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Yay! It's done! I posted part of this up awhile ago, but now it's done! Let's just hope I don't have to split it up between too many posts (seriously, why is there even a word limit on posts?) So now, without further ado, I bring you:

Spoiler: Part One • show
   “How did it feel,” I hissed into the child’s ear, “To know that the baby’s blood would be sucked dry from its veins, or that its flesh would be feasted upon like fresh meat by a ravenous pack of wolves? Did it feel good?”
   “No,” the child murmured.
   “What was that? I didn’t quite hear you.”
   “Don’t lie to me!” I growled. “It felt good, didn’t it?”
   “No!” he responded louder. I grinned as I saw tears starting to well up inside his eyes.
   “Don’t lie to me!” I shouted.
   “No, no, no,” he wailed, shaking his head as the hot tears ran down his face.
   “Fine then. If you’re not going to tell me the truth, then you’re not going to leave this place.”
   I stormed away from the table where I was interrogating him, making sure not to step on any of the debris that lay on the floor. The boy clambered after me as I neared the door, but suddenly stopped as he reached the exit.
   “What’s wrong?” I smirked. “Can’t go on?”
   I pounded fiercely down the brick pathway, leaving the child behind me. People around me hurried to and fro, finishing up their final activities for the day. On either side of me buildings reached towards the sky like people begging for their lives. The sun was beginning to stoop under the horizon, casting a dreary gloom over the world that most people wound find eerie. I smiled in eager anticipation.
   The boy from before ran up from my rear.
   “How’d you get out, Kai?”
   “My name’s not Kai, it’s David.”
   “I don’t care what your name is: I’ll call you whatever I want. Now how did you get out?” I asked, already knowing that my barrier had disappeared.
   “I just… walked out. Was I… not supposed to?” he asked, looking up at me inquisitively.
   I nodded slightly. He did not understand everything that was going on around him.
   “Is there anything else you would like to waste my time about?” I glared at him. “Surely you didn’t find me just to tell me you that you had escaped?”
   He shook his head sternly and walked away. I motioned him back with my finger and he slowly returned.
   “Did it feel good?” I whispered softly into his hear. He glowered at me before turning to leave again. I smiled and began to walk away.
   “The full moon is out tonight. I wouldn’t be alone for too long if I was you.”
   Out of the corner of my eye I saw him look inquisitively at me for a moment, then run to follow me.
   I led my disciple to the edge of town and in through a small, roughly formed wooden fence. Deteriorating wood let the sight of a silent cemetery slip out into view of the town. Wiry branches of dead trees rustled in the wind overhead.
   The boy next to me shuddered. “Eerie.”
   “Silence, boy,” I hissed at him.
   We walked up to a large, elaborate broken, and I firmly rapped on the door. We waited for a moment before the sound of unlatching locks answered us. The door was opened by a large, thin man, dressed all in black. He watched us awkwardly and I stared coldly back at him. He soon nodded.
   “Good evening, reverend,” I greeted plainly as he motioned us in.
   “Good evening. It’s good to see you again, Lilitu.”
   “Likewise, Judas,” I told the man as I walked in. Judas frowned as Kai followed me in.
   “Who’s the child?” he asked.
   “One recently added to the ranks of the forsaken.”
   Judas nodded solemnly and looked closely at Kai. I could sense the boy’s uneasiness as the priest began to study his features. After a while Judas turned back to me. I nodded.
   “Come,” he commanded, waving for us to follow. We did so and he began to lead us through a series of chapels and passageways and steps before finally stopping in front of a large door, intricately embellished with scarlet, silver, and gold.
   Judas took a hold of the necklace around his neck and dangled it in his fingers. A silver cross waved back and forth in front of our eyes before he finally thrust it into a small indent in the door. We could hear a lock on the other side of the door unlatch and Judas slowly opened the door. We were then led into a small room, largely occupied by a simple altar.
   “Welcome to the inner sanctum, the holy of holies.”
   Kai and I looked on as Judas opened up a small closet and began retrieving sundry items from it. He returned to the altar and began to mix together some of the different ingredients in various ways, hastily whispering prayers and incantations as he went. Kai looked into the closet and began to reach curiously for a pile of holy wafers.
   “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Judas stated, still focusing on his concoction. “Those who fall from the grace of God are often burned by the remnants and memories of what they left behind.”
   “He means that quite literally. Don’t touch,” I commanded.
   We waited in silence for a few minutes as Judas finished his mixture. He blessed it one last time, and then walked over to Kai.
   “Give me your hands, child,” he instructed.
   Kai slowly nodded and put his hands in the air. Judas reached into his bowl and spread some powder in the shape of a cross on both of Kai’s hands. Beginning to pray again, he put more powder in the same formation on his forehead.
   “Now swallow the rest of it.”
   Kai looked questioningly at me and I nodded my reassurance. He took the priest’s bowl and brought his trembling hands up to his lips.
   “Lord, cleanse this boy’s soul and remove the evil spirit which plagues him. Into your hands we commit his spirit. Amen.”
   As I watched the ritual I noticed the marks on Kai’s hands and forehead begin to glow with a soft yellow color. The room filled with an uneasy chill that made even me shudder. Judas seemed not to notice, but just smiled wider. I looked at Kai just in time to see him collapse onto the ground. Judas nodded to me.
   “Once he wakes, his beast shall be tamed. It won’t be gone: he’ll have to do that for himself. But it will be more controllable.”
   I nodded and dragged Kai over to lean on a wall.
   “I have some work to attend to. You’ll have to wait until the boy wakes up,” he told me. I nodded again. “Try not to get too hungry, okay?”
   I chuckled as he walked out the door. I sat down next to Kai and sighed.
   “Looks like you’re keeping me from the exit now, huh, David?”
   My eyes grew wide as I caught myself calling him by his real name. I sighed harder and let my head fall back into the realm of dreams.
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Re: Vampyra - Final Version
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Spoiler: Part Two • show
   The wind howled its low requiem as it whistled through the trees with an unobtainable freedom much longed after by most humans. It sent the dead leaves circling around the chilled group of townspeople marching towards the necropolis at the outskirts of the village. The residences of past-departed loved ones sprang up out from the horizon to meet the mob as they neared the black city’s gates.
   The leading man unlocked the old doors to the bone yard and led the group onward. Slowly they approached a small, fresh grave hidden away by its companions. Two other men walked up. Looking to the leader to receive his gesture of consent, the men took hold of their shovels and thrust them into the earth.
   A minute passed before the metal struck down onto a plain, wooden casket. The group heaved it up to the topsoil where all could see it, gathered their courage, and took off the cover.
   A blood-curdling scream pierced through the night sky. Fog rolled in to cover the group as they ran from the empty shell back to the city. Terror grew as the screams of the tormented echoed into the streets.
   Light shone from the house as the band of men rushed in. On the floor were life’s stains, sent streaming out from the victims limp neck from the women’s rotting captor.
   The corpse looked up, blood streaming from its pale lips and pointed teeth, to see the troop separate and a man walk out from the middle of it. The man ran his long, bony fingers through his bristly, brown hair and smiled wildly.
   “Lord, release this poor man’s soul from the fiery pits of hell, and may he find everlasting peace in your warm embrace. Amen,” the man prayed, stealthily grabbing numerous small knives from hidden pockets in his sleeves. “Thus sayeth, the Lord, ‘All sinners shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off. ’ ”
   The rest of the men in the group fell back as the vampyre dropped its prize and lunged towards the priest.

