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Hi everyone!

I passed through some wikis throughout the internet, such as that from GTA, Aveyond, and more. I was just thinking, if these big games have wikis, then why can't we? As a result of which, I created the wiki for Freebird Games. At the moment, I'm making details for TML and DYRML. So, I'll need your help. ^^ Before inputting details about the members, the multis, etc., we should go first to the main things we can see on the site.

Here is the link:

this is amazing! i'm definitely gonna try to help with this! :reivsmile:

Same here. We'll need a Chatter Spot section! "The Muffin-FREAK-Pretzel Wars"

heh, thanks guys! hopefully, we might get to finish by the end of the year]. :>

Wow Stardale that's an amazing idea!  :o wow I really want to help!
Wow this is awesome!  :seraismile: :seraismile:


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