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Memories {Pending Title}
« on: November 07, 2009, 05:42:00 PM »
Notes: This will be reformed, its a roughdraft.
There are no screenshots.


The Story --

Garul Stromey, a high ranking scholar. In a whole day, almost instantly lost his rank and became a lowly scholar, he was forever ridiculed and insulted for his idea...That we are living in the past, quite literally. No one is who they should be, the things we see should be different. These were ideas that my grandfather had laid before the grand scholars of the land. He told us that because, our memories were sealed away in the future by our ancestors we have been forced to return to the past and day in age that still held memories, how he came of this information I do not know...That's why Im following it now...

Damien Granet, a young man who dreams of becomming a famous scholar some day as his grandfather use to be,  finds a hidden text book in the church of Zephyrus where his grandfather would stay. Taking the text to his friend, Jamail, he finally decides to see if his grandfather's theory truly has any water to it. Thus starting his journey, to find out about memories, and our ancestors.

Note: I think Im going to re-do that, feels a bit...weird.


Characters -

Damien Granet -
Age: 28
Weapon of choice: Swords
Hair: Sapphire
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Dark Brown
Hometown: (Yet to be named)
Information: Damien is the only child of his father and mother, who lives in his hometown which he moved away from. Damien has heard of his grandfather from various people, some praise him some mock him but from what his father tells him, his grandfather is a great role model. Someone, Damien wants to be thats why he wishes to be a scholar a great one someday. A bit naive, at times and says things he shouldn't say, at the wrong time. Damien, makes plenty of angry at him, but Damien has high morals. Even if you can't tell half the time.

Jamail Lang
Age: 32
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Bright Yellow
Hometown: The Great Fabril (A forest)
Information: Jamail is a cat folk, better yet known as a creation by the ancient scholars and scientist. His past is a mystery even to himself, he is called the age of 32 because thats how he looks. Fast and Agile, Jamail quickly grew in ranks as a soldier, but because of his religious belief he did not stay as a soldier in the military but moved to the church of Zephyrus as a paladin of sorts.

Red haired woman
Age: ??
Hair: Red
Eyes: Light Blue
Hometown: ??
Information: A woman who appears in the Ysa temple, Damien enters. She asks him "Will you release them or keep them locked away" referring to something, Damien cannot. She seems to know Damien's grandfather before he passed away, who could she be?


Features --

Battle System - ??? -- I have one I want to use but have to make sure if its okay with a friend of mine, even though he said I could(from which I remember). Also have bugs that need working out.

Puzzles - Puzzles will play a huge role in this game, thanks to Damien's grandfather Garul.

Note book - For you won't get lost, you'll be using a notebook that has a map to cities and whatnot. It'll also tell you where to go, as long as you don't mind reading.

Dark Dungeons - Certain dungeons will get darker to the point you won't be able to see unless it has torches, and you still can only see for so far.


Credits -

Looseleaf - Char Sets (I hear its okay to use, if I hear they aren't okay to use, I'll use RTP ones)

Inspiration --

Uncharted 1 & 2 - Where I got the notebook idea from.

Big O


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Re: Memories {Pending Title}
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2009, 10:24:14 PM »
Sounds like an interesting idea. Kinda like the Matrix or Assassin's Creed Ideas to the theory thing, but original in itself! I'm very interested in this. :seraismile: