone.


so, yeah, that was a random snippit of a story i might/probably will write after the ones i'm currently writing.

hope you liked them!