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In Lunair - Posted Dec 15, 2017
This captures her character so well. The lines really add to the feel of the drawing!
In To The Moon - Posted Jul 15, 2017
Wow, this is pretty good and as many others have said definitely wallpaper-quality! Basically everything is great and I suppose it's kinda beyond my knowledge of this stuff to try to give critique on this one. Only thing I noticed was that they're staring right into the viewer, which I think is kinda unfit because not only is it a little awkward but they're supposed to be looking at the stars!
In to the moon river - Posted Jul 15, 2017
I think that the style is absolutely great, kinda the perfect mix/balance of anime and realism for Ttm. The background is also good, and I find the rabbits to be nice. I can't help but see her face; her smile is so mysterious and also a little off so that it captures her personality. It's like a Mona Lisa thing :)
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