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« on: September 27, 2009, 11:34:50 PM »
[This FAQ and thread is currently WIP; feel free to suggest questions yourself here: ]

I'm stuck at ___ and need help.
See if you can find the solution in the respective Chapter's sticky thread here:
If not, feel free to make a thread to ask for help, and you will get help promptly after. :reivsmile:

How many Chapters will Quintessence have?
14, as currently planned.

When will Quintessence be finished?
Depends on the work flow; hard to say at the moment, but hopefully not too far into the future. After all, we're pretty close to the finish line (chapter 11 out of 14)

How long does it take for the next Chapter to release?
It usually takes a few months to produce a chapter. The next one at the moment (11) will be out in a week or two at max from the time of this post.

How can I support Quintessence? [spread the word]

What games beside Quintessence did/do you develop?
The Mirror Lied, Do You Remember My Lullaby (not exactly a game), Lyra's Melody (WIP).

What will you do after Quintessence is finished?
Either Lyra's Melody, or a sequel to Quintessence depending on reception.

Do you plan making more short games like The Mirror Lied and Do and You Remember My Lullaby?
Yes, I have several ideas lying around that I've been wanting to make; but they'll probably have to wait until Quintessence is finished.

More questions (& more elaborate answers) coming in the future.
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