   I jolted upward in a cold sweat, desperately gasping for breath. I regained my composure and let my head fall back onto the wall.
   “‘Those who fall from the grace of God?’” I repeated to myself.
   I stood up and stretched my limbs back into usefulness. A groan sounded from behind me, and I turned to see Kai stirring. I walked back and crouched down, staring at him. He opened his eyes slightly and I grinned.
   “How do you feel, wolf?”
   He looked up at me with half-open eyes still clouded with the mist of sleep. He nodded slowly.
   “Tell me then, how did it feel?” I smiled evilly at the boy. I could sense something inside him change as his eyes opened wide, fully awake. “Well?”
   “It… felt good.”
   I stood up and walked over to the door.
   “Stand. We’re leaving.”
   “Yes, sir,” he said, climbing to his feet and following after me.
   Sir, huh? I think I like that.
   A few moments passed as we retraced our steps back to the exit of the labyrinth Judas called a church.
   “So now what?” Kai asked me as walked out the door.
   “I don’t really care what you do, but I’m going back home,” I told him, trying not to show my uneasiness as I spoke the last few words.
   “Home…” he repeated quietly to himself. Kai stopped in place. “What exactly happened back in that church?”
   I turned around and stared at Kai. “Do you know why I’ve let you follow me, why I’ve protected you, why I brought you to Judas?”
   The boy stared at me, not knowing how to respond, so I continued.
   “There’s something that I see in you, Kai. I see great battles with your inner demon ahead, but I also see the strength to win those wars. I want to see that happen.”
   We stared at each other in silence. My words still remained an enigma to him, but that was fine. The truth would reveal itself to him when it was needed.
   “There’s something special about me, as well, Kai. Do you know what that is?” I asked, walking forward again. He was silent. “Vampyrism. My kin have tormented the thoughts of men since the beginning of civilization. They called us legends, myths, but no! We were all too real for them to face. They tried to forget about us, and indeed they have mostly succeeded, but that changes nothing. We are still so real. Those whom we prey upon know, we are all too real!” I exclaimed with a burning ferocity which I had not felt in years.
   I turned to look at Kai. His face betrayed the shock and fear which he felt, but the reaction was much less than I had expected.
   “We vampyres are proud of what we are, just as the humans are proud of themselves. But the humans fear us. They fear our power. They fear us because we are above them. They fear us because they do not understand. If you choose to stay with me, you shall inherit that hatred and be hated just as equally as me. Are you ready to accept that fate?”
   “I am,” he told me confidently.
   I smiled, my sharp teeth glistening in the starlight.
   “Good. Then you shall come with me. But first, I must feast for the night.”
   Midnight streaked its lovely hue over the unlucky village as I hurried away from the church and into the moonlit streets of the town to begin my hunt. I searched around until I found a sufficiently sized house, a small shack out of the way in a corner of the village.
   “Stay here, will you?” I directed Kai.
   I left myself fall back into the depths of darkness and faded as dark mist under the door into the house. I formed back into a solid body and searched the house.
   The inside was as unattractive as the out. The single main room consisted of a simply laid table, a small fireplace, a tiny ice box, and a single candle. Ragged sheets were hung in the place of doors leading to two different bedrooms. I drew back one of the them and pulled out one of a young girls sleeping inside.
   “Wake.” I commanded.
   The young girl’s eyes slowly blinked open as my words began to take control. Her dreary vision glanced over me and she quickly snapped awake.
   “Mommy!” she yelled in terror.
   “Shut up,” I growled. Immediately she closed her mouth.
   “Now come over here,” I grinned, enjoying how little resistance my prey gave me as I took control of her actions.
   I grabbed the female adolescent by the back and arm delicately, raising her up to my mouth. I wetted my lips and set my fangs on the tender skin. Pressing harder, the sweet life-juice flowed forth, drenching the scene in its wonderful deliciousness. I ran my tongue along my captive’s neck, catching as much of the warm red liquid as I could. I closed me eyes, reveling in the savory taste.
   I opened my eyes again to see pale death come over the child’s once elegant features, causing her arms and head to fall limp. I drank my fill, then walked out of the house and dropped her on the ground.
   “Take and eat,” I commanded Kai.
   “B- but-,” he stammered, his eyes growing wide as he beheld the meal I had tossed aside.
   “Fear not, child, for I am with you,” I comforted, a wicked grin wiping across my face. “Do not be dismayed, for I am your god.  Now devour her!”
   “But, s- she’s human! She- she’s like… like me!”
   “Human like you?” Don’t kid yourself, you ignorant fool. There is no longer anything in common between you.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “When I told you that you were special, that I wanted to see you fight your demon, did you think it was because I had feelings toward you?” I glared. He stared back at me, shocked. “You pitiful, worthless, fool, do you not know what you have become?
   “Lycanthropy: a disease made up by the humans for those who believe they can turn into animals. All of them are labeled as insane, and indeed most of them are. But there are those blessed individuals, the true lycans, who have indeed surpassed the humans. During certain nights, they leave their pitiful humanity behind, and stalk the night as mindless, uncontrollable wolves.
   “But when I brought you to Judas, he bound your wolf, put it in chains. He let you change at will, and keep control of your form. Few people obtain this talent, you should cherish it.”
   “So, you’re saying… but how do I…?”
   I shrugged. “How should I know? You’re the lycan, not me. Figure it out for yourself.”
   I stared at him for a while, for once not knowing what he was thinking.
   “So will you eat or not?”
   Kai shook his head firmly.
   “You have your pride and I have mine. I’m not going to throw aside my values.”
   “Fine, eat the food that those beneath us set before themselves, but do not expect me to provide for you at all.”

