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Title: Arwym Starlight
Post by: Arwym (آرویم) on October 25, 2007, 10:15:35 PM
Oh, well...  I am not very brief at introductions (I write terribly long ones), but I will do my best, starting with my name.

I am Jessica (omgyesagirl), nicknamed Arwym Starlight after a character of my own creation.  I am addicted to roleplaying games, fantasy, listening to RPG soundtracks, PHP and MySQL programming, some anime/manga, the internet, cats, and Quintessence.  I am currently obsessed with web 2.0, internet social networking development, PHP and MySQL, creating lots of useless websites, my countless projects, Medunian, game design, finding and testing game engines/makers/builders/however you want to call them, and... many, many other things.  Not to mention my extreme obsession with writing as accurately as possible.  I detest typos, bad spelling and grammar, and all that stuff that is so often seen on the internet.  So imagine... the horror.  Oh, and English is NOT my native language.  :P

Currently in my 2nd year of university at the University of Puerto Rico, under the --most boring-- bachelor program: Graphic Arts, AKA printing stuff.  I detest it, and I am not talking about it anymore.  Just know that I am going to leave that piece of !@#$ of a program as soon as I can.  >_<

I love super dramatic storylines with many plot twists and unique characters.  I praise originality.  QTBV is filled with originality, has awesome characters, an addictive storyline, great music, a faithful community, and a dedicated team.  That is enough for me to love and consider this to be one of the best games I've played.

There, my long intro.  Sorry! :/  I hope I didn't scare or bore you.  By the way, please visit my websites ( one of these days!

Nice to meet you!

- Arwym Starlight