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In Reivier Anime Character - Posted Mar 17, 2015
Eshe likes. :)
In Launch - Posted Feb 14, 2015
Very good :)
In WATERCOLOR RIVER - Posted Dec 27, 2014
Excellent job! I love how the color tone slowly shifts from pinkish red to navy blue :)
In to the moon - Posted Feb 22, 2013
That is definitely my favorite ending fanart! I love how the wind is blowing their hair. It's so... triumphant!

Amazing work!
In to the moon river - Posted Feb 04, 2013
Excellent! This is by far the lovelies fanart I've seen of River. Her pose is also more adult than other depictions. It's so... fantasy! Great job there.
In Please, Sal? - Posted Jan 31, 2013
WOW! I can't decide which one's cuter!
In Lady Lunair Naeryns - Posted Jan 20, 2013
Wow! This one's something else! I've seen lots of Lunair artworks, but never in this fashion! Reminds me of tarrot cards. You could draw other characters as well and make a whole deck of cards :)
In To the Moon - Posted Jan 16, 2013
I love it! It's so smooth, dreamy and peaceful! And heavily nostalgic!

Great job! :)
In MOON RIVER - Posted Jan 14, 2013
WHOA! Never seen anything like it! This is so neat and symmetrical. Good job, asa! :)
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