   Blood seeped through the cracks in the floorboards as the group stared on in horror. On the floor lay a body with cuts over every inch of it, writhing in pain as it fought to continue breathing.
   “Amen!” the man yelled, throwing his head back and cackling hysterically. “Amen! Amen! Amen!”
   “Amen,” the rest of the group repeated, bowing their head reverently.
   “Come, let us bring the dead back to their eternal resting place.”
   The group nodded and took hold of this misshapen body, attempting to avoid the pool of blood flowing from the open wounds. They carried it out of the house, back to the cemetery, and placed it back in its dark hole.

   I looked up towards the horizon: day break was almost upon us.
   “Come, we need to get to a shelter before the sun rises.”
   “What’s the matter, old man? Can’t hand a little sun? What, don’t vampires tan?” he teased.
   I breathed out a short chuckle. “Watch who you’re calling ‘old man.’ I could dispose of you easily whenever you become of no interest to me.”
   “Whatever you say. You sure you can still walk, though, right? You haven’t been crippled by the ‘big, bad sun’ yet”
   “Don’t mock me, boy,” I barked.
   “Yeah, whatever,” he replied nonchalantly, walking past me. “Come on, this way.”
   “Get back here!” I yelled and sprinted after him. “You’re not allowed to give me orders!”
   We walked for awhile off of the path before eventually arriving at a sturdy cottage, hidden from sight by the woods around it. We made sure it had no signs or recent use, and then entered in to the first room.
   “Come, you should get used to sleeping during the day.”
   We sat down by the wall and sat in silence for awhile. I closed my eyes and attempted to sleep, but no rest came for the wicked.
   “So... what was it like when you first became a vampyre?” Kai asked, turning his head over to look at me.
   “That’s none of your concern. Just try to get some sleep.”
   He made a face at me like a little kid then turned away, presumably falling asleep. I turned my head back to face at the opposite wall and try to do likewise.
   “When I first became a vampyre…” I whispered quietly to myself.

   “You simple fools,” the man laughed. “Your poor, simple, ignorant fools, know you nothing of the nighttime world? Mere human wounds can not halt one such as this.”
   The man stood laughing to himself over the dirty casket, then knelt down and opened the lid.
   “It’s perfect,” he laughed excitedly to himself. “The perfect being, it’s magnificent!”
   The man took the knife from off the ground next to him and stabbed into his fingertip. He raised it above the vampyre’s mouth and let the precious rubies fall between its pale lips. The man eagerly grinned as some color returned to the corpse’s features and some of its scars began to heal.
   The man chuckled slowly to himself. “Lilitu, the first of many, sleep well and regain your strength.”

