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Title: My thoughts on A Bird Story
Post by: KeterLordFR on October 06, 2016, 04:52:27 PM
Hi there!

A few days ago (Was it Yesterday?), I've posted my thoughts on the Minisodes. Today, I bought and played A Bird Story. I will know give my thoughts about it.

The Story :

To begin with, the story of the game. It's a really nice, touching little story. Despite what some people have said, I wasn't disappointed at all. I loved every part of the story (Well, after I accepted the absence of the law of physics), and I'm more than ever ready to play Finding Paradise. The absence of real dialogue made it more of an interactive story, but the images themselves were enough to explain everything.

The soundtrack :

Just like To The Moon, the soundtrack is beautiful. To tell you the truth, I'm listening to it while writing this post :D
Every single track is amazing, and it will join TtM's on my list of Favorite Soundtrack of all time.

My theory :

Now, time for my theory about what it tells us about Finding Paradise. Just like how TtM was focusing on paper rabbits, A Bird Story seems to focus on paper airplanes. Judging by the importance of the rabbit in the first game, I have no doubts whatsoever that the theme of the airplane will be extremely important too. (I've also seen a "trailer" that was posted in January). As A Bird Story only covers one fragment of the character's life, I'm gonna guess that it won't be fully covered in Finding Paradise. But it tells us enough about the personnality of our "client". He's been dreaming of the sky since he was young, and it will probably have something to do with his wish.

That's all for me! Also,  :plat:
Title: Re: My thoughts on A Bird Story
Post by: Dragon Mage on October 06, 2016, 08:50:12 PM
You might be interested in this thread here: (

Abrom has a theory that may be what Finding Paradise is about.
Title: Re: My thoughts on A Bird Story
Post by: EatingToastYay on October 11, 2016, 11:26:31 AM
Alisa Christopher's pixel art on ArtStation actually can tell us a little more, combined with the stuff Kan's already posted about the game: (
For example, we saw a woman playing the guitar with Colin in one of the GIFs posted on Twitter. The guitar is unattended in the promotional poster, so obviously she is no longer present in his life. We also saw Eva and Neil on top of a plane in a screenshot, but we couldn't see who was inside other than assuming Colin was there. However, the additional angles on the plane from Alisa reveal that it is the same woman (you can tell from the earrings and the eye color, no one  else has earrings and brown eyes that we've seen - his wife has green eyes).
My guess is that this scene is from his real memories. This woman is of importance to him, I assume. We don't really know exactly her relation to him, though. She's probably not his sister, we've seen him as an only child so far. Maybe a girlfriend - maybe even a wife? Or she could simply be a close friend.
She probably isn't directly connected to his fascination with flight, as he already liked it as a small child. If she's on the plane with him though, she may have contributed somehow to it.
A big part of Colin's life in reality was probably with his current wife, a piano player...which is sort of all we know about her for now. Their son, Asher, is nowhere to be seen in the present day yet, but we've already seen him twice in screenshots of memories and once with Kan working on sprite edits.
My guess about his wish - "finding paradise", as it were - likely has something to do with chasing a dream he wasn't able to fulfill because he raised a child and settled down. The brown-haired woman might have been a sort of free spirit - young, ambitious, independent - encouraging his journeys, escaping with him to quiet places where they spent time together. Then something happened to her, not exactly sure what, though. Colin may have ultimately decided at that time not to join her on her travels, so she left him behind and he moved on, but was never really satisfied with his life. She also could have died, but after Joey's death in TtM, I don't know if Kan would repeat that or not. They might have fallen apart, and Colin never made an effort to reconnect with her.
Who knows though? Kan said it shared a theme with To The Moon on a different angle. What were the themes of To The Moon exactly; does anyone know? I know one of them definitely has something to do with the importance of communication/the disastrous results of miscommunication or a failure to communicate. A lot of River and John's problems came from both of them not talking to each other and connecting effectively. It wasn't really River's fault entirely, I'd say she's mostly responsible for not being able to tell John about their meeting as children. Nor was it John's; his part of it was not making an effort to truly understand her condition and why she had trouble communicating with him (and that she only appeared as if she didn't care about him because her emotions didn't usually show on her face). That's also one that can apply to Eva and Neil as well in the long run, especially with their constant random arguments and their overarching conflict with each other.
Another theme is the risk of losing the end to the means, but that has more to do with the machine and the roundabout methods that people often take to reach their true goal/desires.
I'd say the last ones have something to do with love and loss, but I don't really know how to word them. What do you guys think?
Title: Re: My thoughts on A Bird Story
Post by: EatingToastYay on October 13, 2016, 08:08:47 PM
Yeah, I'm the queen of rambling aren't I  :seraisweat:
btw DM, your signature isn't showing up for some reason?
Title: Re: My thoughts on A Bird Story
Post by: Dragon Mage on October 14, 2016, 04:51:16 AM

Oh you're right ??? I'll check on that.
Title: Re: My thoughts on A Bird Story
Post by: Guttoso on November 09, 2018, 12:29:41 AM
This is a very good opinion offline.