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Title: Indie Quilt: The Collaborative Game for Charity that wants your help!
Post by: Erichermit on June 20, 2014, 06:20:11 PM
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Hey old friends! Iím doing this collaborative game project called Indie Quilt!

Imagine kind of like Wario Ware, except that the games are long and all the minigames are made by various small gamedevs. Itís going to be a blast!

And ALL the proceeds are going to go to charity!

Absolutely anybody can help. If youíre a game dev, thatís perfect, you can make a small game shorter than 30 seconds! If youíre just an artist or a musician, thatís also perfect because you can contribute art and music to be used in the game if you so like. If youíre any of things or you can just tell people about it! And also play the minigames / final collaborative game when theyíre finished!

Iím extremely excited about this whole thing and I hope everyone has a lot of fun making it together and playing it.