   I slowly attained consciousness once more enough to hear Kai talking to himself.
   “‘Pitiful fool?’ ‘Useless?’ What a joke! If it weren’t for me he’d probably be roasting out in the sunlight right now!”
   I slowly pushed myself higher up the wall and opened my eyes.
   “You being here at no effect on me. I would have been able to get to shelter safely before the sun rose with or without you.”
   Kai stared at me, clearly surprised that I was awake.
   “You should get some sleep. We’ll be traveling again come nighttime.”
   We sat in silence for a while, neither really knowing what to say to the other or if we should just keep quiet.
   “So what was it like for you when you became a non-human?”
   I stared at Kai, taken aback at his sudden question. He looked completely serious, just staring off into the distance, waiting for my answer. I sighed.
   “That’s none of your concern. You should get some rest.”

   “So you’re finally awake?” the man smiled. The body in front of him just stared. “Do not be afraid, Lilitu. I am your master: Judas.”
   Lilitu looked blankly back at the priest.
   “Come, I have something to show you.”
   Judas led the figure down into the depths of the church, into a cold, dank room. He lit some of the various torches placed around the alcove, revealing a multitude of chests and coffins lying around the room.
   Judas smiled as the vampyre showed a hint of reaction. “Yes, you want to drink them in, don’t you? Drink in their souls; drink in their spirits; drink in their blood? You already have my blood in you, you know. That’s why you listen to me,” he told the vampyre, pausing afterwards as if waiting for a reply.
   “Go ahead. Drink your fill. Replenish your strength. I’ll be back shortly to check on you.”
   Judas left the room and smirked. “Serve me well, Lilitu.”
   Inside the room the vampyre gazed intently at the multitude of coffins, each one a new meal ready to be served to him. He walked over to one of the coffins and slid off the lid. The cadaver of a young woman lay there, staring up at him. The hint of a smile glanced across his face as he delicately lifted her neck up to his mouth. He instinctively bit into the neck, and the sweet life-juice came up to his mouth.
   He drank deeply from her veins, and then moved on to more of the bodies. A few bodies later he heard Judas’ footsteps echoing down the stairwell, so he pulled his current piece of meat away from his mouth and watched the entrance to the room.
   Judas walked in and gaped at the remains of the bloody massacre that had just been completed.
   “So I see you supped well?” he said with a laugh.
   Lilitu nodded. “Y- Yes…”
   “So you speak now, do you?” the priest teased, smiling wildly.
   “Why… am I here? Why… did you save me?”
   “Straight to the point, aren’t we,” the man frowned, a strange sobriety washing over all his features. “The church is open to all those who need us, be they humans or non-humans. Who am I to decide which people God chooses to bless? My job as a priest is to extend God’s love to all who are in need of it.”
   “You lie,” Lilitu glared at his keeper.
   “You wound me,” Judas smirked. “That was only a partial lie. If any of the town found out about this, then that would be their answer.”
   “But what’s the truth?”
   “The truth? The truth is that I want to study you and your kind. Vampyres, lycans, those among the ranks of the forsaken, those who strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest of men; they have reached something higher than our meager humanity. I want to learn them: learn their actions, learn their thoughts, learn their lives. It’s as simple as that.”
   “So you went through all that trouble simply to learn?”
   “Knowledge is worth all else,” Judas commented calmly.
   “So do you want to study me some more or can I continue on from where I left off?” Lilitu smirked, eyeing the body lying next to him.
   “You may do as you wish. When daybreak comes you can use any of these coffins that you have emptied.”
   The vampyre nodded and turned back to the female’s corpse near him as Judas walked out the door.


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Re: Vampyra - Final Version
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Spoiler: Part Three • show
   My eyes flickered open back inside the cottage. Up above the near-full moon thrust its ethereal light through a small window, casting a pale glow over the empty room we were sojourning in. Next to Kai’s form heave dup and down as it sighed inside of its deep sleep.
   “Wake up,” I commanded. “We’re leaving.”
   Kai slowly awoke, following me out into the night’s embrace. The autumnal frost was freshly forming on the ground, causing the usually soft grass to become hard beneath our tread. Every so often Kai would venture a question towards me, but I would just keep walking in silence. Eventually he got the hint and stayed quiet.

