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Here is an unofficial Mac port of The Mirror Lied.

Credits: This Mac port is made possible by amazing work of Ancurio and mkxp contributors:
It is also utilizing the patched game scripts that Ancurio provided in his Linux port.

Please Note: This is an unofficial port, therefore it may have several bugs, you can contact me about them and I will try my best to help, but please note that this port is not officially made or supported by Freebird Games.
This game has been tested on OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9.
Last but not least, this port is for 64-bit (x86_64) machines only, any Mac with an Intel Core2Duo processor or later is 64-bit, if your Mac runs Mac OS X Lion or later then you have a 64-bit Mac!
(This port was made months ago, I just needed beta testers to verify it works without any issues on their Mac too, thanks to Aranzu I'm confident to release it now).

- Download "The Mirror Lied.dmg" from here:
- Mount the dmg file by double clicking it.
- From the new window that appears, drag "The Mirror Lied" to your Applications folder, or any other path you like.
- Open "The Mirror Lied"!

- Save files are located at:

--- Code: ---~/Library/Application Support/FreeBirdGames/Tsave
--- End code ---
~ at the start of the path means you should open your own user's Library folder which is hidden in OS X 10.7 and higher. You can press Command-Shift-G in Finder and enter the above path in it.

- If you get warnings that this app is from an unidentified developer, this means you have OS X GateKeeper turned on. You can allow running of this particular game by Right clicking on the "The Mirror Lied", then clicking on the "Open" from the menu.

- You can close the game with the usual Command-Q shortcut.

- You can enter and exit Full Screen with (left)Alt-Enter.

- If you have problems with the Full Screen, Right click on "The Mirror Lied", browse to Contents>Resources>bin , open the mkxp.conf with a text editor, change "fullscreen=true" to "fullscreen=false" and save the file.

- If mkxp.conf  is not modifiable, you are modifying the one that is on the read-only dmg file, modify the copy you made to your Applications folder.

- If the game does not start, please try running Contents/MacOS/themirrorlied in the Terminal and give me the output.

Other Mac ports:
- To The Moon has an official Mac port on Steam, that port is not made by me so expect it to be more stable (:P) and it should work on 32-bit Macs too.
I have made unofficial Mac/Linux compatible versions of Spanish and Italian translations of To The Moon so far, you can ask for them or request other languages via Private Message.

- To The Moon Holiday Special Minisode, unofficial Mac port.

- Do You Remember My Lullaby, unofficial Mac port.

I know this thread is old, but by any chance is there a gnu/linux port?

sorry I completely missed the other thread with a native port, and I did search for it yesterday, must be I was sleep deprived :p thanks anyway

Glad you found the port :)

clicking the download button doesn't work :(
i googled why and apparently it's because the uploader's bandwidth is full, so no one can download it anymore....>_< this is so sad whyyyy

all the other links i've found are all over 100mb which is kind of suspicious considering the original is "~9mb" and that download link is 13.6mb....

 ??? :'( :seraisweat:


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