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In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 21, 2016
Great job!
Hope your works going better :3
In Just a random image that popped out of my head - Posted Dec 31, 2015
Dat face xD
In Sad Dm - Posted Dec 02, 2015
"RIP Mr. Cookie"
In akira - Posted Dec 02, 2015
So kawaii~
Nice job :D
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Sep 01, 2015
The colouration are really beautiful
I love your art! :D
In Neil Pixel Art MineCraft - Posted Aug 10, 2015
That was amazing!
In Issue 4 - Posted Aug 03, 2015
lol pokeball XD
In Neil and Eva ( Hand Painted Version ) - Posted Jul 16, 2015
So lovely :3
In Comic - Posted Jul 11, 2015
I laugh very hard at home when i read my dialog at the end XD
Can't wait to see the next issue, and great comic :)
In passport - Posted Jul 09, 2015
I like your nationality EgotisticalRaven (and date of birth) xD
In Light house Background - Posted Jul 05, 2015
No, thank you. :)
Viewing it on laptop is enough for me :3
(Sorry, latepost  :reivsweat: )
In Toon Vers (Akira) - Posted Jul 02, 2015
^O^ Thank you!
In Round and ringing sounds leads to a life that is bound - Posted Jun 30, 2015
It's really hard to draw Eva's dress :o
Your drawing skill sure got better :)
In Family - Posted Jun 30, 2015
One word for the kids
Adorable :3
In Light house Background - Posted Jun 26, 2015
Man, i love this background
So beautiful  :'(
Maybe i can use this for my Android background
In Lazy Wynd Mage - Posted Jun 23, 2015
Okay. Looking for your future works
In Lazy Wynd Mage - Posted Jun 23, 2015
Amazing  :'(
In Lazy Wynd Mage - Posted Jun 23, 2015
I realize the pic when you shout at the shoutbox
Did you use Paint (software) to draw this?
Anyway, nice painting!  :fezesarecool:
In Jasmin and Mimi - Posted Jun 07, 2015
The background looks live with the flying sakura's leaf
And cute!  :Evapple:
Looking forward your work on the future  :)
In WATERCOLOR RIVER - Posted Jun 07, 2015
River's so cute   :'(
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