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In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Sep 05, 2015
Thanks for your nice word and advice, legacyblade  (ˊᗜˋ*) I'll try it right away :D It'll fix my drawings unstableness!
Thank you, cydriex! :D
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Sep 04, 2015
Thank you for your comments XD !!

My friend talked me about that, too T_T. She told me that there are too many things on the background, so it makes my drawing too noisy. She told me to erase sun and move moon&stars to left. I should have followed her adviceㅠㅅㅠ...

And yes, I have more work posted on here( :D.
But....umm.... actually, that blog was opened for my friend who wants to watch my drawing, so blog posts are all written in my mother tongue. It must be hard for you to read. Plus, I just start drawing this year and I'm studying drawing all by myself, so most of my drawings are rubbish T_T....

ps. Sorry for my bad english :). I have never learned english writing. So I can understand english, but can't write it fluently.
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Sep 03, 2015
@legacyblade @Akira @Roxaszu

Thank you all for your nice comments :D It make me feel like walking on air!
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Aug 30, 2015
@Dragon mage @Reives

Thank you  ;D
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