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In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 10, 2016
Hi Austin,
It's a really good one,
Glad that we have another artist here !
I like the way you draw DM, It's somehow cute for me :)
And the way you put the feeling in the drawing is just really nice :)

And the text,
It's fine.
It's clear enough for someone to read it :)
Maybe you should make a topic about your art here and post one or two sometimes :)
In Legacy - Posted Dec 14, 2015
That Fan... :D
All this time, LegacyBlade is the one who selling hat ...?
In Sun - Posted Dec 14, 2015
It's really cute, Cydriex :)
In Sad Dm - Posted Dec 01, 2015
I took Her Cookie...
In Marlin - Posted Nov 16, 2015
This is really cute,
Me, Me ! :D
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Sep 01, 2015
It's really beautiful, Soysauce  :-*
In Issue 4 - Posted Aug 02, 2015
No ! :o
I pushed the button "Rate it" instead of changing the default Rating number (Which is 0)  :reivsweat:
I'm so sorry bout that, Cydriex... :(
Note : It should be 5 from me actually...  :kardiansmile:
In Round and ringing sounds leads to a life that is bound - Posted Jun 30, 2015
That kinda reminds me about Korra from the Avatar...
Great job, Cydriex ! ;)
In River and Plat-plat - Posted Jun 23, 2015
That Plat2x Face...  :platquack:
In Lazy Wynd Mage - Posted Jun 21, 2015
Wild Platypus appear !
Go Wynd Mage !
Wynd Mage casts a magic !
Wynd Mage : Sleep !
Wynd Mage fallen asleep successfully.

Platypus : ... Quack... ?
Platypus successfully run away.
trainer : :facepalm:
In Eva and Neil - Posted May 27, 2015
Totally love it, Elke  :-*
It's look great (Specially Neil, I like how you draw him in this picture) :)
In Chibi Leah - Posted Jan 20, 2015
Looks like I ever heard that name somewhere...
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