   Light burst from the doorway into the pitch darkness, illuminating the icy crystals as they wafted to the earth below. A gaunt figure stepped out into the night, leaving his light footprints on the crusty, white powder. The snowflakes slowly evanesced as they landed on his pale skin.
   “What are you doing?”
   The vampyre turned around to see Judas glowering at him from inside the old church
   “Surely you already know.”
   “Then tell me why.”
   “Those men who tried to kill me think they have won. They think I am dead. I am simply going to prove them wrong.”
   “Don’t do anything brash. I still hold the key to your life. I can dispose of you whenever I must. And if anyone finds out that I have been harboring a vampyre, I won’t hesitate to end you.”
   “You, you were one of the men, no? You were the only man competent enough to actually damage me. All of the others just stayed back like a pack of whimpering dogs,” he told the priest, turning to walk away. “You saved my life: for that I am grateful. But if you double-cross me, not even your God will be able to save you.
   Lilitu thrust himself through the rusted gate out into the moonlit streets, grinning maliciously as he anticipated the fate of his targets. He arrived shortly at his first destination, the first house of a soul doomed by the night.
   “This is the prison you have chosen for yourself. It shall be the last thing you see.”
   Phasing through the door and into the house, the vampyre surveyed his new surroundings. He was in a large, spacious, room with a stairway on the opposite wall leading up to the single bedroom of the house. Intricately designed pieces of furniture were scattered in groups across the main area and kept as clean as possible.
   “Humans and their vanity: it’s sickening.”
   Lilitu flew up the steps and loomed over the sleeping man. He grabbed the man’s neck ferociously and flung him down the stairwell.
   “Wake up, swine,” he growled.
   The man jolted into consciousness as his back slammed against the cold floor. Taking a moment to lapse into conscious awareness, his face quickly darkened with realization as he saw the vampyre chasing down the steps after him. His eyes widened in horror as Lilitu lunged towards him.
   “You – You should be dead! How are you-?!”
   “Oh, believe me, I’m dead. “I’m as dead as the grave itself, yet here I am, standing here before you.” Lilitu grinned, circling his sport. “Tell me… are you frightened?” He laughed as the man quickly nodded. “Good. You should be.
   “They say vampyres are unable to feel. But that’s not true: I’ve learned to feel. I feel anger; I feel wrath; I feel rage; I feel the need for vengeance.”
   “What do you want with me?” the man whimpered.
   Lilitu smirked and whispered, “I want vengeance.” Lilitu lunged forward and grabbed the man’s neck. “I’m going to kill you, and then when you become a vampyre, I’m going to kill you again. And I’m going to do it slowly, so I can enjoy every second of it.”
   Lilitu threw the man against the wall, knocking him through some furniture on the way. He rushed forward, stalling in front of his victim’s neck, listening to the sound of his whimpers. Slowly he reached forward and bit into the tender neck-skin, his captive flailing his arms and begging pathetically for him to stop, but to no avail. His blood began to stream out from the puncture holes, falling down onto the vampyre’s anxiously awaiting tongue. He bit in deeper and the blood began to flood down faster.
   “See, it’s not so bad,” the vampyre smirked.
   “Please! Let me go!” the man cowered. “I’ll do anything!”
   “If I did that you would simply die on your own from blood loss. And besides, where would be the fun in that?”
   Lilitu glared down at his victim, enjoying his senseless pleas for mercy.
   “Oh, stop your quivering. Just hold still and the transformation will be practically painless.”
   Lilitu bit down into his hand, scraping his fang against the palm. Thick, black blood began to ooze out from the gash. He laid his hand over his victim’s trembling mouth.
   “Don’t worry, once it’s all over I’ll put you out of your misery. Now just drink in deeply and succumb to its power.”
   The man tried to thrash out at him as the blood started to trickle into his mouth, but Lilitu kicked his arms to the ground. The thick liquid slowly slid down the man’s mouth. He trembled as it slipped past his tongue and started to pool into his throat.
   “Don’t resist. You’ll have to swallow it eventually. Or would you rather drown yourself by trying to resist?”
   The man resisted as much as possible, but Lilitu hammered his foot onto the man’s stomach. The prisoner gasped for breath and the fluid flooded down into his esophagus.
   “Checkmate,” Lilitu leered.
   The captive’s pupils contracted and Lilitu could see the fangs slowly begin to form. He released his hostage and stood gloating over his victory.
   “How does it feel to be dead?” he mocked. The carrion watched him blankly.
   “Get up,” Lilitu commanded. The reborn hollowly obeyed. “Now I’m going to finish the job.”
   Lilitu thrust forward, his hand stabbing through his enemy’s lifeless flesh. He slowly twisted his arm out of the corpse, bringing with it a bloody, pulsing heart. Lilitu gripped it tighter until it collapsed into itself, fading away into dust.
   “Your life belongs to me.”

