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Help me put it together
« on: January 19, 2014, 11:29:13 PM »
Hello Everyone!  :plat:

I am trying to produce my short story; which I have published, into the wonderful gaming media. I need help. I have been able to put a couple things together, especially level design. But I need help with coding (I use RPG MAKER VXAce, but feel like with a coder I can accomplish so much more in presenting the story), and sprite animations... and portrait art... and some background art. If anyone out there has a love of putting this type of art together then please contact me :)  :plat:

It is not that I do not like creating art for this type of game, but the sad reality that I have never done art like this before. It is a whole new world to me.

If you would like to help with music then I would love to hear some samples!

If you are serious about helping me out I will send you a word version of the short story I have published so that you may see what I am trying to produce!

In short, this an infection genre story, but with a huge twist (and haven't seen it portrayed yet! well.. kinda, but it wasn't portrayed seriously) and an unraveling story that keeps you wondering the whole time until the end. It takes place in the near future and within one city called Blist


which is the name of the story, "Blist".

Thank you so much for your time! and I would love to hear from you all be it here or through message.

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