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Sia Selvane: The Beginning
« on: July 06, 2009, 07:35:09 AM »

"Is this what you wanted of my Father? I joined the Knighthood to follow in your stead. To carry on the honor of House Valan.

I know in my heart that this is not the path for me. But I shall press on. For the honor of our House.

...And the honor of your memory.

And should this path end on the edge of a blade, I will die knowing that I did not cause my House dishonor.

I just pray that you will approve of my actions in this life, and greet me as I pass on to the next."


Long ago, in the War of the Shadow, the forces of Um'vesa - Goddess of Darkness - came down to the world to create havoc and chaos. Using the powers of her malice and dark heart, Um'vesa created Ram'shael, the Champion of Darkness. The world was filled with chaos, as the will of those with dark hearts swept through the lands, killing any that stood in their path. The balance that had long kept the world intact had been broken...

But the Light would not allow the Shadow to overbear the world, a world that was of their creation. Elm'ash - the Goddess of Light - heard the cries of her children, and used her love and compassion for her people to create the Da'alavon, a warrior strong enough to rival Ram'shael. The Da'alavon came to the world in the shape of Tulaa Kenin.

Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years, and still the Great War had not been concluded. The number of people who lost their lives was more than any could count, and many believed that there were more dead than alive left in the world. The world itself, still left in a great unbalance, was falling away, to where no one knew. It seemed as though Selin would win the war, and the world would be gone forever.

It was then that the Great Battle took place. The Da'alavon led his army into the Forsaken Lands themselves, calling Ram'shael to battle. None know exactly what happened in that desolate place, but it is said that the Da'alavon and Ram'shael vanished, doing battle on some distant plane of existence. But only one returned from that plane, and Tulaa Kenin brought with him the promise of victory.

Ram'shael had been defeated, and the world once more regain its balance.

Centuries passed, but the memories of the Great War would never be forgotten. Peace endured, but even now, the shadows grow longer, and it is only a matter of time before the world is once again covered in twilight.


Kalea. A country still dealing with the repercussions of the war known as The Uprising, where it's beloved king, Meron, was murdered. The Council of Seven place Mulis - friend of Meron and sworn swordsman of the Kalean Knighthood - on the throne. The rebels are defeated, and the reign of the Farmer King begins.

As the country begins to feel safe, the people grow to love and respect Mulis. The king that is one of their own. But as with every king, his rule is about to be tested.

One night, the city of Randhyn is attacked, and every last breathing being is slaughtered. Nobody knows who the attackers are, or where they will strike next. Mulis, fearing for his people, devises a plan to ensure the safety of his people.

Players will take on the role of Sir Valan, a faithful soldier in the service of the Knighthood. As friend of the king, you are asked to form the Sia Selvane (Old Tongue translation is "Hand of the Goddess"), an elite group of eyes-and-ears that answer only to you. Your mission is to find out who attacked Randhyn, without engaging with them personally, and report back to the king so that the army may be mobilized. However, the plan goes awry as the invaders move deeper into the kingdom, and the army is sent into action. Helping the Knighthood from behind enemy lines, you continue with your mission, and try to find the leader of this group. But Valan has his own inner horrors to battle, and the choice between doing what is ordered, and doing what you believe in, becomes a struggle all its own.

Game Premise and Overview
The theme of Sia Selvane: The Beginning, is man vs self. One man's struggles to choose between what he believes in, and what he is ordered to do. As Valan continues on his journey to follow out the king's orders, he is faced with the reality of war, and everything he believes about the Knighthood and chivalry are put to the test.

Players begin the game on a very set path. It is your mission to gather members for an elite band of eyes-and-ears known as the Sia Selvane and head north, looking for information about the invasion, and your new mysterious enemy.

However, Kalea is engulfed in war, and following a mission is never a set path from "A" to "B". Players will be encountered by obstacles, and it is up to them how they deal with them. However, though an obstacle may appear, the war does not get put on hold while you deal with it. Players must decide which battles to fight in, because they cannot take part in them all. You may come across a valuable ally that you may not come across again going down one path, but you could cause the destruction of an entire city if you choose another.

This is war. And choices made based on the lives of others is not an easy choice at all. But it is one you have to make.

