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In Promise - Posted Jun 13, 2011
I love it!
In Catching Stars - Posted May 21, 2011
Now, someone, build me a rocket chair!
In River - Posted Mar 20, 2011
What a great idea! Good job! XD

(This is the scene right before the platypus becomes sentient and attempts to destroy Freebirdia, by the way.)
In Dr Neil Watts - Posted Feb 20, 2011
Dude, these are all AMAZING! I especially like the second one (the first sketch). Keep 'em coming!
In Lunair - Posted Feb 09, 2011
I had thought that was Kaire! XD Whoops! Great work.
In The Innocent Girl She Once Was - Posted Feb 07, 2011
I still doubt her innocence! Cute picture, Kirroha. :D
In No Swimming! - Posted Jan 28, 2011
Why is the keyword banana? XD Love the pick.
In Lunair Pic - Posted Jan 17, 2011
This is great. If this is one from several years ago, how awesome would a new picture be? Hmmm? Hmmmmmm?
In Uncharted Realms ~ Piano - Posted Jan 15, 2011
I appreciate it, gentlemen. :)
In Neon Electric Moongazer! - Posted Jan 15, 2011
Thank you both!

@Lance: I have no idea how it reminded you of FFVII. Maybe FFVIII, since it had a lot pseudo-techno.

@Squall: That's nice of you, thanks! I'm glad it put you in a good mood. Don't forget it was based on the genius of Mr. Gao, who also put me in a good mood with the originals.
In Lullaby Piano Version - Posted Jan 02, 2011
I'm glad you did this, mep! The world needs more Do You Remember My Lullaby covers. Good job!
In To the Moon Fan Art - Posted Dec 23, 2010
There can be only one!

Besides, the "crazed" Watts is still up in the Fan Submissions thread.
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