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« on: February 10, 2013, 05:19:13 AM »

Status: Demo
Requirements: RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

Game Summary

X-Noir is the story of private detective Eddie Humphrey, a man beaten down by depression, anxiety, alcoholism and cruel twists of fate. Players guide him through his home city as he tries to help his cilents and make a living. However, it isn't long before Eddie realizes that his recent cases have one strange thing in common - a bizarre new drug a friend calls "Chemical X." Getting to the bottom of these new developments draws our hero into a feud between the city's two political parties, the Advocates and the Defenders, and also forces him to confront the most painful parts of his past. Eddie will search high and low for the people responsible for the threat to the city, but to find redemption he will have to face an even greater enemy - himself.


Story and Concept: Volrath and ArtBane
Script: Volrath
Design and Puzzles: ArtBane
Coding: Fomar0153
Art: Enkur, Ronove, Raven the Dark Angel, Cup O' Wisps

Spoiler: Characters • show

Eddie Humphrey: A man without hope for the future, drinking his way through each day and often teetering dangerously close to suicide. Eddie once had a promising future - he has a law degree and was elected to the City Council on the Defender ticket. However, his willingness to compromise with the other party irritated his peers and gave openings to his rivals and he was ultimately defeated after a bitter re-election campaign. Overwhelmed with shame and abandoned by his fiance, Eddie's inner demons took control. Sounds like a downer, but Eddie prefers jokes and zingers to self-pity and is usually quite personable.

Alejandro "Alex" Munoz: A police officer who became Eddie's loyal friend after a City Council investigation saved his career. The two of them frequently throw back beer and liquor at Bubba's Bar and Grill. Given the similarities in their careers, they frequently help one another with investigations. However, Munoz will find his loyalty to Eddie tested by a police force that mostly holds a grudge for Eddie's actions on the council.

Noel Michaelsen: Head of the Defender Party and the council's current Minority Leader. As election season looms, Noel begins to fear that the Advocates will go to nefarious lengths to ensure a victory at the polls. Despite being in the same party, he and Eddie clashed often as councilors and while they still don't see eye to eye on many issues, Noel has been a friend and mentor.

Katharine Lynch: Eddie's agoraphobic neighbor hasn't left her apartment in at least a decade. She has made peace with this arrangement and stays informed on the outside world with newspapers and the internet. Her photographic memory has led to many pivotal clues for Eddie's investigations and he sees her as a valuable resource.

Duncan Preston: A recent college graduate who is climbing the ladder in the local scientific community, Duncan's life was forever changed by a key vote Eddie made while he was still in high school. Now he helps the detective by providing scientific analysis and techincal expertise to Eddie's investigations. Quick with a joke and filled with genuine enthusiasm for all things science.

Harry Welles: The head of the Advocate Party and the current Chairman of the City Council. Welles's record on the council is the stuff of local legend, but he is out for blood during election season. Eddie holds Welles responsible for his electoral defeat and can barely contain his contempt. His day job is operating a pharmacy in the city.

Dr. Lana Stanwyck: Real men don't see therapists, right? Wrong. At Katherine's suggestion, Eddie goes into her office without really knowing what to expect. She is very gifted at her job, but he will make a very challenging patient.

Spoiler: Screenshots • show

Most locations in the city are available to the player right as the game begins...but the bar is typically Eddie's destination of choice.

Eddie examines an important clue in an early case. Players will have to use intuition and common sense to identify important items.

Eddie during an interrogation...most of the shady people he deals with will hide their lies a little better than Diamond. The player determines whether certain statements are trustworthy or not. Also, notice the anxiety meter on the right side of the screen. Eddie is highly neurotic about his performance on the job and too many screwups will raise the meter, which could compromise the investigation and also have an impact on which ending the player ultimately sees (once the whole game is completed, of course).

Fans of Master of the Wind who were awed by ArtBane's puzzles won't be disappointed with X-Noir. In this case, Eddie must lay out a path for an important crate (makes sense in context). This is just one of several obstacles awaiting players.

Fighting in X-Noir is done on the map, thanks to a system crafted by Fomar0153. Players have to line up with enemies and make them eat lead while avoiding getting attacked themselves. The HUD helps keep track of Eddie's health and ammo, while individual life bars appear over enemy heads.

And who is this dashing fellow? Why it's none other than The Baron, making a guest appearance in an arcade game Eddie can play at the local movie theater. Brush up on combat skills while revisiting one of Master of the Wind's most beloved characters!

Hope you guys enjoy and we look very forward to your feedback!
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Re: X-Noir
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*internal screaming*

I will post a review once I download and finish the demo

*actual screaming this time*
And furthermore...

HATS! :hatsale!: :mimihat:

Spoiler: show


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Re: X-Noir
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..."Chemical X" will never not make me think of Powerpuff Girls.


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Re: X-Noir
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I'm posting in this to remind me to play it. XD