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In x-mas art - Posted Dec 29, 2016
who knows. maybe it will pop out anytime
In Halloween Special art - Posted Oct 30, 2016
i was hoping i that i can get more members to join in when i was making that drawing
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 11, 2016
NIce Job. The short story is good.
In page 2 - Posted Jan 04, 2016
In Sun - Posted Dec 14, 2015
In Sad Dm - Posted Dec 01, 2015
some people at my office are asking why was she crying over a potato.
In Sylv - Posted Nov 19, 2015
Yes... What could it be i wonder....
In Marlin - Posted Nov 18, 2015
@Austin Li: you can check the Free Bird Halloween art, i drew almost all of the members there
In Marlin - Posted Nov 17, 2015
@Austin Li: Facebook and some description from themselves.
In FreeBirdia Halloween Special - Posted Nov 03, 2015
it actually had 9 views before but still aint approved. maybe they were busy
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Sep 04, 2015
i like the simplicity of the colors
In Issue 8 - Posted Aug 31, 2015
I'll do that next time. thanks for the tip!
In Issue 6 - Posted Aug 19, 2015
That's practically how i am in person. But i do love to prank people.
In FreeBird Express Issue 5 - Posted Aug 11, 2015
i do see him as the odd ball in the story.
In uni jpglow - Posted Jul 22, 2015
Glad you liked it.
In Round and ringing sounds leads to a life that is bound - Posted Jun 30, 2015
thanks. knowing people like what i draw really keeps me going.
In Light house Background - Posted Jun 26, 2015
i can give you a larger resolution if you want.
In Eva and Neil - Posted Jun 26, 2015
glad you like it.
In Together once again. - Posted Jun 25, 2015
Yup. One couple shows off intimate and undying love while the other ones..... not so much.
In River and Plat-plat - Posted Jun 24, 2015
if it wasn't for my job i would have uploaded more fan arts for you guys but even still i'll will continue making them. thanks guys for the support. =)
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