   The wind twisted around the boy and me as we finally treaded onto familiar soil. I caught my lip curling upward as David shivered from the cold. There I go again – calling him by his ‘real name.’ He left all his attachments to the human world, including his name, when he came with me. The boy known as David no longer existed in this world.
   “It’s good to be back,” I sighed to myself.
   “Feeling a bit nostalgic, are we?” Kai joked, venturing a glance up at me.
   “Don’t be stupid, boy. I don’t feel a thing.”
   “That’s not true,” he demanded, stopping me as I started to walk away. “You try to make me believe that, but I know it’s not true. You feel sympathy. You took me in. You try to explain it away, but I know you felt sorry for me.” I tried to interrupt him, but he kept talking. “You feel happiness. I see you smiling at me when you think I’m not looking. So don’t tell me you can’t feel anything. You feel emotion, just like humans-”
   “Don’t ever compare me to the humans!” I yelled, spinning around to stare him directly in the face. “Never, if you value your life.”
   “I’m not scared of you,” he told me blankly, sternly looking back at me.
   “You should be,” I warned him.
   We glared at each other coldly before I eventually walked away from him.
   “Do whatever you want now, I don’t care. I’m going to go look around. I haven’t been home for awhile.”
   I walked away and left Kai standing there alone. To think that boy would talk to me that way, and to put me on level grounds with the sunwalkers. I have completely surpassed those infidels, especially him.
   I strolled to a stop in front of a large, open area. It was matted thick with snow, though also tinted with an abnormal gray color. Decomposing metal spikes jutted out awry from the ground around the space, while blackened trees stretched out their branches like humans mourning for their newly deceased love ones.
   “What happened here?” Kai asked, walking up from behind me.
   I stared at the ground for awhile, absorbing the past emotions connected with this area.
   “We vampyres are not the only ones capable of extreme cruelty. When the town found out that Judas was harboring me inside the church, they burned it to the ground. They took us both for having been burned alive, but we had escaped. Now the ashes struggle through the snow to lament over the cruel injustice which had taken place here.”
   We gazed down at the charred remnants of the closest thing I knew to home. I stood and silently remembered the pain, until the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow awoke me back to the present.
   “Someone is coming,” I said, turning around to scan the huddled masses of broken-down buildings.
   Off in the distance I caught sight of a tall figure moving towards us. She apparently saw me as well, for she started walking quicker, keeping her gaze fixed upon me. As she drew closer I realized she was wearing a thick, black trench coat with a myriad of concealed pockets. I immediately realize what she was.
   She walked up to Kai and me, bearing a fake, jovial grin.
   “Hello there,” she beamed, overdoing her cheeriness. “What are strangers like you doing in these isolated parts?”
   “We were just passing through,” I stated calmly. “We had some family around her that we were planning on staying with, but this whole town seems to have been deserted.”
   The woman nodded. “A rumor had risen that a vampyre had emerged years ago. The town’s suspect was disposed of, but the myths still remained, and they soon drove everyone out of town.”
   I smiled as she recounted to me the lengths which my achievements had reached. Even after I had left, my terror had spread and eventually brought an entire city to its knees.
   “So you don’t have anywhere to stay?” she asked. I nodded. “You can stay at my place. I’m the only one left in town, so it would be nice to have some company.”
   “I suppose we don’t have much of a choice,” I agreed.
   She let us past the crumbling buildings and decaying vegetation of a once prosperous city and into the inner ring. She stopped in front of a large, two story house. It had not changed a bit from what I remembered about it. What a work of fate that she should be connected to that house.
   “Come on in,” she welcomed to us. “It’s a bit messy, but I wasn’t really expecting to meet anyone at all here.”
   We followed her into a large room, divide into numerous spaces specialized for different uses. She walked over to the space that she had apparently determined to be used as the kitchen.
   “You two make yourself at home,” she told us as she began to work with some vegetables. “I’ll have some light supper ready shortly.”
    “I’m not really hungry,” I told her.
   “I’m starving!” Kai called eagerly, running to her side to help her with whatever she was preparing.
   “So I never caught your guys’ names.”
   “My name is Yami,” I lied to her, “And that is my son, Kai.”
   Kai glanced at me and mouthed the word ‘son’ questioningly. I just smirked and waved him away.
   “Japanese, huh? I never would have guessed by your appearance. What brings you all the way out here? That’s quite a trip!”
   “Like I told you earlier, we were planning on visiting family, but it appears that we should’ve written before we came.”
   “I told you that we should have,” Kai laughed, evidently deciding to accept the part I had given him.
   The woman turned back to her cooking and left me to look around. I scanned the room: not much to see. Various small stools and chairs served as the majority of the furniture, with a great multitude of books sprawled out across any flat surface. I went to pick up a large black tome but was interrupted by our host calling back to me again.
   “I hope you don’t mind the smell of garlic.”
   I smiled. She was trying hard, that was for sure. She was rather ignorant, though.
   “I love garlic.”
   She seemed a bit shocked, but quickly turned away from me. I smirked at her naïvety and set the book back down where it had been.
   “I think I’m going to go take a walk,” I told the pair, stretching my limbs.
   “You sure?” she asked and glanced at me. “It’s getting kind of late, and I’m sure you’ve been traveling a lot. You sure you don’t want to just rest for awhile?”
   I shook my head. “We’ve been traveling at night because it’s cooler, and so I’m used to the night life.”


