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In Lunair - Posted Nov 24, 2017
In Together once again. - Posted Jun 24, 2015
NOO I voted wrong! I was meant to vote 5 but I misclicked :reivsweat: Annoying there's no way to change your vote score.
Either way, sorry about that.
In Kaire - Posted Jul 13, 2013
This looks nosebleed worthy.
In Lunair - Posted May 14, 2013
That reminds me of shakugan no shana-tan XD.
Could just imagine a chibi Lunair sitting on Reivier's head
Spoiler: shakugan no shana-tan for those who don't know • show
In Lunair - Posted Jan 01, 2013
That... WHOA. That's awesome! Well done! :D

Also, this is the right section for posting pictures and stuff :)

You can also post them in the forum fanworks section of the game the fan-made content is about, but for pictures and the like, it is probably easier here since if it was in a thread you would have to link your picture from another site whereas here it gets uploaded directly.
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