Author Topic: Lots of forum improvements in the works!  (Read 15737 times)

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Lots of forum improvements in the works!
« on: May 20, 2010, 04:57:21 PM »
Finally, the problems caused by the forum system's upgrade have all been solved now, and I can move on to greater things.

As you guys have already observed, many changes are being made about the forums, in the desire to improve the overall experience of the community's members.  I hope you're enjoying the ride!

Some of the new features that you can already savor are:
  • A new --and hopefully better-- chat system, to replace the old, Java-powered IRC chat applet
  • A new Media gallery that seeks to: replace the Fan Submissions board and automate such process, for everyone's convenience; as well as other things, such as official Freebird Games media sections, user-submitted screenshots, soundtracks, downloads, etc.
  • A portal system, powered by Simple Portal, which brings along a lot of other neat things

And a lot more is coming in the next weeks.  ;)


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