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Title: A Mouse Story
Post by: Sun on January 07, 2015, 04:16:06 PM
So, shortly before New Year's Eve, my buddy Inventor of the Bizarre and me wrote a story via Skype. We had no real plan, just wrote it bit by bit and now that it's finished, I'm so posting it here.

A Mouse Story

Sun: There once was a mouse who didn't know what to play on the New Year's Soiree it was holding.

Inventor: She had thought of Twister, Pictionary, card games and other things she deemed 'unsoireelike'.

Sun: There was a game making the rounds in her rat neighborhood, called "cat and mouse". Ethical reasons made her seriously doubt whether it was a good idea. Yet it was very popular with other rodents.

Inventor: She decided to go and ask her aunt, auntie Guinnea; she was a calm rodent, always friendly and squeaking away even when offered just a bread crust; if she saw a problem with the game, the mouse knew it was probably unethical.

Sun: Guinnea listened to the concept earnestly. She pondered it and then inquired whether it was mandatory to invite a live cat.

Inventor: Upon hearing this, the mouse thought about it some more. Couldn't her guests still have a good time enjoying themselves at her fancy soiree without the 'thrill' of becoming some cat's lunch? She never quite understood the darnedest risks this young folk reveled in taking.

Sun: The mouse's young pulled its tail, whining that their mom was the squarest mouse in the house. Certainly the parents of the other 237 young mice in this place would all try out this thrilling game. Guests would laugh at their conservative hostess.

Inventor: The mouse heaved up its shoulders. Her young had used such a retort on many an occasion for the most innocuous things. However, she couldn't very well have people gossip about her party having been a drag, could she now?

Sun: Eventually, the mouse decided on acquiring a cat for the full game experience. She had a bad feeling about this though.

Inventor: It had proven difficult to pay the cat, apart from the additional cost of his assurance that he wouldn't eat anyone; after all, you can't exactly pay a cat in cheese cubes.

Sun: The mouse quickly invited a few rowdy rats from the sewers under the house, hoping to keep the cat at bay if everything went wrong. The rats felt right at home and had to be kept from teasing the cat.

Inventor: She'd gotten her litter to solemnly promise they wouldn't stray too far from her and stay a respectable distance from the cat; they'd moaned or rather squeaked, but after two hours, the mouse was satisfied with the way their 'yes, mommy' sounded.

Sun: Then the first guests arrived. They found that the rats had already gargled down the half-full beer can the mouse had organized. The guests assured to not mind. The brown mice from the kitchen proudly dragged in a moldy pumpkin, the Moustersons from behind the bedroom wall shared some of the candy stash their family was guarding.

Inventor: There didn't seem to be that many attendees yet, but the mouse told herself it was still early and she expected a lot of the others to arrive fashionably late, as was expected of the higher mice for soirees and other small events. It seemed that with living on the second floor also came a high opinion of oneself, an opinion the mouse hoped to acquire. Out of the corner of her eye she saw three of her smallest younglings dragging along a toothpick, presumably to poke in the cat's backside and the predator's pupils already started to widen. "Children!", the mouse said with her most reprimanding tone.

Sun: But then the cat smiled sweetly and offered the cheekiest kidlet a tour of its jaws. The feline assured that no rodent that had ever seen the inside of its mouth had complained afterwards.

Inventor: The mouse would have none of it and got her younglings to disperse before she could dish out any punishments. "No cheesecake for a ... oh," she said as she saw Mister Camembert step through the crack in the wall that served as the entrance to the little soiree. She immediately started washing herself but stopped herself mid-wash as she realized she had better hurry to go greet him, as he was joined by a young thing with a very shiny coat of fur.

Sun: The mouse hurried over to the society man, tripping over its own tail for all the haste it was in. Mr. Camembert didn't notice at first, but then the pretty young thing by his side started laughing heartily and pointing at the hostess on the ground.

Inventor: Mr. Camembert walked over to the mouse as his young companion was too busy gnawing her own tail to keep her from laughing too loudly; if any of the big walkers heard her, it would be her very last laugh; the mouse was unexpectedly helped up Mr. Camembert who very gentlemanly asked: "Are you alright, madam?"

