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Pokemon Insurgence
« on: January 04, 2015, 09:10:05 AM »
(note, this game is not made by me)

I wonder if there are any other pokemon fanboys out there who likes to play some good hack roms or independent fanmade games about pokemon, but here is one that I felt like should spread the news and let you know, since it's beta had been released fairly recently! And ofcourse, it's an independent fan-made RPGmaker game, and it's free, so why not?! Here's the download link:

So, talking about what this particular game offers:

1) It has a fairly unique storyline with mature themes (like death, blood, violence, evil cults sacrificing people etc.) which tries to get out of gamefreak's usual mostly childish and innocent content. It's true that this game is not the first nor the last fanmade pokemon game that tried something like this, but it seems they are still executing it well.

2) The game has custom made amazing soundtrack, with a few traditional exceptions like, the pokemon center music and wild battle music are taken/remixed from the original series' music.

3) The game is set on Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver tiles (4th Generation tiles).

4) It's still in beta, but when it's full release comes out, you will eventually be able to catch all and every pokemon from all 6 generations including the legendaries. And not even only all 6 generations, but plus even some other canon species from other pokemon media, like the trading card games! *coughdeltaspeciescough*

5) It has the most unique and unimaginable starters that a pokemon game could ever present, most probably. And I can put my 10 bucks on that. And the gyms are unique as well, for they are based on a theme instead of being based on a single type.

6) It has mega evolutions, and they even implemented some custom mega evolutions of their own, for fan favorites. And they work pretty well.

7) The first pokemon in your party follows you around on overworld.

8 ) The game gets rid of HM system, so you don't need to keep HM slaves in your party to traverse the world.

9) It has character customization just like in original X and Y games.

10) The level cap is 120, instead of traditional 100.

11) It has some awesome online features like battling, trading, friend safari, visiting each others' secret bases, and possibly more in the future...

These are all the prominent features of the game if I'm not missing anything else, for now. So if you are interested in it, give it a try. The game is still in it's beta version, and you can only play until the 3rd gym so far and the level cap is 50. The creator and the team are hardworking every day to come up with new patches which makes bugfixes and adds several other stuff into the game.

The news and community are mostly operating on their own subreddit, so you can easily keep up with progression from this subreddit below :)
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