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In For River - Posted Apr 11, 2017

Why, thank you, Thunderbird. Ah appreciate the support. However! Lynching must be done. It is an important tradition in order to not anger the gods of harvest. Duh.

By the wibble, yes, yes Ah have. Arkada is pretty amazeballs. The salutation of "stay frosty" actually originated within the American side of the Vietnam War. It means to stay cool under pressure, but also to keep your focus.
In Beautiful Minds - Posted Dec 10, 2016
No, not usually, unless Ah only have a vague idea of what Ah'm doing in the first place. Ah do usually try to make my poses as dynamic as possible, but when Ah make a piece Ah usually plan all of that stuff out before Ah even really start doing the lineart. Thanks for asking, and Ah really appreciate you checking out my art page!

@Dragon Mage
Thanks so much! Ah had a lot of fun with this piece. Ah'll post more on this forum if you're interested in seeing more of my Freebirdian art. :)
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