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In Colin and Faye - Posted May 11, 2018
You're very talented! I see a multitude of techniques being used expertly.
In For River - Posted Dec 12, 2016
I swear I have seen this on this website before...
In Beautiful Minds - Posted Dec 09, 2016
Do you often change you mind on what you are drawing as you are drawing it? Your Facebook gallery is full of nice drawings, but a lot seem like you just drew some interesting pose and settled on a specific character afterwards. (That's good though because they are really fitting!)
In "Beyond the Land and the Mist" (Lunair Naeryns) - Posted Oct 18, 2016
Golly, I'd be quite satisfied if this were my first try with digital background drawing.
In venting - Posted Oct 16, 2016
I just felt anxious for no apparent reason. It got better thanks to this.

Also, I just realised that the person playing is not the mother from DYRML, but rather literally Lunair without hair.  O_O
In To the Moon - Piano (Ending Version) - reproduction - Posted Oct 08, 2016
Five minutes~<3
In Lune Air: Now offering nonstop service to Aeria! - Posted Oct 08, 2016
You, sir, are a hero.
In Lunair Pic - Posted Oct 06, 2016
The way the moon is positioned, it reminds me of @DragonMage XD
In The Mirror Lied - Posted Oct 02, 2016
I wouldn't say that TML is inconsistent in its style, but I can see why you thought of it when confronted with this description of "modern literature".

Your interpretation of Birdie being war makes me curious, though. How do you understand Leah "shooting" war?
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Oct 02, 2016
Sums up my impression of the game pretty nicely.
In Lullaby Piano Version - Posted Oct 02, 2016
Really calm and yet cheerful. <3
I've listened to this for half an hour on loop...
In To the Moon Proposal - Posted Sep 13, 2016
Aaaaa this is too cute X3
In Smile - Posted Sep 13, 2016
That's not a smile. At least it doesn't look like one on her face. :P
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