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« on: January 08, 2008, 08:16:46 PM »
The rules at the moment are short and simple:

1. Derailing threads - Try to minimize the likelihood that you'll derail a thread, be it in Chatter Spot or not. Repeated attempts to derail a thread will result in a ban.

2. Watch your mouth - Not everyone likes to read profane words. Acronyms like "STFU" are acceptable. Use the "Cussing Salory" ( -cuss- ) emoticon to censor the obscene language if you feel that asterisks (*) are generic and boring.

3. Discrimination - Do not insult other people based on their race, religious beliefs, ancestral origins, sexuality, nationality, handicap or any other basis prohibited by law. Do not discriminate and isolate based on shoe-size as well.

4. Link traps - Rickrolls,, or seemingly endless pop-ups are frowned upon. It is best not to post them.

5. Porn = ban.

6. Type out your words - Minimize txtspeak, 1337 $p#3@k, etc. Grammatical mistakes happen but try to make your posts legible. "Moar maturity in your posts, plox" may be acceptable but "0mG!!! l3@rN 2 3nGl!$h, n00b!!!" is certainly not.

7. Do not instigate a flame war in any way.

Added by James: All members have 3 warnings, including Reives and myself. After the third warning, your account will be banned and/or deleted from Freebird Games' forums.

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