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« on: April 14, 2014, 09:17:09 AM »

Hi!  :mimihat:

I recently finished a 10-day seminar on the Principles of Translation in a linguistic institute hosted primarily by the SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) here in the Philippines.

I'm going to share as much information as I have learned during those ten days, but I can't really give examples in many languages, since I can only translate well from English to Filipino and vice versa. :(

I hope this thread would be of help to those doing translations; if you have finished your translation projects, you may want to check your recently finished projects if they are clear, accurate, natural, acceptable, and consistent.

I'm going to post some tips every once in a while. If you have things to share (e.g. experiences, difficulties, learning, etc.), please post them here. :)

Some FAQs:
1. Do I need to be a bilingual or multilingual to translate? Let's just say that being proficient and competent in two or more languages is definitely a plus to translating a text very well. I think you need to be good in your native language before being capable of translating in another language.

2. Is Google Translate a good translation tool? It may be a good one... but only as a starting point! You still have to make sure if the outcome conveys they same meaning as intended by the author of the source text.

3. Do I need to have enough knowledge in Linguistics to do well in translation? I think you don't necessarily need the technical, nitty-gritty aspects of the field, but it will help you greatly if you do. What's more important is that you acknowledge the basic realities of language. For instance, every language has its own share of differences in the same way that every dialect/variety would have such, too.

More to come soon~

Some Links:
Some resources on the Contemporary Grammar of English
Note to self: insert other resources you found!
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