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In Colin and Faye - Posted Apr 26, 2018
In Eva and Neil plushies - Posted Mar 08, 2018
IKR! I would so buy these if Kan sold them! ^_^
In It's a Promise - Posted Feb 26, 2018
In Neil needs a hug - Posted Feb 20, 2018
Oh hey, I didn't realize you were on the Sigmund Corp Discord as well ^^; (sorry if I'm still wrong)

It's a really cute image :)
In Falling - Posted Jan 17, 2018
Omg it's lovely. Also welcome back Kiki. I remember you being an older member.
In Lunair - Posted Nov 26, 2017
Nice! :)
In x-mas art - Posted Dec 26, 2016
Too bad we won't be able to see the unfinished one from last year but that's fine. This is awesome :)
In For River - Posted Dec 11, 2016
It's all good! :)
In Beautiful Minds - Posted Dec 09, 2016
(Gasp) that's amazing 0.0
In venting - Posted Oct 16, 2016
What are you venting about? If you don't wanna talk about it, that's fine. Just know that we're with you.

This image makes me want to listen to Lunair play To Realize again :) I guess listening to QTBV soundtracks can also help sooth the nerves.
In Lunair Pic - Posted Oct 06, 2016
In The Mirror Lied - Posted Oct 03, 2016
Dammit Mobbstar, this was 5 years ago!! XD
In long time no post - Posted Aug 04, 2016
OMG! That is hilarious! XD
In Lunair Sketchy Sketch - Posted Jul 17, 2016
Oh no, the stuff happening to your Mac sound horrible D:
In To The Moon Fanart - Posted Jun 21, 2016
Aw, it's so cute :3
In Hug me - Posted Mar 16, 2016
Don't tell him! I left a comment on his profile.
In Hug me - Posted Feb 25, 2016
I really like this *nods*.
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 11, 2016
So now you're saying I'm a Clanned character? Well sometimes I do act and talk like an anime girl :P
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 10, 2016
Nah, you should be fine. You can probably post this on cydriex's Free Bird Express Facebook page (being inspired by his character design) if you have an account :)

Btw, if you're planning on changing the characters, I have a slightly different idea for Dragon Mage so it isn't completely the same as cydriex's version.
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 09, 2016
Oh wow, this is awesome! Cydriex and the others look really cool :) I actually remember saying this stuff to you :P And I think the blank faces are fine. Did you base some of the characters off Freebird Express?
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