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In Hug me - Posted Mar 16, 2016
I have never gotten around to play Quintessence.

But keep doing what you love!

Wait, so this lady in the picture (whom I assume is Lunair according to your description) said "hug me" and then killed the person that hugged her. She wanted to kill him? But she was also blushing when she said "hug me"? So she didn't want to kill him but had to? I am confused.
In page 2 - Posted Jan 12, 2016
I want to see more!!!!
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 10, 2016
Thank you, Roxaszu!

Tell me about it, DM! Maybe send me a photo of what you want to look like in the comic.
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 10, 2016
Thank you people so much for the nice words!

@Dragon Mage, yes, at first in my head they were all supposed to look like characters from the free bird express, but then I realized that I already drew my own interpretation of your profile image, and cyndriex, and Kan.

I realized then that I wanted to draw my own interpretation of legacyblade and the other dude's profile images as well, but it was too late. I drew it in pen, and I was too lazy to restart on another page. I hope this doesn't go against the copyright laws. I may have to take this down if it does.

I want to change their appearances in later pages, if I ever get time to do those. I am still worried about finishing my book.
In Marlin - Posted Nov 18, 2015
Oh, thank you, that explains it.  :3
In Marlin - Posted Nov 16, 2015
This is cute! did you know how these people look like? Did you meet them?

P.s. Marlin = Dr Neil Watts 2.0      :facepalm:
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