Sun: The mouse batted its eyelids at the gentlemanly guest, very glad about the friendly attention from the wealthy socialite. "Now I am, sir." Camembert politely smiled at the hostess, who went on by inviting to show him to the wonderfully colorful assortment of shiny peanut chocolate candy the previous guests had brought. As he offered his elbow to her, she felt like the evening might go well after all. Then, a rat stumbled out of the boudoir, crashed into the two mice, excused himself and stumbled out towards the cat's "backstage" area from where retching and vomiting could then be heard.

Inventor: The mouse's natural curiosity was piqued, but apart from that she couldn't have such filthy acts happen in the main hall of her soiree. Promptly she excused herself with Mister Camembert and went to find out what was causing this mess. Surely she hadn't brought in anything vile enough to turn to the stomach of a rat?

Sun: Loud hissing came from the backstage area. The mouse came in to see the cat baring its fangs and raising a paw at the rat, who was itself showing off an impressive set of long yellow teeth. Noticing the hostess enter, the cat swiveled its head around as if caught. It growled at the hostess that 1, she better remove this rodent from the premises stat and 2, the cat wasn't going to feature in the attraction of the evening unless the hostess organized a fur cleaner. Stat, as well. Mr. Camembert heard the commotion. He strolled over nonchalantly, asking what the problem was. The rat shouted: "Yo, Jack! Help me out here, bro!" Mr. Camembert’s little snout trembled in disgust. "Sir, you must confuse me with someone else." The rat was stressed, with the cat pressing it against the wall. "Man, don't you remember me? The big cheese caper with tails McSweeney? Heeeelp me!" The mouse looked from one to the other, thinking about what to do now.

Inventor: In a flash, she'd acquired a positively livid demeanor. "Unhand him now, Cat! You are to respect the contact we made! And you, Mister Rat, what have you done to make my main event so willing to break his contract and eat you in the next five minutes?"

Sun: The cat, genuinely surprised, backed off from the rat, while Mr. Camembert stealthily disappeared, positively fading away. The rat breathed in, relishing in the gain in living space. It shot the cat an angry glance. "I should ask you the same, mouse. I've been feeling a bit queasy ever since I sampled your buffet. Did you make sure there's no poison in there? Maybe in the Mars bars. Or the beer. Or the corn. Or the dried-out banana peels. Or the wall stuffing. Or the cardboard chips. Or the raisins. Or the flour. A good hostess would have verified that." The mouse was taken aback at the rat's impertinence who by the sound of it hadn't left a lot of the delicacies she had laid out for the other guests. She yelled: "The wall stuffing wasn't even meant to be on the menu!"

Inventor: "Well, how come I got to sample it, hm? I'd say, you should label it or something. How was I supposed to know it wasn't part of it? I think I'm gonna call my cockroach lawyer friend!"
The cat joked: "Good luck with a friend you call a cockroach..." "No, it's an actual cockroach. He's invincible in court... or was it unkillable? I forget. Anyway, you'll hear from me!" As the rat was walking away, the mouse quickly stopped him. "Now, now, no need for any of that. How about I offer you a tablet out of my personal stash to ease your stomach ache and some exquisite raisins to boot?"

Sun: "Are you trying to bribe me, lady?" The rat snorted. There was a rustling sound and out of a hole in the floor erupted a bunch of cockroaches. The cat mewled in a shrill way, which made the latest guests arriving behind the curtained-off backstage area squeak in fear and run up the walls. One of the cockroaches stood on 4 of its 6 legs, raised its head and nodded, saying: "My client is absolutely right there, Mrs. Mouse. We do not take bribes, and not only am I a witness of you trying to bribe him, but so are my associates." He was just waving a front leg in the direction of the other cockroaches when suddenly, a giant claw crashed down on him, smashing the insect.

Inventor: The mouse was just about to politely whisk away any talk of bribes and instead opt for the nicer sounding way of 'just being polite, it's the least I can do, don't drag me into court please, I have thirteen innocent younglings I need to take care of and this soiree has set me back so much already', when the claw came down like a bolt of lightning. The mouse looked up to the cat, who immediately rubbed its paw on the wall as it let his tongue hang out in disgust.

