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Teara Curoto
« on: August 25, 2010, 02:34:57 PM »

In almost any RPG I play with character creation/character naming I've been using the combination Tobias, Comet, Dietrich, and Caleb for years - plus some extra characters. Very recently I've decided to try giving them their own story for once. ^_^

Krotos is a planet where humans all live on one continent with the rest of the world left uncultivated. Pirates are plentiful on the sea, making exploration to other lands nearly impossible. Judge Elmsdale seeks an expedition to the other side of the ocean, and takes an army to go with him as he crosses the water. The youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Dewberry, mourns for her fiancé who disappeared due to mysterious circumstances. When her parents find her a future husband, Comet runs away from home and decides to look for her lost love. Following the trail of a young man’s description matching her fiancé, she discovers that he had taken a boat to other side of the ocean. She chases him in hopes to see him again, but instead finds herself escaping from pirates and in a strange new mystical land. 

Glacian - A race that hails from the northern regions of Albannia. They are resistant to cold, but are become much more weaker in the heat.

Merling - A race that lives near water in the eastern or western regions of Albannia and Itibon. They are capable of breathing underwater for a long time, but they become weaker in thunderstorms. 

Herboid - A race that lives in the forest environments of Albannia and Itibon. They can use photosynthesis, but drown easily in the water.

Sanite - A race that hails from the southern regions of Albannia and Itibon. They can stand strong waves of heat, but are vulnerable in the cold.

Aerian - A race that hails from the mountain ranges of Albannia and Itibon. They can fly, but move much slower the closer they are to the ground.

Normmite - A race that over populates the countries of Albannia and Itibon. They have no strengths, but they have no weaknesses either.

Faerie - Creatures that are born from crystals, they are the only race capable of using a mysterious art known as “magic”. A male human may acquire this power by making love with a faerie. The offspring they produce will have naturally have this power. They sometimes also create items with magical properties, usually called Faerie artifacts.

Cherub (baby) - Pixie (child) - Angel (teenager) -Sprite (adult) - Seraphim (elderly)

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 132 lbs
Race: Aerian
Occupation: Noble
Birthplace: Dewberry, Albannia
Weapon(s): Frying Pan
Traits: Clever, daring, resourceful, adventurous, beautiful
Skills/Talents: Cooking
Comelia, an upper class member, who despises her noble upbringing, prefers everyone to call her Comet rather than inserting Lady or Comelia.  Between her and her sister, they argue and fight since Elizabeth is jealous of Comet's beauty, whereas Comet is jealous of Elizabeth of her normality. Comet believes no one will marry her, until meeting Samuel Thorn, a fisherman. Both feel in love, and after a year and a half, became engaged. On their wedding day, however he left her standing at the altar and has not been heard for 5 months. Comet was upset and when her parents found a new husband to marry, she flees from home, searching for her one true love.

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 186 lbs
Race: Merling
Occupation: Pirate
Birthplace: Silver Water, Albannia
Weapon(s): Cutlass
Traits: Sly, heartless, demented
Skills/Talents: Thievery
Tobi, a poor man, living with only his parents in the port town of Silver Water. Unable to go to school, he was home-schooled by his mother, while his father was working as a fish merchant. When, he was young, he was kidnapped by pirates and made him into a slave, as he grew, he had other uses and became a thug. Along with his fellow pirates, villages were raided, women were raped and children were kidnapped. He works under the Captain Nine Patches. He kidnaps Comet, but will true love prevail or will she just be another woman in his heart?

Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 154 lbs
Race: Mammite
Occupation: Shepherd
Birthplace: Glassgate, Itibon
Weapon(s): Staff
Traits: Wise, dark, merciless, withdrawn
Skills/Talents: Magical
Caleb is a shepherd, he grew up with his parents and his older brother. He took turns with his brother on shepherding and believed this is his life. However life changed and he found a wounded fairy named Maeve near Aquadeep Lake. He and his mother took care of it. Both were falling in love with each other and she had to stay hidden from other humans or else harm will fall upon her. When his family was in town, both him and Maeve shared a bed together. Caleb felt immense power and learned that Maeve had transferred some of her power to him. When Caleb was watching his sheep, He saw wandering guards chasing Maeve. He tried to save her, but was too late as she died. Filled with pain and anger, Caleb killed all the guards. He then left home to talk with the king.