Game Aspects

An Interactive Storyline

As said above, the theme of Sia Selvane: The Beginning is man vs self. That being said, I wanted a unique storyline that wasn't set in stone. It is the players themselves, and the choices they make that choose how the game plays out. Essentially, I wanted to stem away from typical character development, and put that in the hands of the players. What I wanted was for players to become Valan, and place themselves in his shoes; forced to weigh the lives of one person to another, and choose who deserves to live. Sia Selvane: The Beginning is meant to be more than just a game. I want people to learn a little bit about themselves.The focus of this game is less on the war itself, and more on personal introspection.

Playable Characters

Age: 22
Class: Swordsman
Description: Valan joined the Knighthood believing that it would bring him a life of honor and glory, as it had his father. However, he learns that following orders brings neither honor nor glory, but rather, a life filled with haunting memories and hands stained with blood. His most vivid memory is that of him holding a nomadic child as its life slips away from her. He constantly fights within himself to do what is right, and to do what he is ordered to. He constantly wants to abandon the Knighthood, but his instinctual skills as a swordsman, and his subconscious love for battle keep him on his path.

Age: 25
Class: Spearman
Description: His skills as a soldier advanced him through the ranks of the Knighthood at a very young age. He is, without question, the best the Kalean Knights have to offer. He is rarely outspoken, and does not boast about the great deeds he has done. He follows his orders without question, and never thinks about the many evils he has seen in his time in the Knighthood. He trusts fully in his instincts to carry him through a battle. He is a man of duty and honor, and is willing to give his life in the service of another. He has the utmost respect for Valan, who he believes to be his superior in every way. As Valan's best friend, he would follow him to the grave. He has no real love for battle, but he loves his country too much to see its people suffer.

Non Player Characters

Age: 27
Class: Lord
Description: Born the son of a farmer, Mulis wanted nothing more than to sow the fields and be like his father. However, when his father took ill, Mulis joined the Knighthood to earn money to find a cure. Fate had other plans, however, and the Uprising began, and Mulis' father passed on. Constantly regretting not being able to save him, Mulis wanted to find his demise on the battlefield, but his friend King Meron refused to let him fall into apathy. When Meron was assassinated, Mulis was chosen by the Council of Seven to be the next king. The Farmer King. Now, Mulis lives his life for his people, but constantly doubts that he is right for the title of king.

Age: 32
Class: Swordsman
Description: Nobody knows where Maarive came from. He was cast away as a child, and found a way to survive on his own. As he grew older, he learned that he was remarkably talented with a sword. Maarive did what he needed to survive, and formed Garda'en Marythe, which became the most powerful mercenary band in the world. Maarive looks after himself first though, and is known to turn on any employer if he is offered the right price.

Mysterious Figure
Age: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Description: Very little is known of the Mysterious Figure. One night, he appeared at the walled city of Randhyn, and with his army, destroyed the city, and killed everyone and everything within the sanctity of its walls. Though nobody knows where this man comes from, there does seem to be a link between him and Maarive. Whether this link is good or ill is yet to be seen.


  • Atoa's Custom Battle System (like I said above, I know it's not finished, but I am further along than I thought I was going to be, and frankly, I've done too much work with it to switch back to the Tankentai).
  • Ccoa's Universal Messaging System
  • Ring Menu System by XRXS, Dubealex, and Hypershadow180
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Re: Sia Selvane: The Beginning
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 11:14:04 PM »
That's an interesting premise, Nolund. The history itself seems to be a bit over done in the sense of "past evil shall rise again", but it shouldn't be a problem given a focus on more intricate personal conflicts and good writing, which you seem to be qualified for.

The concept of being able to choose the battles one participate and have the game's development build on it is very interesting, and something I'd be very eager to try. Is that aspect implemented in the current demo, by the way? Either way, I'll try to give it a spin in the near future. c:


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Re: Sia Selvane: The Beginning
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2009, 11:41:26 PM »
No, currently you are forced to follow a set path (but I've got less than an hour of gameplay there, so there's not much room to be flexible).

The interactiveness starts shortly after where I am now in development (I've continued on a little bit since that demo ends). It's gonna take a lot of work from here on, but I enjoy it, so it shouldn't be too bad.

The one thing I am proud of, is the irony in this game. The game itself will have that "bring back ancient evil" feel to it, but it literally has no hold on the game at all. In fact, there is really no "past evil" rising again, but you will constantly have that feeling, until the last battle anyway, where everything comes together.

Yay for storytelling!