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All right, guys.

I am posting this because I noticed some recent spam bot activity in the forums, and often, these spambots sound so convincing in their posts that they're confused with regular users. But the truth is, these spam bots are NOT real people. The term pretty much suggests that, right? Spam-BOTS.

We are doing our best to prevent spambots from passing beyond the registration process's anti-spam checks, but sometimes it just happens. For such cases, we need to be on the look for them.

Detecting Spambots

So, when you suspect that a new user may actually not be a person, please remember to take a look at their e-mail address, username, display name AND, very importantly, Web site address field. Especially, be wary of e-mail and Web site, and I'll tell you what to look for: normally, the e-mail address contains random characters, or simply looks really odd, like something too complicated for a regular person to have as an e-mail address. If you believe in common sense, then, let's just say you got to make use of it. As for the Web site's URL, this may happen to be a link to a commercial site, a scam site, or *ahem* even a page with malware, so be careful, and make sure you look at the address first, without opening it. If it looks suspicious, well, beware.

Another detail you should be considering is WHERE the user is posting their threads. If they're posting an introduction thread in the wrong board (like, for instance, in THIS board), then that may be a sign. Don't just welcome the user. Please make sure you check if it's a spambot, and then, if it's not, move their thread to the right place and let them know that they posted in the wrong board. (Always remember to be polite, of course.)

Now, monitor the user, and see if it posts anything else. If the user posts again, look at what kind of message it is. If they seem to be making conversation, then it's fine; we probably have a real person, after all. But if something still seems to be at odds, then it's most likely a spam bot. Now, don't jump into conclusions too quickly at first, especially if you're not experienced at detecting spam bots.

If you are a mod, you know what to do. But if you are a user, remember, you can REPORT users, posts, and even PMs (private messages), so make use of these tools, OK?

Thank you for your cooperation!
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