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 97 lbs
Race: Faerie
Occupation: Dancer
Birthplace: Titania Caverns
Weapon(s): None
Traits: Playful, mischievous, hyper
Skills/Talents: Magical
Mairin, from another continent, she became bored of her life and left her caverns, although her sisters told her not to. She ignored their advice and flew towards the edge of the land only to find the ocean. Determined to find anything, she spread her wings and began to fly. Shortly, she became tired and fell into the ocean until she was rescued by a fisherman.  Amazed at the fisherman, she took the opportunity to escape and found herself in Highwick. She became a dancer due to the attention from the humans she gets and the gold as well.

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 111 lbs
Race: Sandite
Occupation: Pirate Slave
Birthplace: Bakersfield, Albannia
Weapon(s): 2 flintlock pistols
Traits: Mature, vengeful, determined
Skills/Talents: Marksmanship
Reilly, from a middle class family, went to school and was picked on by the rich. One day, she asked her father to train her in fencing, he thought it was as a hobby but found out it was to fight back. The rich kids did not pick on her anymore as she overpowered them and, in the end, Patricia Elmsdale convinces her father, a judge, to convict the Buttons for treason. They escape the country by fleeing on a ship, but from then it was worse, a storm started brewing and Reilly flew off the ship. She was found by Teddy Rosenburg, who along with his mother nurtured Reilly back to health. Heather, the sister was jealous, and discovered who she was and decides to call Judge Elmsdale. In the end, he kills all of the Rosenburg family members in front of Reilly, while sooner or later starts raping, beating her up, and making her do hard labor for a year until her execution. Her hair became pure white through the torture that was bestowed upon her, and a year later, when she was about to be hanged, she was saved by a gang of pirates who came to get their captain who was also about to be executed by the Judge. From then she became a slave to the pirates.

Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 230 lbs
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Birthplace: Lorbank, Itibon
Weapon(s): Culass, 2 daggers
Skills/Talents: Musician
Howell was kidnapped by pirates during a raid on a small town. He killed two pirates at the age of 7. The captain saw this and wanted him alive rather than dead. However, Howell wished he was dead. On the ship he was treated like crap and had to do every chore and for every mistake, he was severely beaten. However, he was taught how to fight and the chores made him stronger than what he could imagine. When reached 20, he got his revenge and killed every pirate on the ship and sailed it to the nearest bay to collect the bounty on them. But first, he hid the treasure on an island, which included the money from the bounties and treasures, he bought his own ship and created his own pirate branding, in which he did whatever he pleased besides pillaging and killing. Yet he did not want to follow the government's so-called laws, as he had grown to despise them.

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (says 20, looks 40)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 140 lbs
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Birthplace: Unknown
Weapon(s): Gun Rod
Traits: Gambler, slutty, arrogant, intelligent, smooth, suave, beauty is debateable
Skills/Talents: Magical
Rouge, an unknown girl,  who can transform into a wolf and dragon, but is there more to her than meets the eyes. She acts innocent, but who is she? She says she's from another dimension, as her clothes are revealing and unknown to most parts of the world. Also, even faerie magic cannot make some of their clothes talk - such as her hat when it wants to insult its master.

Spoiler: show
Patricia Elmsdale - A schoolmate of Reilly who uses her father’s attraction towards her to get what she wants

Judge Elmsdale - A womanizing judge who uses his power in a bad way

Teddy Rosenburg - A young boy who found Reilly and had his family take care of her. He was later killed by Judge Elmsdale and his men.

Heather Rosenburg - Teddy’s older sister who was jealous of the attention Reilly was receiving. She was later killed by Judge Elmsdale and his men.

Captain Kreg Nine Patches - The captain of a pirate ship who was the boss of Tobi and Reilly.

Abigail Tucker - Comet’s personal maid and care-taker.

Spoiler: The Main Land • show

The voting begins! Don't like any of them, then tell me another one! :3
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