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Magic and science concept [warning : technical]
« on: May 03, 2009, 05:36:17 PM »
Magic and science

Alright, pretty much every game needs some magic at one point. They may or may not explain what the magic actually is, how it works, how it affects you, etc. I think that magic, along with your characters and setting, needs its own characterization too.

So I've got the concept for potentially realistic magic. It's not stuff doable in the real world, of course, but it should be at least a little believable, using mainstream physics.

Consider E=MC[size=85]2[/size]. If you didn't know, the formula states that Energy and Mass are the same thing. But since Energy is equivalent to Mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light (huge number), a paper clip gives you roughly the energy unleashed in an atomic bomb. And isn't magic energy?

What is exactly is magic?

Fire : Thermal energy.
Ice : Lack of thermal energy. Pressure energy or so. It can be achieved roughly using the cycle of compression-decompression.
Thunder : Electrical energy (more precisely, electrostatic). That is, the movement of electrons through one corpse to another.
Water/Earth/Wind : Kinetic energy. A tsunami is a huge mass moving, same for an earthquake.
Light : Light energy. The movement of the light particles, photons.

So magic fits with science, to an extend. But remember the rule that nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. How can mages gather enough energy for magic? How about by converting mass (could be the particles in the air, that would be enough) into energy?


How to achieve such a thing though? Now we enter really the real of fantasy, since if it was that easy, believe it that we would have heard it in the news for weeks.

The first thing is, it's not an easy thing. We don't want the to nuke each other. Most mages would be, at best, able to transform a rock into a fireball (while a rock normally contains an atomic bomb). My idea is that they would use something else. Either another force that is neither energy or mass, or a particle.

Aside from proton/electrons/neutrons, there are at least twenty other subatomic particles. What is the manipulation of one of such particles would allow the mass-energy conversion? And mana represents the amount of such particle one has?

About particles. There really are mysterious particles like that. Example : the graviton, responsible for gravity. Well, it's theoretical, but apparently, since the particles are so rare it makes gravity a super weak force (compared to electromagnetism and all). Apparently it's because they never stay in one dimension for too long. So mana particles could be somekind of cool force that flows like a river, like wind, but in four or five dimensions instead of just three.

Game context

Of course, the characters know nothing about that. Especially since they live in a non-science-fiction setting. All they need to know is that with enough mental discipline, they can manipulate a stream of mana they can feel to transform a pebble into a fireball.

In a personal context, I really need to explain magic one way or another. Magic won't just be the flashy spells only seen in combat, it will probably play a major part in the plot. Major as in, factions fighting to obtain a more powerful magic or so. As far as I have planned, a majority of the population knows at least basic magic (even if all they can do is lift pebbles, not having trained since it's useless for their everyday lives). So what the factions may be fighting for could be the understanding of how magic works. Where does mana come from. And all that. I'll likely need teleportation at one point, too, so the concept of a fourth degree of freedom (dimension) to get from one point to another in space without having to go anywhere in between those two points is necessary.

(Another less complicated variant would be simply that mages gather raw lifeforce energy from plants and all, then transforms it into another kind of energy. But that is a little classical, boring.)


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Re: Magic and science concept [warning : technical]
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2009, 06:12:14 PM »
Interesting concept. I remember trying to come up with some sort of a fantasy magic system back then, and was surprised at how much planning was required for something constructive and original. So kudos, seems like you're off to a good start. c: