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Title: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on November 30, 2008, 05:27:51 AM
Just more or less copy / pasting my RPGmakerXP-project description here, since Reives wanted to comment it in the other forum but didn't yet! o_o
j/k, i wanted to add it here for shocking you how odd an RPGmaker game can look. =w=

It's already been about 1 year since I have started this project. But i must say this in advance,
since i did mostly everything by myself (and as I have no idea about programming etc)
it's really nothing special. ...It just took me long. ^^;
It's about 88% finished but watching all the other projects and reading comments about projects,
I was wondering if the whole game idea / concept is tempting at all. Oh well...

Quick overview

-It's a roleplaygame made with RPGmaker XP
-Theres exactly 3 custom scripts...
*very basic sideview battle
*custom statspoint sharing after lv up (by Mimi)
*staff roll

Disclaimers - Please READ before you leave a comment:

Spoiler: show
-English is not my native language. ( You already know that ^^ )
-The game is made after my original Pen&Paper RPG Ataraxia, which i worked on for ...6 years ^^;
-I DON'T intend to win a price with this... I just made it for the luv of Ataraxia.

Nope, this game can NOT score with countless of crazy features or flashy custom battle system.

In fact, yeah I think to bother playing or enjoy this game - you must already be VERY BORED.
As in " Shit, I have nu internet, nu TV and nu other games at all... before I must die of boredom,
I better play some Ataraxia! "
However, according the few test-players opinion so far it's fun. (Probably at least if you
are familar with the Ataraxia world from the Pen&Paper version)

Resources and "Features":

Spoiler: show
-RO sprites (customized / edited to fit my character art concept)
-mixed tilesets (which i found still reasonable)
-fancy original handdrawn art (yes... like it or not.)
-mixed BGM (mostly from RO and talesweaver)

-alternative endings (good ending / bad ending)
-varied sidequests for each main character (depending on which you chose)
-innovative background storyline (like wow, it all makes sense now!)
-perfect / flawless world history (i had enough time to develop it)
-all original monsters / spells / item that are not cliche but original ataraxia material instead

About the story and gameplay

Spoiler: show
Ataraxia is a world purified by several random gods, many milennia ago.
As against most people's belief, those gods are not Immortal - they just
have a very long life span. (Some can live up to 100.000 of years) -
So, in battle they can be injured and die. Most of those gods from the
old times are already dead - and the people that now inhabitate Ataraxia
are their offspring in very distant relation. Yet, the blood became very thin,
and the supernatural skills and talents disappeared over the generations.
Some people are already doing research for answers and alternative powers.

Some time ago, a Goddess of 5th generation ( <- which is something like
"the lowest rank goddess" since her progeny will not count in as God anymore )
has been killed by the divine council of remaining Gods. Appearantly, she has
supported some forbidden research project. Punishment was one "kill" - which
is actually nothing TO grave when you're a god, since you can still use a skill
that re-spawns you in a far away galaxy - so that all you have to to is to travel
back to the world you were before ( if you still want to... ) which will mostly
take a few decades to hundreds of years but oh well... you've learned your lesson.
BUT, in short - if you didn't learn that skill - you're really simply dead.
And that's what happened with that 5th generation Goddess (Who was also a Queen
of a small realm).

After this event, her (very) young daughter, the princess, had to rule the realm.
Along with her advisor and knights - she started a war against the southern empire.
The reasons are a little blurry at first.

However that's the time when the PLAYER comes into action.

Gameplay wise, you can chose your maincharacter of 6 characters at the beginnin of the game.
Of cause, each character has different skills, background story and sidequests. (Which I'm
still working on... =_=) Some characters can meet NPCs which others can't etc...
So it's like 6 different main storylines in one, which are the same, yet different.

Talking about the storyline - it's lose - VERY lose.
I actually wanted to give that MMORPG feel, that you can go wherever you want to go,
whenever you want to go. You can obtain quests from NPCs in town, and if you follow
some of the quests it slowly ~leads you to the main storyline~ . If you don't find
those quests... you'll just run around in the world of Ataraxia, aimlessly... ^^;
and probably get lost...
I wanted to make the player "want" to know more about how the story and events...
that's why I chose not to force the events on him/her in the first place...
So what's the best reason to want to save the world? Simple curiosity and the urge to
There's a lot of freedom as to what choices you will make - and finally repercussions
for your actions.

IAgain, it's about 88% done by now - yet I'm not sure about the gameplay now.
Oh and: It's currently more or less paused, since I stated working on a small mystery / horror game, but that will be very small and ready soon... probably no take longer than 2 weeks XD

About the characters

Spoiler: show
well, meet the cast

~possible main characters~

( Huldbrand
race: garou (werewolf)
age: 27 yrs
Former member of a powerful rouge guild, now a very cool and calm peson.
He left the rouge guild when the leader died and his offspring took over
the guild. He disliked the new "style" of his old guild - and so he decited to
make a living as lonesome mercenary. Recently got caught and arrested-
appearantly he was wanted.

( Lavendel
race: elw
age: 14 yrs
A young tomboy-ish hunter girl, which is very caring for the nature and enviroment
but always up for an adventure and exploring. She seems to be fearless and very
self confident. Got imprisoned when she walked through a  grove.

( Loreley
race: half dark-elf
age: 21 yrs (?)
Lucky fans of Dark Elves, Necromancers and Assassins - Loreley is all 3 in one.
Which is actualy a quite clever combination. She has studied the teachings
of necromancy from very young age, and also learned some usefull assassin
skills. Ironically her parents (also necromancers) have disappeared without a
trace when she was around 17. She should have been able to summon them if
they were dead, but she couldn't - so she is still looking for them. Something
strange must have happened to them... She got imprisoned when she was on a
walk over the local graveyard, although she didn't really do anything.
(grave robbery)

( Psalm
race: half elf
age: 19 yrs
At first sight Psalm seems like a womanizer bishonen type of guy - 
but actually he's quite friendly, honest and very reliable.
Being a priest it's part of his job after all. It seems like he has lost
a fragment of his Memory from when he was very little...
Talking about little, he was arrested cause he talked to a little girl
in a foreign town, which the guards interpreted as flirting.

( Isolde
race: human (?)
age: 15 yrs
A very shy, well endowed young girl who usually gets lost and herself into awkward situations.
She can't speak her mind or express herself too well, that's why she prefers the company of
creatures she can summon. She's a little of an egoist. Got imprisoned because... who knows why.

( Dr. Wilhelm Nebelstein
race: human (?)
age: unknown, ( some people say he looks like round 45-55? )
This odd gentleman which could easily be confused with any random side character,
(since he looks like some british butler) is actually a pretty well known alchemist on ataraxia.
Noone knows how old he really is, nor where or when he was born. It's his well kept secret.
Since he's got a very friendly but at the same time creepy personality most people avoid him.
He usually works alone in his lab, inventing new potions and writing several formula and thesis.
His latest project was top secret - just when it was about to be complete, her got imprisoned.

~ some NPCs ~

( Alice
race: demon
age: unknown
With her classical look of a little girl, this demoness can easily be underestimated.
However, she's the only demon who's able to bend time, at least a little.
Her mischiefous attitude has got her into lots of trouble in the past, now she owns
a favour to Goddess Miduho.

( Shogunate Miduho
race: 2nd generation
age: unknown
Latest (youngest) daughter of archgoddess Lady Kakulyne and elder god Lord Sevirossu.
Known as a very calm and silent person. She was chosen to become the ruler over the
southern imperial's capital St.Etoile. Although born blind, she is a great idol for the people.

( Lady Archgoddess Kakulyne
race: 1st generation
age: unknown ( 10.000 yrs over )
An incredibly powerful small person.
The reason for her young appearance was her well kept secret for milennias.
Only high-priests know the true story behind it. 
Although she looks like a child, she had quite alot of children herself.
She took Lord Sevirossu as her husband.

( Princess Elize Celes'd'Or
race: human
age: 11 yrs
Princess of a rather small realm within the northern empire. Her mother has been killed
and rumor says she seeks for revenge.

I was wondering if any RPG needs a linear storyline and typical hero, "one to rule them all".
Or if it would be okay to just give some nice RPG world setting and rough background story...
(That way, the player can chose from a set of characters, to pick who he/she likes most.)
Examples for RPGs wth a lose storyline are mostly every tactical RPG like disgaea or games like PSU.

I guess both have their yay and nay's...

Youtube teaser (with not soooo fitting music ) here (

... and finally, some old and new screenshots

Spoiler: show






Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: Ruzu on November 30, 2008, 05:22:33 PM
Looks very neat, and pen&paper rpg for six years? That's a lot of work, definitly have to wait to see the outcome :P.
Also to your question, either one is fine.
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: Reives on November 30, 2008, 11:38:34 PM
That's interesting, an aimlessly-wandering style eh? That's good that you got 6 choices of starting characters for it. Must be a lot of work though, to handle all the branching possibilities of what happens - how are you approaching that? Or are the events going to be relatively the same no matter which character you use/which sequence of events you encounter first?
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on December 01, 2008, 08:56:14 AM
thanks to both of you! =)


It is quite hard. But conditional branch are my favourite thing at eventing anyway ^^;

The main disparity is, that certain NPCs just talk / act different depending on which main character you have.
However, sometimes the dialogue stays the same, too.
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: Ruben on December 01, 2008, 09:07:34 AM
Wow, I like your style. I think a game doesn't need thousands of features and your game looks very interesting (story, characters and so on).

It was a German Pen&Paper RPG, right? At least some names sound like this (Dr. Wilhelm Nebelstein is definitely German ^_^)
I'm a fan of Pen&Paper RPGs, that makes me even more curious.

Is there anything playable yet?
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on December 02, 2008, 07:00:39 AM
Hehe Squall,

the pen&paper version of Ataraxia was indeed german language only.
I was talked into printing some guidebooks and sell them to the fans. ^^;
The book had about 180 pages and several illustrations.

The characters names are german-ish since i love old /classical german myths and fairytales.
Old time german fantasy setting is really nice and interesting.

However, ataraxia is set up more in a time mix of medieval, baroque / something in-between.
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on December 02, 2008, 10:07:28 AM
Ah playable, yes it is - there's just a little problem... i can't upload it anywhere - it's 197 MB...  :whaaa?:
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: Ruben on December 02, 2008, 03:14:01 PM
Ah playable, yes it is - there's just a little problem... i can't upload it anywhere - it's 197 MB...  :whaaa?:
Do you use .mp3 music files? ^^
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on December 02, 2008, 06:08:18 PM
um... yes... the BGM folder is 126 MB "orz "orz

Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: KRoP on December 02, 2008, 09:15:52 PM
Convert 'em MP3s to .oggs, you won't regret it.
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: Ruben on December 03, 2008, 09:35:38 AM
Do you use music from other games btw?
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on December 03, 2008, 09:37:46 AM
in fact, it is all written in the game's description ^^;
so... yeah.
Title: come and play! *-*
Post by: koon no kami on January 11, 2009, 04:11:56 AM
hi ppl of quintessence!

well i think at this point ataraxia is at least 91% finished and ready to be played, yay!

me and some testing players have already beaten the game from the beginning till the final boss! =D
it's about 15+ hours long ( and even with super power cheat it takes 5 hours XD ) !!

so yeah, feel free to download play my game, if you can tell me where i can upload 200+ MB of
 :whaaa?: yeah it's pretty big.

there are still some things that need fixing - but they aren't essential...
here's my to do list:

- some map graphic parts look too crappy
- some (few) skills still do like... NOTHING at all ^^;
- i want to add a "memo" item @ every important step of the story so you won't get lost...
- need to add moar allignment situations ( points where your allignment can change )
- need to add moar character specific quests
- need to add the actual REAL method the final boss can be beaten (its actually not just fighting ^^; ) and the good + bad ending.

but yeah, elsewise it's ready!
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: soranokira on January 11, 2009, 04:24:35 AM
9% more to completion o.0
and you can try asking Reives if he can share the bandwidth or something =X
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on January 12, 2009, 04:36:44 AM
thanks for the links!

tried it- but in the end the upload always fails... anyone knows where i go wrong?

it's only around 150 MB now btw.
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: soranokira on January 12, 2009, 05:36:50 AM
is it because your internet connection tends to break every now and then?
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: Nessiah on January 14, 2009, 12:01:21 AM
Nebel, go get dbpoweramp or something and get the .ogg patch and then convert all your mp3 files to .ogg
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: Reives on May 23, 2009, 02:47:07 AM
So is this still going, Koon? RMXP has a limit of around 130mb for encrypting by the way, I think.  I was just talking to Mepwnn about it earlier today on this forum, see if this helps:

Quote from: Reives
Taking out the audio folder should reduce its size by a good chunk, so hopefully it'd be enough to encrypt properly. After the player uncompresses it from the encrypted file, they can place the audio folder back in.

Or, you can encrypt it without the audio folder, extract it, place the audio folder in there, then compress it with WINRAR or something. Saves the user some time, and works as it should. c:
Title: Re: project.rax
Post by: koon no kami on June 25, 2009, 05:13:47 AM
aww... >_< thanks for the hint Reives.

beh, maybe that'll do... i might give it a try sometime.
kinda sad nobody can play it ^^; *lol* but it's not finished anyway ( has no proper ending and some testing-NPCs still have to be removed XD )

i've recently made another game, just to show off my "final dungeon" tileset XD ...
i'll post it in another thread k?