Sun: The other insects scurried away in all directions, some of them getting smashed as well by guests who had thought things were safe enough now to jump off the walls again. As the rat raised a claw and the cat opened its mouth to continue where they had left off, from behind the curtain, the mouse could hear its young squeak in fear or joy, it was hard to tell. She shouted at her guest and the entertainer: "Not now!" and ran.

Inventor: "Weeeeh, finally! This thing was getting so boring," a youngling shouted right before his mother the mouse hovered over him. "Eh ... hi, mom?" The mouse didn't have time to reprimand the youngling and asked: "Where are your brothers and sisters?" The youngling looked over to the hall where the soiree was being held and saw mice running everywhere. "Over ... there?" The mouse nervously pulled her whiskers before jumping in.

Sun: She found the matchboxes she had used for buffet tables toppled over. Many guests were running around the room headlessly, others sat by cleaning their whiskers with a bored look. In the middle of the room was a shaking bubble of fur without a face. There was a chorus of voices coming from the inside that reminded her of meowing. In the fur, there were odd hairless patches. It looked a lot like of the bear rug from the house's big stuffy room with all the dead animals in it, the one inhabited by the big scary animals. But this fur was a lot smaller. Tiny tails showed under it.

Inventor: The mouse looked at the moving pile as she heard amused squeaks coming from it. "Oh, whatever could this be? Well, I better go and get the mousetrap in case it's dangerous!"

Sun: From under the monstrous fur bubble, the snickering got more hectic. The thing swayed back and forth, moving somewhat toward the crack in the wall that served as entrance, swaying more and more strongly. Shortly before reaching the entrance, it toppled.
Inventor: Not unlike a box of chocolate sprinkles, out poured lots of little mice giggling as they slid along the ground as the party had erupted into utter chaos. The younglings didn't quite giggle as much when they looked up to see their mommy mouse crossing her arms, her whiskers trembling in quite the frightening manner. That alone seemed to get the younglings to line up in a neat row. The mouse turned to her chaotic soiree. How was she going to possibly fix this?

Sun: She whistled through her shiny mouse teeth. Then, she pointed at the 4 strongest mouselings. "You! Grab that fur and take it away, now!"
Her tiny paw swung right to indicate 7 younglings next to them . "You! Get the cat!"
The last mouselings were tasked with the words: "You! Get me the paper funnel! I need to make an announcement to the guests!"

Inventor: Even as the mice were running around like idiots, they still recognized the mouse hostess and cleared the way for here as she held the funnel in her front paws and marched towards the middle of the room. There she held it in front of her mouth and said: “Hello everyone! How are you enjoying our surprise event, the … scatter as fast as you can event. It was a great success in the house at the end of the big stone slab! Is everyone enjoying themselves?”
The guests looked up. Was she serious? They tossed gazes to the random mice standing beside them. None of them had realized that they might’ve just not gotten such a fancy event, being lowly first floor mice. Everyone else must’ve gotten it, oh, they felt so stupid. And as mice resembled the big walkers a lot, they started chiming in to one mouse that said: “Yes, very much” and applauded. Soon there was a rousing applause. The mouse hostess straightened her back with a sigh of relief. Maybe her soiree wouldn’t be ruined in the end. Mister Camembert looked approving of how she managed the situation. There would be more time later to approach him again, the mouse thought, but first … “Now it’s time for our main attraction! Get ready for Cat and Mouse! Mister Cat, are you ready?”
Utter silence. The mouse gestured her paws to apologize and quickly scurried over to the curtain where the cat was. She peered in and quickly dashed aside as the cat and the rat jumped right through the curtain and into a pack of unsuspecting mice. They squeaked as loud as they could as they were almost startled into each having a heart attack before the mice scattered out of the soiree hall and in their blind fear, into the domain of the big walkers.

