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Title: BeeBug & DigiDodge
Post by: Tumbles on June 30, 2015, 08:59:57 PM
Hi hi! :seraismile:


You might have seen my BeeBug post on the "In Development" section. Well I'm happy to announce that it's all done and I'm releasing it today! For free!

I developed it a few months ago, but thanks to uni and exams I never had the chance to release it. But now, after some serious red tape and Google stuff, it's finally up!

It's a puzzle game that's guaranteed to get that brain working, featuring some cool music from our very own Merlandese. :vikonsmile:

For those on Android phones, you can download it here:


DigiDodge is a game where you place your finger on the screen, and try to avoid the blocks that fly towards you! It's that simple!

I made DigiDodge based on a small idea I had, and I devoted a couple of days to making it. The game itself was done after just over 2 days. Despite that, most people who've played it actually prefer it to BeeBug!

If you're ever bored and feel like a fun, casual game, give DigiDodge a try!

You can download it here (Android only):

I appreciate your support, guys. :seraismile:
Title: Re: BeeBug & DigiDodge
Post by: Tumbles on September 03, 2015, 10:48:40 PM
Hey guys, just a little update. :seraismile:

DigiDodge is now available on iOS! Woo! (Still working on the BeeBug port).

But to celebrate DigiDodge's release, I'm running a little competition! The first person to survive classic mode for 2 minutes will receive $50! Also, the first person to complete the Deathwish Challenge will get $50 as well!

The game's completely free, it's just a bit of fun to celebrate the release. :seraismile: For more info, check out (

Thanks for trying it out! And if you're going for the prizes, good luck!