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Title: [RMXP] Fatalis (Working Title)
Post by: Arwym (آرویم) on September 05, 2008, 11:25:04 PM
Fatalis (Working Title)

"A new and incomplete, crappy, confusing, dark and depressing story, brought to you by Arwym Starlight.  ... But that may change."


This thread is posted here, because it was originally at  But I quit that community, so... I didn't want to lose it.  I am always told that, if I want to create a serious RM project and go with it without major interruptions, and making it worth the try, while having no experience, it's best to start with a smaller project with the motive of "learning the ropes", and then move on with the big project.  This is what this project is about.  My "learning of the ropes," or whichever the expression is.

This is supposed to be my first attempt at finishing something with RM, but instead of going with something big, I am going with something small: a mere introduction to a story I came up with, just a couple of hours before writing this.  Surely with few to no battles (maybe just one to introduce a possible battle system for a possibly future project), this is more like mapping, graphics (spriting, etc.) and eventing practice.

Warning: I am still polishing the story.  It's a little confusing, and it's definitely bizarre.

This is an RMXP project, by the way.


Update:  In a nutshell, this story revolves around the quest of a man in search of an escape to his destiny.  Those "cursed", and whose souls are under the control of a mysterious entity known as Enthida, are hopeless beings who have been convinced that they "exist" only to destroy.  They give what they cannot have, as long as they wish it.  And that which they wish is death itself; for they believe, that's their only way to "escape".  This young man is one of them.  But there's something special about him: he dares to defy the laws of Enthida, though secretly.  And it seems like he's the only one who is not entirely consumed by that "curse"... until one day, when another recruit appears.  And then, everything changes.

This story deals with the following themes: life, death, destiny, the meaning of existence, identity, and hope.  It's mainly psychological, but with some adventure as well.  It contains blood and a lot of violence, and if you don't like extremely emotional scenes, then you won't like this.  Also, this is not for kids under 13, hehe.


(Names are subject to changes.)

Thero (main playable character; protagonist)
Evrain (second playable character; Thero's ally and friend)

Sara (the one who changes everything; third playable character, but not in demo)

Enthida (entity of the creepy voice; mysterious being that claims to be able to change one's destiny; controls the souls of those known as the Knights of Enthida, or Knights of Death)

Melody (the sister...)

Et cetera...

Please remember that this "demo" will only introduce the story.  And at this time, I have no intention of continuing this project after the so-called demo is released.  Right now, I have other projects I prefer.  This story... is not my favorite.  But it may work, if I polish it well.  It may have some potential.  And... if you like it enough, I can re-consider this.

Sorry for the crappy thread.  I want to work some more on the idea and the characters first.  There are still some things I have not decided on.  And as for screenshots, you'll have to wait until I design each character's appearance and get to turn them into sprites.  :o  I have a vague idea about how some of them should look like, though.  Another matter is the script.  That is, the order of sequences in the story, the dialogs, all that stuff.

I can't start this right way, because, as you know, I am involved in the development of RMRKU.  That is my most important RMRK-related occupation right now, along with helping the Guild A (Gold) with their game.

I promise not to give up on this, so please expect it.  I had to post right away, before I lost inspiration.  So here it is.  Thanks for reading!

"One Chance to Die, for a New Chance to Live"

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Believe: A Fairytale - Inactive
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Title: Re: [RMXP] Fatalis (Working Title)
Post by: Arwym (آرویم) on September 05, 2008, 11:54:16 PM
That's all I can reveal.  XD  Or it'd be major spoiler.  :o

The following messages are posts I  made at RMRK about the project's progress:

So all day, I have been thinking about this project.  I sketched the characters' faces.  Now I'll design their clothes/armor.  And since I don't have much experience at drawing heavy armor, I'll have to look for reference images and other things.  I must design a possible armor of the Knights of Enthida.
As for the story, I have worked some more on it, fixing stuff that made no sense, and expanding my vision of the world most of the story would take place.  Even if little of it is shown in the demo, it's good to expand your knowledge as much as possible.  Each character is developing a personality of their own already.  :D

Hm, what else...

Well, I must draw a storyboard or something, I suppose...
There are a few things that worry me, though.  One of them is the music.  I am very strict with the music, I tell you.  And if I am not satisfied with what I can get, I don't think I'll release this.  Even if it's just for practice, I want to do this well.  :o  (I don't want to use the RTP music, you know...)

Do you know of any good resource sites for quality music and sound effects?

Story section updated with a short "description" of the plot, that doesn't reveal much.  So please don't judge the whole story just for what is written in there.

Also, sorry for spamming the thread so much...

Thanks.   :D

I have been making some changes to the story, and now I have a better idea of how each character is, in both appearance and background.

