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just finished
« on: December 08, 2015, 07:49:42 PM »
So I had these two little games sitting in my Steam account for a looong time after purchasing them in some bundle. I never played them, I don't know why. I didn't forget them, I knew a bit about them (and what I knew sounded very great to me), I just didn't play them. Until a few days ago. And I am speechless. First: To the Moon. A masterpiece, but many people have written about that, I have nothing to add.

And now A Bird Story. It was exactly the right time for me to play it. I have to explain a bit: I am a mother of three children (aged 6, 4 and 2). We have some problems with our oldest one. She is definitely not like other children in her age. We have problems at home, we have problems at school. Everyday. She is very, very, very demanding. She throws catastrophic tantrums. Most times even caring for her alone ist much more exhausting than caring for both of her younger siblings. I feel like I am constantly "fixing" things, constantly "just keeping everything running", nothing else. We are aiming for a psychological diagnosis, but waiting times here are long. We have to wait till february.

And now I am sitting here, in the middle of the night, and I just finished this game. And now I am thinking, I am wondering. How does my daughter feel? Am I, are all the people around her also turning into these grey, faceless, arbitrary things with no real connection to her? Am I too busy with keeping everything running and not noticing I might lose something very important?

I don't want this. I don't want to be such a grey, faceless, disconnected thing in my daughter's mind. Tomorrow I will take some time with her. Just sitting together and cuddling. Just listening to her. And perhaps, if she wants, I will tell her something. No judging, no explaining rules, no scolding, nothing like that for one time. Perhaps she likes listening to a story about a small boy who rescued a hurt bird...

What an awesome game. I cannot thank you enough for reminding me about what is really important.


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Re: just finished
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2015, 08:23:25 PM »
That's really beautiful, these games remind us of what important in someone's life
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Re: just finished
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2015, 10:49:26 PM »
That's amazing. I hope she enjoys the story and you can connect with her better :)


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Re: just finished
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2015, 01:59:11 AM »
Wow, she's lucky you have this much love for her.
Here's hoping that February will come in a jiffy.


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Re: just finished
« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2015, 08:44:16 AM »
And now Kan will make a game about this :)
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