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In WATERCOLOR RIVER - Posted Dec 29, 2014
In to the moon river - Posted Mar 17, 2013
Love this! :)
In River on the Moon - Posted May 07, 2012
Adorable! :O Wha program did you do this on, and how did you make the background so pretty?
In Le Meilleur des Détectives - Posted Nov 09, 2011
*sits at the grand piano, petting her fluffy white cat* Does this song make me want to laugh in a fancy and devious way? Yes. Yes it does.

Love it! Cracked an evil grin at 00:07.....It's like a more mellow version. Awesome, Mer!
In River of Echoes- Piano Version - Posted Sep 11, 2011
Did you learn this by ear? OwO Well played, and the quality isn't so bad. ;) Give yourself some credit, little flower. <3
In Vikon in Cosplay As... (Coloured) - Posted Sep 05, 2011
Ah...m'kay. I'll fix that while I work on the coloured version. :3 Thanks, Mer. And I'm glad you guys like it. Hope to try and make an Eva one next, and then Lunair. ^^ I'm thinking Salory could be Lily. Hehehehe....
In Neil in Cosplay As.... - Posted Sep 02, 2011
Thanks, and lol, good idea, guys! Dress Vikon up in Neil's clothes! XD He'd look so cute. OwO

By the way, feel free to colour this. ^^; I just realized how utterly crap I am at colouring.
In CUTE REVIER - Posted Aug 22, 2011
Reivier is is secretly cupid in disguise? OwO Lol. And ye, he's adowable!

Ah, also fixed up the haircut one too. It's lined now, so maybe you guys want to colour it? Never knew how scary colouring with a pen was. o.o
In Lunair is Modern (Line) - Posted Aug 13, 2011
Lol, nope. No tablet before. xD Though thanks, Reives. Healthy tip: Clothes are the important part to helping the picture pop out. Especially if it's only a lined art. If anything, colouring's gonna be the more challenging part of this picture now. o_o
In Lunair is Modern (Line) - Posted Aug 12, 2011
Not exactly top notch yet, Mer, but thanks. And yea, I got a tablet now. Hope to make some nice art sometime! ^^
In To Realize - Posted Jun 02, 2011
It's been good. Been dealing with some irl stuff that's making my art go down the drain. But I missed you guys and deicided to make something nice for ya'll.
In Hair Cut (Lined) - Posted Mar 01, 2011
Thanks guys. :) I'll start lining these myself after the m'terms are done~ At least, if I remember to do so with what I'm doing right now. xD
In Lunair - Posted Feb 09, 2011
@ Rayen: Thanks.  :blush: Though I meant to put it in jpg. in order to make it seem like an actual anime screen capture.

@ Vasha: I found the background.  :seraisweat:
In The Innocent Girl She Once Was - Posted Feb 07, 2011
10 out of 5 stars! I think it deserves that much! ;]
In Lunair Eyeshift - Posted Jan 28, 2011
Rofl. No. x3
In No Swimming! - Posted Jan 27, 2011
Aaah! Sinbad!--er, I mean Reivier! xD This is nice even though you'd just started using GIMP. Nice work. :3
In Lunair Eyeshift - Posted Jan 27, 2011
Of course it's an animation, Vash. It's a small piece to a much bigger project that no one else should know about yet. :3 And, tadaima!
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