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Re: Vampyra - Final Version
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Spoiler: Part Four • show
   I sauntered out of the building and into the wintry air. I trod through the familiar streets, basking in the memories. Snow was beginning to fill the air, making the scene look even more like the last time I had seen it. Nothing had changed: the buildings, the feel of the ground, the plants. Nothing had changed, save for that it had long been destroyed, just like the church. I turned into a street and slowed down to stand in front of a small, broken down house.
   “This is where… she… No! I can’t remember! I won’t!”
   I pushed myself away from the house and back to the winding paths of the village. Eventually I brought myself to stroll into the graveyard. All the grave markers still proudly declared the names of those who had succumb to death and passed on to the next life: the unlucky ones. Were they really unlucky, though? They had passed on from life, true. But would them staying to walk the Earth past their time really have made them any happier? I pushed the stupid though from my mind and walked over to a patch of overgrown grass in the midst of the fairly well-kept burial plots.
   “This was my… It figures they’d deface it somehow.”
   I stood in silence, staring down at what should have been my final resting place. It did not matter anymore, though. Nothing held me to this place; there was nothing sentimental in it. That was what I told myself, anyways.
   “And so the dog returns to its vomit. ”
   I turned around to see my hostess standing behind me.
   “I have no idea what you mean. I was merely looking to see whether our relatives had survived or not.”
   “Cut the crap, Yami,” she glared at me. “But really? Was ‘Yami’ the best name you could come up with? The Japanese word for darkness? Not very original in pseudonyms, are you?”
   “This isn’t a very polite way to treat a guest, now is it?” I laughed at her.
   “Shut up! I know you’re the one! They thought they killed you, but they were wrong! And now you’ve come back!”
   “You’ve made up your mind, haven’t you? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m obviously not who you think I am.”
   “Shut up! I know it was you!” she yelled, tears streaming down her cheeks. “You did it! You killed him!”
   I laughed. “Did I kill him? Yes, I did it! I did it twice! And I relished every moment of it! And now you, his wife, come to me for revenge, is that it?”
   “Don’t mock me! You- you!”
   “You what? You murderer? Yes, I’m a murderer! I murdered him plain out! But is he any better? He tried to kill me! The only difference between us is that I was successful!”
   She let out a shrill scream and lunged forward at me, pulling two wooden stakes from inside her trench coat. I easily dodged and launched her into one of the nearby graves.
   “Feisty, aren’t we? I like that in my victims. It makes it more interesting,” I taunted, dodging her wild swings at me and knocking her around. “He wasn’t interesting. He was too easily conquered.”
   She rushed at me. I evaded her and grabbed the back of her neck. “Be my Lilith,” I whispered to her.
   She spun around, writhing out of my grasp and madly attacking again. She rushed at me, knocking me against a tombstone, but I quickly jabbed my feet into her stomach, sending her reeling backwards. Kai came to the entrance of the graveyard but I motioned him to stop.
   “She’s mad at me, don’t get in the way. Besides, this is too entertaining to share with anyone,” I chuckled, slamming her head into a grave.
   She glowered up at me, breathing heavily as blood began to trickle down her face. She wiped it off and composed herself, watching me.
   “You’re probably the best opponent I’ve had for awhile. Please, grace me with your name so I can later think back on you in happy remembrance.”
   She let out a shrill shriek and thrust forward at me. I stepped out of the way and kicked her into another grave.
   “Oh the fury of a woman scorned,” I smirked.
   She breathed out a quiet laugh. “Cute.”
   She stood up slowly. I could see her whole body convulsing from fatigue, but she pushed herself up anyways.
   “Are you sure you can even stand on your own in that condition?”
   “I will avenge him,” she grunted weakly. “I don’t care if I destroy myself in the process, but he will have his revenge!”
   Kai and I both looked at her doubtingly.
   “Look, there’s nothing you can do like this!” Kai told her. “If you wear yourself out, nothing good will come of it.”
   “Are you trying to help her?” I whispered, shooting an annoyed glance at Kai.
   “Be quiet,” he whispered back. “I’m trying to get her to stop attacking you.”
   “No,” she said, her voice trembling as the kept her gaze stuck on me. “I’m not leaving until that thing is destroyed!”
   “Thing? Madame, you wound me,” I scoffed.
   “Shut up!” she yelled, making another mad lunge for me. I stepped aside and she fell past me onto the ground.
   “Honestly. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re not even trying anymore.”
   She pushed herself off the ground and glanced at the two of us. Blood began to trickle down from the fresh wounds in her forehead. She wiped her arm across her face, smearing the precious liquid across her cheeks.
   All of a sudden she charged towards Kai with a wooden stake ready in hand. I stepped forward and grabbed her wrist, but she spun around and stabbed me with her other hand.
   I fell to my knees on the ground to the sound of her cackling ringing in my ears. Kai rushed to my side and held me up.
   My head hung down in Kai’s arms and I grasped at the stake piercing my heart.
   “No, no, don’t die!”
   “Don’t fool yourself, kid, that creature’s been dead for along time. All I’ve done was put him to rest,” my attacker gloated.
   “Shut up!” he shouted back to her.
   I reached feebly up to David. “It’s alright; I guess I had this coming.”
   “But why?” he wailed.
   “Listen, David, no one lives forever. No matter how strong you are, there’ll always be someone stronger than you. And I just found my match.”
   “That’s not true! You can still live! You have to!”
   “Did you think you’d stay with me forever?” I grunted softly. “You always knew that I wouldn’t be around for long.”
   I closed my eyes and winced. David set me down gently in the snow and stood up.
   “Are you crying?” the woman behind him laughed. “For that thing?”
   “He’s not a thing!” David shouted. “He was my friend!”
   “Friend? Don’t be stupid. That abomination couldn’t have friends. He had no more feelings for you than he did for a sack of potatoes.”
   “Shut up!” Kai yelled.
   He pounced onto the huntress and knocked her to the ground, his body quickly losing its human form and morphing into that of a wolf. His teeth grew into a sharp snarl and his fingers sharpened into wolf’s claws.
   “You will pay for this,” David growled, golden eyes glowing as he glared at the woman backing away from him.
   “Well this is unexpected,” she laughed silently. She kicked David off of her and stood up. David hit the ground softly, but quickly got back up.
   Kai glared up at her. “You’re going to pay,” he barked.
   I cracked open my eyes to see David jump toward the huntress, but she dodged quickly. He turned back towards her and bit her legs out from under her. She fell to the ground and tried to scramble away, but the wolf climbed over her and began to claw and bite at her chest. She screamed as she tried to fling the large wolf off of her, but to no avail. He furiously dug through her rib cage, blood gushing everywhere as his prey lost consciousness. He forced open the rib cage as the limp body beneath him began to convulse in pain. He took her heart in his jaw and tore it out of her torso.
   David left the dead body on the ground and quickly turned back to me, shifting back to his normal form.
   “Are you alright?”
   I smiled dimly and attempted to open my eyes further to look at him.
   “I’m glad… that I got to meet you. You’re the first person to accept… what I’ve become.”
   “Don’t leave me!” David whimpered.
   “Thank you.”
   David knelt in silence for awhile, letting the tears roll down onto his lap next to my head.
   “What- what was your real name… when you were human?” he asked softly.
   I let it out a faint laugh, more like a short exhalation. “I wish I could answer that question.”
   With that I let my head fall back, and just focused on staying alive. Well, alive as I could tell myself I was. I felt David stroking my hair out of my face, and his tears quickly running faster off of his face.
   “It’s going to be okay,” I told him.
   David nodded quickly, wiping another tear fro his face. I let my head fall down limp out of his arms.
   David set the head on the ground and stood up, wiping more tears away from his eye.
   “It’ll be okay,” he comforted himself, repeating those words over and over to himself. He sat down on a grave next to the corpse.
   “Do I really believe that?” he asked himself. He dropped his head into his hands and sobbed.

