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Title: [RESOLVED] Shutdown Error (RMXP)
Post by: Merlandese on May 07, 2012, 05:01:39 PM
I have a strange issue happening in RMXP that hasn't happened until recently.

When selecting "Shutdown" from anywhere (menu or title screen), it takes me back to the Title Screen. Selecting "Shutdown" a second time, however, works just fine.

This is the same when calling the script $scene = nil from any event. Instead of closing the game like it should, the first time it's called it acts exactly the same as if $scene = had been called instead.

I have been working on the game for awhile and this problem had never cropped up until recently. I would think that some change I had made to the scripts would be the problem, but I haven't touched the scripts in months, so I'm not sure what did it or why.
Title: Re: Shutdown Error (RMXP)
Post by: Tumbles on May 07, 2012, 10:25:23 PM
I have little to no rmxp experience, but after a bit of sleuthing, it seems as though you've had this problem before. I believe your answers lie here:;u=1648 (;u=1648)

This seems to be the good bit: (Posted by Sarkilas)
I know the issue for the $scene = nil part. You need to take your title script addition, and paste it above Main.
Then, after that you need to completely remove the original Main script. Because from what I can tell, your Main script still contains the following bits:
Code: [Select]
$scene =
while $scene != nil
Which means, after your title script has its scene set to nil (it carries the same loop as above), it will go to the default Main script section and set the scene to Scene_Title and repeat the same loop again.

Do as I said and it should work as intended.
Title: Re: Shutdown Error (RMXP)
Post by: Question Mark on May 07, 2012, 11:01:56 PM
Just pointing it out that the link points to your profile instead of the thread you were referring to.
Title: Re: Shutdown Error (RMXP)
Post by: Merlandese on May 07, 2012, 11:08:33 PM
Wow, man. I remember having that issue before and Sark resolving it. And it was with the same game.

So here was the problem. That Main info I had to delete according to Sark mysteriously reappeared. It may have showed up by after I changed the RTP thing we talked about in the FB thread.

So I thought it was an entirely new problem! But it was the same one that showed up beyond almost by magic! Technomagic!

Which is great news. I'd much rather be an idiot with solution than a genius with a problem. :)

Thanks, Tumbles! And thanks Sark for unknowingly helping me with the same problem twice. :)

I'll lock this thread in a minute. I probably should delete it, since it's redundant, but maybe the "surprise" data reinsertion is new enough material to keep it relevant.
Title: Re: [RESOLVED] Shutdown Error (RMXP)
Post by: Tumbles on May 07, 2012, 11:17:31 PM
Happy to help! Though don't ask me how I ended up posting a link to your profile.  ???