Sun: Following behind the mice and the cat was the gang of rats, who ran in that direction not out of fear, but in order to better assist their fellow rat in his quarrel with the cat. Outside of the mouse hole was the grand staircase of the house. From there, the mice scattered into all directions, both up and down the stairs, looking for places to hide under carpets and furniture while eliciting shrieks of pure terror from the large walkers. This startled the remaining associate cockroaches who had already sought shelter in the very same places, leading to both frightened parties scurrying from the hideouts as though their respective tails/antennae were on fire.
The rat that had offended the cat earlier was less faint of heart, so it headed straight for a large walker, slipped into one of the textile tubes around his legs and clawed its way up. The cat knew it was about to lose the chance to pass on some well-deserved comeuppance, but was determined to not let the offender get away. It jumped at the walker's leg, securing its position by digging its claws into the very same, then started biting at the ambulant lump under the cloth. The other rats swirled around the now screaming and flailing walker. In a death-defying manner, they jumped and climbed up the walker's body, baring their long yellow teeth at the cat, ready to bite. It was entirely uncertain who would win the battle, and they would never find out, since at that moment, walkers from the second floor all but fell down the stairs to bump into their becreatured co-walker, sweeping him off his feet, which made all the critters large and small that had temporarily settled on his body flee in just the same haste as everybody else was already displaying.
In doing so, one of the soiree's guests – later mouse historians cannot agree on who it was, but most blame a rat with only half a tail going by the name of Lint (i.e. the rat, not the tail); this claim is either furiously denied by rat historians, or they assume that Lint only did so due to a conspiracy so deep that it will only come to light when the last of the conspirators has died – one of them toppled a stylish lamp that had, up to that point, been standing peacefully on a chest of drawers. The lamp's glass shade broke into countless shards, very similar to the bulb behind it. The naked electric wires from inside the bulb went out with what could have been taken for a sigh, but in fact it was the sound of a curtain being set on fire due to its indeed very close proximity to the still searing hot wires. The smell of fire made all creatures in the large, panic-filled house find out that their fear meter still had room on top as walkers jumped right through windows, mice and rats rode the cat to presumed safety beyond the gaping window holes and roaches, well, when all was over, nobody went to ask the roaches what they were doing at that very moment, but then, it was not like anybody had ever liked having them around.

Inventor: The mouse had survived the ordeal and stood on a rock near the pond as the house she had lived in all her life but had never seen from the outside, was slowly torn apart by the flames rising out of every broken window. Her offspring laid around her, exhausted and anxious to see how their mother would react, as well as unsure on what to do next. As the cat had fled into the woods behind the house, all the mice and rats could pop out their little heads again as they too looked on as the fire raged. When the firetrucks came, the rodents would have already left to look for another mansion for men and world for mice and rats and all that scurried; except cousin Larry who used more of a rolling method to get him and his round tummy to other places. The mouse sighed before looking around. As quickly as she had done at the party, she picked out Mister Camembert and walked straight up to him. She asked with little politeness left: “What is your relation to that rat?” Mister Camembert tried to use his disarming smile, but the mouse wasn’t gonna have anything of it. Her offspring held their paws in front of their snouts. They knew the trouble you were in when their mother dropped even a little of her manners. Mountains of manure kind of trouble. “Well, my dear, you see, I… You remember the big theft of cheese from some first-floor residents? I… got a big share out of it as I was one of the mice that planned it.” The little mice trembled. They were always up to mischief, but that theft was lamented by many as breaking trust between a lot of families and groups. “Well then, goodbye Mister Camembert,” the mouse said as she held up a bag of treats. “Mister Cat, I’ll double your pay if you teach Mister Camembert a lesson.” The cheese thief trembled in his fancy clothes. “Y-you can’t be serious. You’d never do anything remotely like that!” Mister Camembert said and looked at the little mice at the mouse’s feet. “Think of the children!” The mouse’s whiskers trembled. “Better start running,” the mouse said dead serious. Mister Camembert, like the fake little gentlemouse he was, ran for the woods as fast as his paws could carry him. “And may I never see you again,” the mouse said before turning to her children. “I believe we need a new home. Anyone got any suggestions?” The little mice jumped up together, but their voices were a cacophony of squeaks. “In the rabbit hole!” “On top of the grass!” “On the cat’s back!” The mouse shrugged. “I don’t believe we’ll ever see that cat again. He’s probably going back to the walkers soon. They seem to have a good deal. Now,” the mouse said as she turned to the many mice and rats. “Let’s go find us some food!”

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That was an entertaining story to read :) good job.
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Amazing story! I loved it!  :seraismile:
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Sweet, thank you! That's nice to hear :)