I still can't decide on some aspects, though.  And I am being especially strict with one thing: the order of sequences.  I have trouble deciding how the story should begin, and at which point, or what to show in the "demo".  I definitely want to introduce the most important aspects of its gameplay, but I also want to establish the setting and the base for the story, as well as show part of each of the characters' (those that appear during the demo) personality.  All of this, while keeping it not too short, and not too long.  It's just a demo, after all.

Yes, I might release a gameplay/battle demo first, and some kind of trailer/teaser, before the actual game demo.  ^_^  Thanks.

By the way, I think I will call this game Fatalis, which is something among the lines of "Cruel Destiny", or "Fatal Destiny".  Well, not exactly, but... here ([url][/url])'s a link to a sort of dictionary.

Additionally, I already know where the demo is supposed to end, story-wise.  Now I must decide on where it begins, but I have a few ideas already.

I am starting to like this story even more.

Oh!  And it seems like I have a chance of getting someone to compose the main theme for me in the near future.   :D

Okay!  New possible title chosen: Fatalis.  It's still subject to changes; or I might as well include a subtitle.

Anyway, I am forming a plan now.  This is how I currently plan to work on this:

Graphics and Concept Art
Scripts and main events

I add "etc." because I don't want to plan that far yet.  I want to work on the story some more; not every detail, but at least enough to cover the introduction and the first act, which is what I have chosen the "demo" to be... well, the demo will probably just feature the introduction, and great part of that first act, but not all of it.
It's important that I work on the graphics already.  Windowskin/GUI, sprites, faces, title screen, game over screen, panoramas/backdrops, etc.
I pretty much know what I want to include in the gameplay.  First, I want the battles to be a combination of the Action, RPG and Tactical combat systems.  There should be upgradeable skills, and there will be few weapons and other equipment, since you'll not find so many shops in this game.  Rather, you'll learn to repair and customize them (that is, if I find a way to add this feature); cooking and alchemy (potion-making) will be two additional non-combat skills you'll use, hopefully; and I have my reasons for this.  There will definitely be a sort of journal feature.  And I think that's all I have at this moment.  This game will have more gameplay than what I originally thought it'd have.

Tell me if you like the idea so far, please.  And any tips or links to tutorials and resources that can help me...  I will greatly appreciate them.  Thanks!

Yeah, it seems like I am getting too carried away, but the truth here is that I am simply taking this seriously for once.  :P  I have my hopes up with this project, and am really enjoying this.  I am going to try to be spontaneous as well, but in order to finish this with success, I need to at least make a plan.  I learned a lot in the management theory course I took at the beginning of the year, about the process of managing a project, or a business, etc.  And I even participated in a special assignment in which we had to manage an activity.  Things didn't go too well because of the lack of organization; so now I understand why it's to important to plan, organize, direct and control.  All those things apply here.  And it is true that when you plan too much, there will come a point where you begin to lose interest.  I will try to avoid that.  That is why I want to focus on just making a demo, instead of a whole game.  :)

I suddenly felt inspired, started drawing, and made a sketch of Sara's face, kind of how I want her face pic to look in game.

I haven't drawn the main guy (currently named Thero) because I can't decide between two hairstyles I have for him.  XD  I don't want him to look like Cloud Strife from FVII, but I don't want him to look "emo" either.  XD  Even if he may be considered that type of character...

Title: Re: [RMXP] Fatalis (Working Title)
Post by: Arwym (آرویم) on September 12, 2008, 04:05:46 PM
I know this seems like yet another project that's never going to be finished, but I really want to do this.  It's just that... no matter where I look, I can't find the right graphics for this game's world setting.  We're talking about a chaotic world.  Fogs and light effects aren't enough.  :(  As soon as I can solve that problem, I think I can move on.  There are other things worrying me, but I know I can handle them more easily.  :)

If any of you can help me with this, I'll be very grateful.
Title: Re: [RMXP] Fatalis (Working Title)
Post by: Sizzle on October 02, 2008, 01:30:59 AM
Omg nice drawing o-o...I wish I could draw like that [x but I don't have the patience...

Still working on the game?
Title: Re: [RMXP] Fatalis (Working Title)
Post by: Sarkilas on October 03, 2008, 08:31:28 AM
Looks good, and I can see by the story that you don't want to spoil too much. Just like me :seraismile:

Oh, and that drawing is pretty nice. The only thing I can say looks a little off are those eye glimpses.
Otherwise awesome, it's nothing like my drawings...

I wish I could draw like that [x but I don't have the patience...
I second that  ::)
Title: Re: [RMXP] Fatalis (Working Title)
Post by: Arwym (آرویم) on October 08, 2008, 09:42:45 AM
Heheh, eyes and eyebrows... and all that.  Not well placed at all.  :(  I agree.  :)

Thanks a lot for the comments!  Game is on hiatus while I acquire more experience.  I have other projects, using a different engine.  Information located here (  I do plan on finishing this one, though.  :)  It's one of my most important projects for the future.