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Title: Music that goes along
Post by: Dev J Chand on May 07, 2013, 11:08:14 AM
Everyone who has played The Mirror Lied knows that it is highly abstract, and atmospheric as a game. While listening to some music today though, I thought some songs matched well with the overall atmosphere of the game.

The first song

Hitman Blood Money - Jesper Kyd - Night Time in New Orleans (
Night Time In New Orleans-Blood Money Soundtrack-Jesper Kyd

I really like how it goes well with the weird lonely feel of the game. The whispers that start at around 1:12 further give a sense of foreboding and loneliness. I feel it makes the game really creepy, especially when you're just searching around the house at night, or reading the mysterious emails you get.

What do you think? Do post songs of your own which would match this game's feel, in your opinion!