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Title: Positive Thoughts On The Ending
Post by: outlander22 on March 11, 2013, 03:17:53 AM
Hello everyone,

     I have read many topics and have noticed the general consensus that the ending of To The Moon was horrid. However I did like it for the most part. I do believe they could have done better with it, however, I don't believe it was horrid. The ending actually seemed to have been very fitting with the story. Sigmund Corp. doesn't change the patients real life, only their memories. So if they change anything drastically their patients' memories the gap they have created will typically be filled by the patient's imagination. It only seems to follow that
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 Since River was removed Johnnys imagination would create what is going to happen because of it. When Johnny left River on their first meeting he said they would meet on the moon and she agreed. So he had the assumption that since she was gone they would meet on the moon as per their agreement. So when they met back at NASA it really seems to be the only logical ending as it was his belief they each would meet on the moon.
I'm curious to see more positive thoughts on the ending.
Title: Re: Positive Thoughts On The Ending
Post by: Pretzle on March 11, 2013, 08:48:34 AM
I agree. I think the ending was pretty believable in the context of the game. The machines changes some things - but as you said, the patient fills in the details. Minds are very complex and the 'random' factor of the bits that would need to be filled in would (in my opinion) certainly make this ending pretty fitting to the rest of the game.

Sure, it was a bit cheesy in a way, but that's what made me cry  :platquack: (so for me it definitely worked :D).

I can't even imagine another ending that would have really suited the game (then again, that's probably because this is the ending and that's the way it is). Most important thing: the ending definitely wasn't a disappointment to me.
Title: Re: Positive Thoughts On The Ending
Post by: outlander22 on March 11, 2013, 07:38:34 PM
Well said, it did make me cry as well... The whole ending part of the game just plays with your emotions  :'( . But anyway, the ending is the way it is. Glad to see some more positivity for it. I just wish to see someone who thought the ending was horrible explain an alternative, logical, and still good ending. I really haven't seen much of that. Only complaints about it.