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In Issue 6 - Posted Aug 19, 2015
Your character doesn't say much, does he?
In Neil Pixel Art MineCraft - Posted Aug 04, 2015
Hey that looks really good :)
In Issue 3 - Posted Jul 29, 2015
I love The Flying Marlin's face in that one :P
In FreeBird Express Issue 2 - Posted Jul 20, 2015
Lol, I wonder if they would actually do that if they saw a sign saying "Horny Goddess" XD
In Neil and Eva ( Hand Painted Version ) - Posted Jul 15, 2015
Wonderful! :)
In The Final Hours - Posted Jul 10, 2015
It's really good! :)
In Lune Air: Now offering nonstop service to Aeria! - Posted Jul 09, 2015
I just got it :facepalm: good work though :)
In passport - Posted Jul 06, 2015
Wow all these are fantastic! :)
In Toon Vers (Akira) - Posted Jul 01, 2015
Oh cool!
In Round and ringing sounds leads to a life that is bound - Posted Jun 29, 2015
I knew it was a wedding! That's really cool :)
In Family - Posted Jun 27, 2015
OMG! That's so cute! I remember I tried a drawing a pic of Johnny and River if they had kids... Turned out awful :facepalm:
In Eva and Neil - Posted Jun 26, 2015
Omg lol XD I laughed so much, haha!
In Together once again. - Posted Jun 24, 2015
Omg! It's so cute! The feels! :noahtear:
In River and Plat-plat - Posted Jun 23, 2015
Amazing! Is she wearing headphones? Cool.
In Lazy Wynd Mage - Posted Jun 21, 2015
"I can't Mage today. Please don't make me Mage today" :reivsweat:
In Eva and Neil - Posted May 31, 2015
I love it!! I remembered I requested it a while back but I thought you forgot about it. Good work :)
In Dm - Posted May 13, 2015
Look at that! Awesome! :)
In Jasmin and Mimi - Posted May 13, 2015
Omg! That is adorable! :)
In Dasha.. - Posted May 09, 2015
Ooh she looks cool! I like the way you've drawn her :)
In Vikon and Salory - Posted May 05, 2015
Aw badass!! 8)
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