“It’ll be okay.”

   Who would’ve thought that one of my best friends—maybe even my very best friend—would be someone like him? Cold, heartless, ruthless. That is what the whole world saw him as. That’s what I even thought of him when I first saw him. We took one look at him and cowered back in fear. But that was not who he really was. He was just cut off from the world, thinking that no human could ever care for him once had passed on. He told himself that all humans were afraid of him. They were afraid of his power, and afraid to get to know him.
   The whole world rejected him, and in effect he rejected the whole world. He became what the world saw him as, at least to the rest of the world. He told people he couldn’t feel, he told them that he could kill without a thought. But was that really the truth? Or was it just a façade, another tool he used to keep the world away from him?
   My friend lay limp at my feet, hypocritically stricken by a woman blinded with rage. Now what was I going to do? The one person I had spent the past week of my life with was dead, and I had killed the only other human within at least a mile’s radius.
   “It’ll be okay,” I told myself, climbing off of the tombstone I was sitting on.
   I kicked the remains of the half-eaten woman lying next to Lilitu. That dirty piece of trash did not deserve to be anywhere near Lilitu.
   I turned towards the other corpse. “Looks like it’s up to me. I’m gonna give you the final rest you deserve.”
   I walked off and searched around the town for anything I could use, finally coming back with a decaying brick for a grave marker and some wood from a shed to use as an impromptu shovel. I knelt down next to the only open patch of land in the town’s graveyard and began my work. I scraped off the thin dusting of snow and began pulling the overgrown grass there by hand. I grabbed the old wood and thrust it into the hard dirt, cautiously scraping small layers of soil from my chosen spot. The dry wood soon broke, and I began to feverishly dig into the ground by hand. I finally got a sizable amount of dirt removed and turned back to Lilitu’s corpse.
   “Sorry, I don’t have a coffin at all for you,” I grinned. “I hope you don’t mind.”
   I sat there for awhile, just staring at him. After I put him down into that hole, this would be the last time I would see him. I would really miss him.
   Age quickly caught up with him, decaying his face in a matter of minutes. Even he could not outrun his fate. His skin shriveled up into a grotesque distortion, his thick hair growing wiry. His bones showed out through the thinning skin and eventually his whole body started to decay, making him unrecognizable anymore. Suddenly his whole body broke down, disintegrating into course dust.
   I ran quickly to where his body should have been laying, now filled only by a pile of ashes. Tears streamed back onto my face, falling off and mingling with the remains of my old friend. A slight wind picked up and blew him away from me, twisting off into the night sky.
   “No,” I whimpered, my watery lamentations flooding down to the ground.
    I wiped them away from my eyes and stared down at the ground in front of me. The body was gone and I was left alone with my tools, my good deed once again punished in the end.
   “It’ll be okay, it’ll be okay,” I wailed, too weak to push myself off the ground. I was all alone now, alone in the cold, wintry graveyard that had already claimed the lives of two this night. But it would not take me. I would not let it take me. I would live on.
   It would be alright.


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I didn't read the entire thing, but I have two words...

Spoiler: Pretty big picture • show


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You should read the whole thing ;)